How to Respond to “I Wish I Was With You”

It’s normal to feel a little flattered when you get a ‘wish you were here’ text. It implies that someone is considering you and wants you to be with them.

You don’t want to come across as overly eager in your response, though.

‘I wish you were here’ is a potentially loaded phrase. It can just be an innocent way of expressing a desire for a friend. Alternatively, it might sound more flirty and convey a desire for something more sexual.

In either case, it’s critical to act appropriately. You may say something like, ‘I wish you were here too’ or ‘I can’t wait to see you,’ if you want to keep things light and friendly. Below are 20 responses you can give.

20 Ways to Respond to ‘I Wish I Was With You’

Below are 20 responses you can give to someone who yearns to be with you:

  1. I wish I was with you too.
  2. But you behave indifferently when I’m around.
  3. We will be next to each other soon. 
  4. I thought we were done with this conversation.
  5. What do you need me for? 
  6. Quit texting me! 
  7. Is there something you want to tell me but can’t say over text?  
  8. But you are never serious when we are together. 
  9. I stare at our photos to keep myself sane.
  10. Are you bored? 
  11. I never want to leave your sight. Not even for a minute. 
  12. The way you desire to be with me makes me feel special.
  13. Our love grows stronger when we miss ourselves. 
  14. There’s no point! Your boring aura makes our conversations uninteresting. 
  15. You wouldn’t love the weather over here.
  16. You’ll get through these feelings if you focus more on work.
  17. Are you teasing me? 
  18. Me too. When we’re together, I’m so much happier.
  19. Don’t. I don’t share your sentiments.
  20. It’s high time you learned to cope without me; I won’t be there forever.

I Wish I Was With You Too

This is a response you can give if you share the same feelings with someone who desires to be with you. It won’t hurt if you admit that you feel the same way about them.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

But You Behave Indifferently When I’m Around

Most people’s behaviors are affected by the people who are geographically around them. You can observe this in everyday life. Have you ever noticed that you experience stronger feelings in groups?

If watching a comedy show on your iPad causes you to smile a few times, watching the same show on the couch with a few friends will make you chuckle out loud.

Given that people behave differently in different contexts, they often do things in crowds that they won’t do when they are alone.

While chatting, your colleague, friend, or relative may profess how much they wish they were with you, but behave differently in public, as if they never said that.

When someone who behaves in this manner tells you over text or chat how much they wish to have you by their side, tell them frankly that their behavior contradicts their claim.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

We Will Be Next To Each Other Soon

When someone says they wish they were with you, a simple assurance like ‘we will be next to each other soon’ will help calm their nerves.

This response resonates better when you have a close or intimate relationship with the person in question. It proves to them that you also feel the same way about them, and for this reason, you are willing to spare some time to also be with them.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

I Thought We Were Done With This Conversation

You can use this reply if someone says, ‘I wish I were with you,’ solely with the intention of making unbidden sexual advances toward you.

It can get annoying when they do not hesitate to sing those words to your ears even after you let them know how uncomfortable you feel with their advances toward you.

Bluntly assert, I thought we were done with this conversation! This will give them an impression of how serious you are about it. Hence, they’d give up the chase because they did not want to be embarrassed subsequently.

What Do You Need Me For?

It gets confusing when someone who doesn’t have a cordial relationship with you tells you how much they wish they were with you. If you are dealing with such a person, you can simply ask, What do you need me for?

Asking this question helps you know the reason for which they said it. Also, it keeps you from drawing conclusions based on the assumptions in your head, which may cause rudeness in your relationship with them.

This is because oftentimes, when such statements are made, they are seen as ones between lovers or leading to some form of intimacy. However, it could possibly mean that they wanted your service or help toward a project.

Therefore, asking the reason why they wish to be with you will give you a clue on how to proceed with the conversation.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Quit Texting Me!

You can use this response when you are fed up with a person who recurrently tells you they wish to be with you. Apparently, it is awkward to keep hearing those words from someone you’re not emotionally inclined with or friends with.

If after so many attempts of letting them know that you are not interested in being with them, they still persist, this should make you understand that taking the easy route isn’t really going to make any difference.

One reply you’d want to give them is to quit texting you. Make sure you are strict about it and follow it up with the necessary actions. This will give them a clear indication that you have no slightest interest whatsoever in the advances they are making.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Is There Something You Want To Tell Me But Can’t Say Over Text?

It is good to note that not everyone can effectively communicate via written words, so texting isn’t always the best option.

Also, texting provides the least amount of information compared to other communication methods, making miscommunications more likely. One’s message might not initially be understood if the tone and nonverbal cues like body language are not used.

Because texting is the easiest and least clear way to converse, a frank discussion might not be appropriate in a text-only format. True, talking in person might be awkward, but it can also result in fewer communication problems and take less time than a lengthy text conversation.

Therefore, there is every tendency that when a person says they wish they were with you, it is because they prefer to have a certain conversation with you physically.

But You Are Never Serious When We Are Together

For many reasons, most people tend to hide their feelings when we are with them. It could possibly be that they are not confident enough and would shy away from the crux of the matter when together with you.

Instead of being open about what they want from you, they behave in a naive way, playing around and engaging you in humorous conversations.

This gives you a casual perspective about them, and when they begin to say words like ‘I wish I were with you,’ you are left in between thoughts to know if it is one of their pranks or they are being serious.

You can plainly let them know that their claim doesn’t match their actions. because they behave differently with them.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

I Stare At Our Photos To Keep Myself Sane

You can use this response if you share a mutual feeling with a person who says they wish to be with you. It could be your partner, friend, or family member.

This response assures them that you also have their best interests at heart, which in turn deepens your relationship with them.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Are You Bored?

Bored people have an unquenchable quest for attention. Hence, if someone wishes they were with you, it could mean that they are extremely bored and need someone to keep them company.

In order to be sure about their current disposition, simply ask if they are bored. Their response will give you a clue as to why they desire to have you by their side.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

I Never Want To Leave Your Sight. Not Even For A Minute

You can use this response when responding to someone with whom you share a mutual feeling. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend including your wife, or husband.

This response instills a smear of romance, which shows that you desire to be with them as well.

The Way You Desire To Be With Me Makes Me Feel Special

When someone says they wish to be with you, it literally means that for the time being, they choose you above everyone else. This indeed is enough for you to have butterflies in your stomach.

In response to them, you can plainly admit how you feel. Simply put, ‘The way you desire to be with me makes me feel special.’

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Our Love Grows Stronger When We Miss Ourselves

According to the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ keeping some distance from a partner, friend, or close relative doesn’t always mean that there will be a detachment in your relationship.

Taking a cursory look, you’ll realize that you desire them even more. Memories of previous activities with them begin to come to mind, and you can’t help but desire to be with them again.

The likelihood of experiencing this kind of attraction toward each other when you are always together is low. This is proof that staying apart has the ability to strengthen a relationship.

Hence, when someone expresses how much they wish to be with you, simply let them know that your distance from them is a way to strengthen how you feel about each other.

There’s No Point! Your Boring Aura Makes Our Conversations Uninteresting

You sure won’t desire to be in the company of someone who always comes up with boring conversations. For a while, you may be able to keep up with it because people are around.

However, when it comes to personal preference, it’ll seldom cross your mind to desire their company because there’s apparently nothing interesting about them.

If you get a comment like ‘I wish I was with you’ from such a person, simply let them know how boring you find their conversations.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

You Wouldn’t Love The Weather Over Here

When someone says they wish to be with you and wouldn’t mind traveling a long distance just to be with you.

Let them know if you feel they wouldn’t adapt well to the environment. This will help avoid any inconvenience that may later lead to regrets.

You’ll Get Through These Feelings If You Focus More On Work

When someone says their wish is to be with you, it literally means that they miss you. It could be as a result of distance or a busy schedule that has interfered with the time they ought to be with you.

This can keep them thinking about you even amidst the distance and vigorous schedule. One way you can soothe their desire to be with you is by giving them the assurance that they will get through their feelings if they concentrate on their work.

You can further let them know how their consistent thoughts about being with you can distract them from focusing. Hence, this leads to low productivity at their work or project.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Are You Teasing Me?

When someone uses an alluring word like ‘I wish I was with you,’ they may be teasing you. Wondering why someone would use such words to tease you? It is simply because they want to get you into an excited state about them or get a certain reaction from you.

Not every word that sounds serious ought to be taken in that manner. Some are intended to poke fun at you and nothing more. Hence, to know whether it is an attempt to tease you or not, you can respond by asking a direct question.

Simply put, ‘Are you teasing me?’ The response you get gives you a clue about their intentions and determines how you continue the conversation.

Me Too. When We’re Together, I’m So Much Happier

No one will wish to be around someone who causes them pain, depression, or even distress. It means they’ve found reasons why they won’t be with you. On this note, if you share the same feeling with them, you should let them know.

To take it a little further, you can explain how you feel when you are around them. It could be that you feel happier, delighted, at ease, or comfortable. Whatever the case may be, do not hesitate to let them know about it.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"

Don’t. I Don’t Share Your Sentiments

This is a befitting response for someone who loves to communicate the way they feel without having to drag the issue out.

When you do not share the same sentiments with someone who wants to be with you, you can plainly let them know your disposition towards them.

Let them know that they shouldn’t be feeling that way towards you because you do not share the same sentiments with them.

It’s High Time You Learned To Cope Without Me; I Won’t Be There Forever

Some people have not built themselves to be resilient enough to be able to stand up for themselves; hence, they do not have a mind of their own.

These types of individuals always need people around them for some sort of validation. They would not make decisions for themselves unless there was someone to say, ‘Yes, you can go through with that.’

If you are dealing with someone who has a high level of dependency, simply let them know that you will not be with them forever and that they should learn how to cope with your absence.

How to Respond to "I Wish I Was With You"


To wrap up this interesting article, it is noteworthy that your response when someone tells you about their desire to be with you depends on your relationship with them.

Just as it has been listed and explained above, you can use any of the responses that best describe your disposition with them. I believe you now have a concise response to give when next you are told ‘I wish I were with you.’

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