How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser (30 Responses)

The best response to give to someone who calls you a loser is one that will show you don’t care. This is because the moment you show them that you care about their opinion of you, they win.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

So instead of getting furious, it is smart to remain calm in these situations, have patience, and respond with something that intimidates them and makes them begin to regret saying that to you.

What the person saw in you that made him or her call you a loser may not be debatable, but consider it as a  wake-up call to focus on your goals and learn from your mistakes while working on your weakness.

But all these are not as immediate as the things to ideally say when someone calls you a loser. The following 30 replies are what you should keep in your back pocket for next time.

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1. Well, I didn’t think you’d give up your title so fast. Thank you

This is brilliant sarcasm to give to anyone who calls you a loser because it helps you to turn the situation around.

The interpretation of this response is that the person is the actual loser. It also implies that they’ve been defeated in all areas of their life including the area of being a loser. How pathetic.

2. Yeah. All credits to my college and educators

This response best suits a situation where the person who called you a loser is a professor or your teacher.

Giving this reply after being called a loser means that the teacher or person in the position to influence you is the main reason why you are perceived to be a loser. In other words, they rubbed off on you.

3. You always bring me so much joy – as soon as you leave the room

At the beginning of this reply, it may seem as though you are making the person feel good, but little do they know what is coming in the next nanosecond.

By giving this response, it means that the person’s presence is not worth being around because they exude negativity.

4. Talk to the hand!

Whenever someone says something to you that you find unpleasant, one of the smartest ways to shut them off is to tell them ‘talk to the hands.’

You have to support this response with the right gesticulation. It means that the person’s opinion about you is not worth your attention.

5. You are right, no other person would stay with you this long – only a loser

Putting a spin on the insult and making it about them is the golden rule of any snappy comeback.

Achieve this by replying with the above response, but make sure you support with the much-needed voice pitch and facial expression to suggest that you don’t care about their view of you.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

6. Woah! Do you hear that? (Maintain silence) …That’s the sound of me not caring.

You can take advantage of the heated moment and make them the subject of ridicule by engaging them in the comeback that is prepared for them.

This has to be done strategically and should not sound scripted. Let them wait in silence and curiosity. Once you have their attention, you drop the bombshell.

7. I have better things to do than listen to you

Letting them know that you would pay not to listen to their opinion would instantly make them feel ignored. In this way, they would rather not see you as an easy target for verbal abuse in the future.

8. You are free to go since stupidity is not a criminal offense

When you say this to someone who calls you a loser, it means two things. First, the person was stupid to make such derogatory remarks out of ignorance of not seeing things from your perspective.

Also, you tell them they are free to go because you want to send the impression that they did not succeed in getting under your skin.

9. Please elaborate

When you tell people to elaborate or explain further what they mean by calling you something unpleasant, you put them on the spot and they are likely to stutter or halt on track because elaborating takes a lot of time which will make them look less confident in themselves. It also allows you to learn why they said that to you.

10. If you ran like your mouth, you’d be in good shape

The next time someone calls you a loser, you can use this popular insult as a comeback to gain your mic-dropping moment.

When you say this, you send the message that they are fond of saying awful things all the time. It is also a body-shaming-themed comeback.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

11. I believed in evolution until I met you

It is a good thing when you tell people they are growing. It makes them feel good. Now imagine that in the reverse.

Yes, if the person was not thoughtful of your emotion enough before calling you a loser, then they are as well tough enough to shoulder the damage of being called a stagnant person in life.

12. If you have an opinion about me, raise your hand. Afterward, put it in your mouth

Apart from making the person feel intimidated, another interesting thing that this response can do to the person who calls you a loser is that it puts them under your feet and makes you sound confident.

It is an instructional insult that implies the person’s opinion about you doesn’t bother you.

13. Mirrors don’t lie, and lucky for you, they also don’t laugh

This is a witty way of telling the person who called you a loser that they are ugly both in person and in personality. It is always evident when they look into the mirror. But there is more to this response.

It also allows you to shift the focus of that moment to the person and less about you.

14. Do your parents even realize that they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?

If the person calls you a loser, you can return the favor in a more hostile tone by dragging their parents into the discussion.

But through this response, you are also saying that while the person thinks you are a loser due to one moment of your life that you got wrong, the person on the other hand has been a failure right from birth.

15. Surprise me. Say something intelligent

In other words, if the person says something intelligent, it would be a surprise. A surprise is something that is not experienced all the time.

So, it means the person never says something intelligent. This instantly invalidates their opinion about you.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

16. I don’t remember asking for your opinion

The next time someone calls you a loser, you can shut them down by saying you never asked for their opinion.

And even when they did say it anyway, you don’t care about what they think of you.  By giving this response, you also put the person in an awkward position.

17. I should have given you a nasty look, but I see you already have one

When a verbal bully says something unpleasant to you, they’d naturally derive joy from seeing that you feel defeated and when you express shame and intimidation.

But you can prove them wrong with the words you say and your confidence by giving them this response.

18. I’m busy; you’re ugly. Have a nice day

Apart from insinuating that they are jobless enough to know who a loser is and who is not, you are also sending the message that you don’t care about what they say to you and you have moved on with your day. You are not reading to let anything steal your day.

19. Roses are red; violets are blue. My middle finger, I give to you

Who says you cannot be creative in responding to an unpleasant remark about yourself?

The next time someone calls you a loser or any negative name, use this response to maintain your ground and come off as less concerned, bold, and confident using the F word without literally saying it.

20. Why don’t you check eBay and see if they have a life for sale?

Usually, when people say “get a life” it is considered a negative connotation rather than an encouragement. So you can redefine this insult and serve it to them as a brilliant comeback immediately you are called a loser.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

21. I hope you step on a Lego

You will agree with me that stepping on a Lego is probably the most painful thing in this world. Throwing this mental picture at them will send the impression that you don’t care about them let alone their opinion about you.

You have to say this response like you mean it for it to have its full effect.

22. You only annoy me when you’re breathing

Again, this is another way of saying you don’t care about them let alone their opinion of you. But when you use this response, you are also sending the impression that their presence, along with everything that says, is not welcomed at that gathering or in the room.

It becomes more effective if you can make it look like this is the view of everyone else in the room.

23. The last time I saw someone like you, I flushed it

This is a witty sarcastic way of saying that the person who had called you a loser is a shit, along with their opinion about you.

Also, you are sending the impression that whatever they think about you can be flushed. It makes them feel ignored and allows you to come off confident.

24. Being a di*k won’t make yours bigger

Note that this response is usually effective against males. When you say this, you are making a joke out of their manhood and lovemaking performance, and drawing it from the argument that they have an annoying personality.

It is an effective way to shift the focus of the conversation from the ‘loser’ concept.

25. Do you want some breath mints?

This is arguably one of the most subtle ways to say someone has a bad breath. When someone calls you a loser, and you tell them this response, it means you want them to shut up. But you don’t have to be direct about it.

You use this response to create effectiveness and make them feel bad about themselves.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You A Loser

26. Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything

Don’t allow someone to call you a loser when they are not ready to see things from your perspective.

If they don’t know what you are battling with, or the actual reason why you might have flopped, then they are not in the right position to judge you. Use this response to express that.

27. I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you

Again, this is a smooth way of letting them know that whatever they perceive you to be, you’d be better off being that than being them. In other words, they are worse than losers.

28. Failure is the pillar of success

You can use this witty quote as a comeback whenever someone says you are a loser or failure. It means that failing is evidence that you are trying and your success is a few steps ahead, compared to those who would cowardly resort to back-sit driving than taking the wheel.

29. No, I’m (Insert your name)

When someone calls you a loser, remind them of who you are. Your name is not a  loser and you should not be addressed as such. After saying ‘No, I’m (your name)”, you can help them spell it out!

30. So what are you?

When you respond with this question, it prompts them to say something of the opposite. After calling you a loser, they’d be tempted to describe themselves as something better.

That would allow you to use that in your favour and insult them back.

Calling someone a loser is a type of insult that is common among children. So if someone calls you a loser, a mental approach to the situation is to assume that they are about seven years old or mentally about seven years old.

With this idea, you’d want to laugh it off and ensure their words don’t get the best of you or steal your day.

But that should not stop you from putting them in their place to avoid things like that in the future. I hope you found this very helpful, then share your views in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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