How to Respond to ‘I’m Crazy About You’

When someone says that they are crazy about you, it sounds so nice at face value. A typical lady will smile widely, especially if she has been crushing on a guy who says he is crazy about her.

However, it is important to know what the person who says that means by that so that no one is called into error by a wrong assumption.

Normally, it should be a cool ride, and you can flow with the rhythm by giving a connecting response if you are interested or not agreeing to what they say if you are not interested. In this article, you will get to know some suitable responses to someone who says, ‘I’m crazy about you.’

19 responses to ‘I’m crazy about you’

Below are 19 ways you can respond when someone says they are crazy about you :

  1. Prove it!
  2. How crazy?’
  3. ‘Do you mean this?’
  4. Me too; I just can’t get you out of my head.
  5. ‘Why did you keep it to yourself all these while?’
  6. ‘I don’t even like your face.’
  7. ‘You seem to be improving your romantic repertoire. ‘
  8. ‘ I suppose, that’s one thing we share between you and me.’
  9. ‘Lol! You should be in the psychiatric home before it gets out of hand.’
  10. ‘Was the intended to make me feel good?’
  11. ‘Who are you to tell me that?’
  12. ‘And I am crazy about your friend.’
  13. ‘Why are you crazy about me?’
  14. ‘Are you certain that you understand how serious what you are saying is?’
  15. ‘Can you do crazy things for me?’
  16. ‘I don’t deal with weirdos like you.’
  17. ‘ I am short of words..’
  18. ‘It’s so nice hearing that from a cutie like you.’ 
  19. I had always admired you from afar.’

Prove It

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

When someone says they are crazy about you, it implies that they have your best interests in mind at all times. They keep thinking about you nonstop.

More than themselves, they care about you. It means that nothing is potentially more fascinating than you. They are unable to survive without you, without communicating with you, without seeing you.

However, as much as it sounds alluring, it may only be playing in their heads. This is because anyone can decide to say anything they feel without having the intention to act on it.

If someone says they are crazy about you, one simple and plain response you can give them is ‘Prove it.’

How Crazy?

This response serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it helps keep your conversation rolling because it sounds teasing. The person to whom you’ve directed this response will definitely have a reply to give, and this makes the conversation go on and on.

Secondly, it is a way you get to know how much they are into you. You want to be sure that when a person says, ‘I am crazy about you,’ they actually mean it.

Do You Mean This?

In order to be sure that a person isn’t lying to you with their endearing words, you need to ask if they really meant what they said. However, this isn’t a 100% guarantee that you’d get the truth from their responses. They may keep up with their chain of lies.

Therefore, after asking the question ‘Do you mean this?’ you ought to watch out for their body language and take a cursory notice of their behavior around you and around their friends.

Along with their response, all these gesticulations would give you an apt answer.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

Me Too; I Just Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

If you share a mutual feeling with the person who says they care about you, your response shouldn’t be far from letting them know the exact way you feel about them.

Any committed relationship, whether romantic or not, must have healthy emotional reciprocity since it is a crucial sign of love and support.

Each person thinks they give and receive energy in a relationship where there is healthy reciprocity; this sense of energy exchange enriches the partnership as a whole.

On the other hand, a lack of reciprocity can result in an unhealthy partnership where one person feels used, unwanted, or burned out.

Why Did You Keep It To Yourself All These While?

It’s natural to want to protect your vulnerabilities from being revealed to others, and showing emotion can put you in a vulnerable position.

They might be concerned that showing certain emotions will make people condemn them and think they can’t control their emotions.

They cover up your despair, fear, annoyance, and other so-called negative feelings as a result. Additionally, they could be worried about other people exploiting these emotions against you, especially if it has occurred to them in the past.

Other reasons may be responsible for their silence about the way they feel. You can ask them why they hide their feelings from you all along. Their response will aid you in your approach towards relating with them.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

I Don’t Even Like Your Face

There are times when you don’t share a good feeling with someone, but they won’t refrain from talking about their interest in you. You don’t need to be lenient when responding to such a person because being lenient will empower them even more.

A comeback such as ‘I don’t even like your face’ is most suitable when responding to them. This gives them the disturbing impression that you really are not interested in the advances they are making.

You Seem To Be Improving Your Romantic Repertoire

It’s astonishing when I know someone who has very bad romantic prowess and says things like ‘I am crazy about you.’ It could be your partner or spouse who is very shy about expressing the way they feel about you.

However, they may have realized their inability to express themselves and decided to work around it. The moment they say some nice words to you, it’s encouraging if you commend them instead of giggling at them in disbelief.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

I Suppose That’s One Thing That We Share Between You And Me!

This is another way to respond to someone who says they are crazy about you. Especially in situations where they are not aware that you share the same feelings with them.

You might have been scared of seeming vulnerable or of lacking the confidence to talk about it. Therefore, the perfect time to also let out your feelings is right in front of you.

All you need to do is talk about it in a subtle way. Simply put, ‘I suppose that’s one thing that we share between you and me.’

Lol! You Should Be In The Psychiatric Hospital Before It Gets Out Of Hand

You can use this response when you want to add a smear of humor to your conversation with someone who says they are worried about you. It could be a partner or friend with whom you are very acquainted.

A lot of research from many cultures demonstrates that being humorous makes you more attractive to potential partners, whether you are a man or a woman.

But how much of a part does humor play once the initial wooing is done and you are in a love relationship?

Positive humor, such as using it to brighten up your date, can improve the satisfaction of a dating relationship or marriage.

On the other hand, jesting with your partner may not always turn out well. Depending on how each couple uses humor, these sensations can change from day to day.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

Was That Intended To Make Me Feel Good?

A person who says they are crazy about you might have said so to make you feel good about yourself. They perfectly understand the use of words and their ability to increase your self-esteem.

You can be shocked, inspired, energized, discouraged, motivated, or demotivated by words. The right words can make you happy, sad, or even cry.

Words can elicit a variety of emotions in you, including happiness, unhappiness, rage, calmness, and anxiety. Emotions and feelings can be induced or removed by words.

Words represent notions and ideas. We employ them to inform, assist, harm, adore, and amuse. The easiest way to communicate our ideas and feelings about our past experiences, as well as about our future aspirations and goals, is through words.

The ability to boost your confidence and self-esteem lies in listening to the right words. Words have the power to start meaningful change in our lives or to stop it.

Hence, you can ask if they are only trying to make you feel the moment.

Who Are You To Tell Me That?

It sure is absurd to get an ‘I am crazy about you’ comment from someone you don’t know or are not quite acquainted with.

If you don’t like them or intend not to give them a glimmer of hope, then you should use a stern response like this.

This is an apt way to say that you do not recognize having any form of relationship with them that would warrant such an expression of love toward you.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

And I Am Crazy About Your Friend

As heartbreaking as it sounds, expressing yourself bluntly is sometimes the best way to express yourself. Being blunt enables you to communicate logically without allowing your emotions to fester inside of you.

In actuality, a lot of the issues in your relationships are the result of discussions you avoided having over time.

One tiny deception leads to another, and all of a sudden you feel totally cut off from the other person. Possibly even from your own feelings.

You are unsure of your feelings for them, whether you have any or not, and even how to act around them.

Why Are You Crazy About Me?

You may not always be proficient at interpreting cues or indicators that indicate the reasons a person feels the way they do towards you.

For this reason, you need to hear their words to believe them, since you seek confirmation of their feelings for you.

It is more authentic to hear it from the horse’s mouth. This is because when someone says they are crazy about you, the first thing that resonates in the hearer’s thoughts is that they are deeply in love with them. No doubt, it’s true.

However, there are different meanings to it. It could be that they are crazy about your physique or self-composure. It is okay to ask, so don’t reason based on misconceptions.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

Are You Certain That You Understand How Serious What You Are Saying Is?

Most times, people do not consider the implications of their statements before they spill them out. Saying words like ‘I am crazy about you’ entails so much, and so most people who proclaim them do not carry them out as expected.

For this reason, it is often taken as flattery or a lie when one is told.

Can You Do Crazy Things For Me?

Someone who claims that they are crazy about you should be capable of doing crazy things for you. But, you can’t be so sure that they’ll accept it since the question is, ‘Can you do crazy things for me?’

It sounds like the favor will be a difficult one. However, it is at their disposal to say yes or no, but they should be ready to face what is coming their way.

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

I Don’t Deal With Weirdos Like You

It sounds unusual for someone to say that they are crazy about you. If you don’t trust their words, or better yet, do not want to have anything to do with them, you can tell them plainly that you don’t want to be around them.

At least, such a person should let you be and not press further on what they want.

I’m Short Of Words…

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

When someone tells you that they are crazy about you, it is possible that you do not have a suitable response to give them.

If that is the case, instead of passing a different message or saying what you ought not to, you can simply say that you are short of words.

Your response should indicate that you need some time to respond or that the conversation should change so that you’ll respond later.

It’s So Nice To Hear This From A Cutie Like You

You can address this response to someone whom you find attractive physically. Tell them that you are so excited that a cute person like them will be crazy about you.

I Had Always Admired You From Afar

How to Respond to 'I'm Crazy About You'

It is enthralling to know that someone you’ve been admiring from afar is crazy about you. On hearing this, you can express and voice out the secret admiration you’ve had for them before.


It’s beautiful to know that someone is crazy about you. However, it depends on the person’s motive or reason for saying that he or she is crazy about you.

When you are told this, you should respond positively if you are interested. Counter the statement if you do not find it serious or don’t have an interest in such a statement. Got any value from this article?

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