How to Respond to “It Is Hot”

When Someone talks about the weather, it can sometimes be a comfortable or an uncomfortable topic. You may find yourself wondering how to respond.

However, when someone says it’s hot, this time around you may be wondering what they could mean. Could they be talking about the weather, a fever, or something else?

If you don’t know how to respond when someone says it’s hot, don’t worry you’re in the right place. I’ll help you with ways you can respond when someone says it’s hot.

First, however, you’d understand what it means when someone says it’s hot.

Different Ways to Respond When Someone Says It Is Hot

There are countless ways to respond when someone says it’s hot. Foremost, the phrase “it’s hot” could be used when describing the weather condition or when someone complains of the heat.

Also, someone with a high body temperature can say it’s hot. In addition, someone could also say it’s hot if they’re aroused and what to get laid.

So to respond appropriately, you’d have to understand what the person means; if they are talking about the weather, their body temperature, or sensual tension.

You could respond in any of the following ways:

how to respond to it is hot

Feel Sympathetic and Offer a Solution

One of the appropriate ways to respond when someone says it’s hot is to feel sympathetic and offer a solution. First, we’ve established that “it’s hot” could be a complaint or a statement of fact.

So, feeling sympathetic would mean you understand that the person is complaining about the weather or a fever.

If someone is feeling hot, either because of the weather or their internal body temperature, they’d be very uncomfortable.

Therefore, sympathizing with them is the proper way to respond here.  Then offering a solution will go a long way to express your concerns deeply.

Below are the ways you can sympathize with them.

Offer to Turn on The AC

If someone visits you and says, ‘it’s hot”, then it’s probably because the person is coming from the scorching sun and the environment isn’t cool enough.

Or probably, there’s not enough ventilation, which makes the place stuffy. If this is the case, it’s appropriate that you as the host should respond immediately.

And one way you can do that is to quickly find a solution. Offer to turn on the AC if it isn’t on. You could say, “I’m sorry, let me turn on the AC.”

Also, you could always respond this way if you’re in the position to. Whether with a visitor or not, offering to make the person get comfortable shows your care.

Offer to Let the Louvers Down

how to respond to it is hot

Another way you can swiftly respond when someone complains about the hot weather is to open closed windows.

Probably, you both are just entering a room and they quickly comment on the heat, you should respond by letting the louvers down.

This is an appropriate response, especially if they’re a much older person.

However, you could always respond this way to anyone. Telling them you’d let the louvers down shows your care and concern.

Suggest Going Outside

how to respond to it is hot

Another thing you can do when someone says it’s hot is to suggest you step outside. If you both are stuck in a stuffy room, stepping outside would be nice.

It’d get the breeze on the skin and do away with the heat. This response would be appropriate if the sun isn’t hot outside or if there’s a tree or shade you both can relax under.

Also, you could suggest a walk, especially in the evening when the sun is down.

Suggest a Shower

There’s nothing compared to a cool shower after a stuffy day at work or in the traffic. So, if someone says it’s hot, you could suggest a shower to show your care.

Perhaps the person isn’t used to taking showers or the person is visiting your place, you could suggest a shower as a way out.

In addition, this response is appropriate if the person is running a temperature. If you’re taking care of a sick person, one way to deal with a high fever is to take a bath or a shower.

However, you should take note of the right time to bring up such suggestions.

A bath after surgery won’t be appropriate because of the stitches, you should only suggest a bath if there are no stitches.

Ask Them What They Mean

One of the ways you can respond when someone says “it’s hot” is to ask them what they mean. This would be appropriate when you’re confused about what they mean.

If someone mentions it out of the blue, and you don’t feel the heat, you’d be inclined to think they mean something else.

So you could ask to clear your doubt. You can ask them the following questions:

Ask Them if It’s the Weather

When someone says it’s hot and it’s not hot, you could ask them if they meant the weather. Probably, you’ve been indoors inside in an air-conditioned room, so you might not know of the heat outside.

So, if someone mentions that it’s hot, asking if they meant the weather is proper, so you’d know what next step to take.

Ask Them if They Are Alright

If someone is in the same room with you and mentions that it’s hot, you’re bound to be confused or worried if you don’t feel the same way. So, one of the ways to respond is to ask if they’re alright.

The person could be running a fever or have internal heat, so you should ask to understand what they mean. Here, you’re asking out of concern to help you understand the next step to take.

What Do You Mean?

Another way you can express your confusion when someone says it’s hot is to say, “what do you mean?”

This is a direct way to question them to get exactly what they’re talking about. So, if the person isn’t talking about the temperature of the atmosphere, they should explain.

Are You Sure?

Another way you can ask someone what they mean when they say it’s hot is to ask them if they’re sure. Here, you want to be sure what exactly they’re referring to.

So as not to react wrongly, you should ask if you are not feeling hot or don’t think the weather is hot.

It Doesn’t Seem Hot Here

Another way to respond to show your confusion when someone says it’s hot is to disagree. Saying something like, “it doesn’t seem hot here” should make the person explain if it’s the weather they’re talking about.

This is a polite way of showing your disagreement and expressing your need to understand what they mean.

Say, if You agree with Them

If someone says it’s hot, you can show that you agree with them with your response. Whether they’re talking about the weather or the stuffiness where you both are,  if you feel the same way, say it.

Especially if the person is a friend or an acquaintance, rather than ignoring them, you can also comment on the heat.

It Is Very Sunny Today

One way you can show that you agree when someone says it’s hot is to say, “it’s very sunny today.” In this way, you are showing that you’re also feeling the heat.

This is an appropriate response when the person is talking about the weather. So, if the sun is very hot, you can point out the obvious.

I Agree, I am Toasting up Here

Another way you can show that you agree with the heat someone is feeling is to say, “I agree, I’m toasting up here.”

Probably you both are in a stuffy environment or walking in the sun. When there’s nothing that can be done to manage the heat, you can acknowledge their statement with your response.

You are Right, It’s Quite Stuffy

“You’re right, it’s quite stuffy” is another way you can show that you agree with someone who says it’s hot.

If you are in a tight or crowded place, you can point out the obvious rather than say nothing, even if you can’t do anything about the heat.

The Temperature is 30°C

Another way you can respond to “it’s hot” is to comment about the temperature if you’re sure about it. You could say the temperature is 30° or the exact temperature it is.

So, since the person points out the obvious, you can also mention the obvious rather than ignore them.

Flirt with Them

When someone says it’s hot, they could be talking about the sensual tension they’re feeling. If it’s someone of the opposite sex, he or she could be wanting to get laid with you.

If the person is a crush or if you feel the same way too, you can flirt with your response to show your acceptance. You can do so with the following sentences:

You’re Feeling What I’m Feeling, Right?

When you’re sure someone is talking about their arousal when they say it’s hot, you can reply with, “you’re feeling what I’m feeling right?”

This is a response that’s appropriate when you’re alone or in your own space. Saying this with a flirty gesture will let them know you’re feeling the same way.

At the same time, you’re letting them know they’re free to ask for intimacy.

I feel the same way

When someone who’s having arousal and says it’s hot, you can say matter of factly that you feel the same way.

Giving this direct reply leaves the conversation open and gives the person the go-ahead to take the next step, without fear of crossing the line.

You Could Get Out of Those Clothes?

how to respond to it is hot

Another flirty response that’d work when someone says it’s hot and you agree is to suggest that they could get out of their clothes.

This is a flirty reply that’ll let the person know that you’re ready to get intimate with them if they ask.

Let’s Get Laid Then

If someone says it’s hot and you’re sure of their attention, you can make the move first to show you’re ready.

“Let’s get laid then” is a direct response that’d make it easier for the person if they want to be intimate with you but don’t know how to say it.

Final Words

There are countless responses you can give when someone says it’s hot. However, it depends on what the person means when they say it’s hot.

When someone says it’s hot, it could be a comment about the weather, about the heat in a place, about a fever, or when they feel a sensual heat.

So, you could either offer to ease up the discomfort, say something about the weather, or flirt in response to show you feel the same way.

In addition, you should always ask when you don’t understand what they’re referring to when they say it’s hot, so as not to respond wrongly.

Either of the responses above would work on the right occasion when someone says it’s hot.

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