How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature?

It is never a pleasant feeling when someone bluntly calls you immature. They often do so because of their expectation that you live in accordance with certain standards.

However, since you do not fancy their picture of being grown up, you choose to do what works best for you. On this note, they won’t cease calling you immature.

You should consider using an assertive tone to let them know you dislike their picture of being mature. On the other hand, you may want to admit that you’ve been trapped in this and have been seeking to grow up.

A way to respond in this case is to simply ask for their assistance. It is sure going to be an interesting ride as I walk you through 20 ways you can respond to someone who calls you immature.

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

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20 Ways You Can Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

In response to people who think you should grow up, you may want to consider whether they are right or wrong about their claims.

Also, your best response may be to make them feel terrible if that was their initial desire for you. Let’s dive right into the 20 possible ways you can reply to someone who calls you immature.

You Can Say, “If You Choose To Be Mature, I Wouldn’t Even Be Able To Condone You.”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

So many people are ignorant of the things they say. Just because they hear a lot of people use a particular kind of word to express someone’s behavior, they’ll also use it at the slightest provocation they get from others.

It may interest you to know that most people who call others immature do not know the apt meaning of the word. If they knew, they wouldn’t behave in certain ways.

Hence, if the person who calls you immature still portrays some characteristics that don’t portray him as mature, do not hesitate to point them out. This will let him know that you are able to tolerate him just because you are really immature, as he claims.

You may say, “I really am not immature. It’s simply because you are here.”

Oftentimes, the behavior we portray depends on the individuals present. If you are trying to relate to someone who hasn’t gotten to the level of maturity you exhibit, you may have to come down to their level.

However, if they point this out, tagging it as immaturity, do not flinch at telling them the truth about why you acted that way.

Let them know that they wouldn’t find you behaving that same way, but since they were there, you were obliged to do so.

You Should Say, “I Don’t Want To Mature. It’s A Snare!”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

Being mature entails a lot, and that is why so many people prefer to remain the way they are rather than put themselves on the edge for the sake of attaining a state of maturity.

Most of the time, maturity is not the picture it is known to be. Hence, so many people trap themselves in oblivion for this reason.

You can tell the person who called you immature that if maturity wasn’t a snare, you would have considered it.

You Might Even Say, “Sadists Like You Knock Out Fun People As Narrow Minded”

Quirkiness is one glaring characteristic that immature people are said to be associated with. You’ll agree that it is hard to find quirky individuals in dull spirits. However, this isn’t really an ideal sign of immaturity.

If someone calls you immature because you behave this way, it may be surprising to know that deep down they wish they could behave the same way.

Due to their formal picture of being all grown up, they can’t. You can point it out to them how boring their lifestyle makes them feel, but they still call you out for being all playful.

You Can Say, “I’m Not Stupid; I’m Having A Nice Time.”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

Sometimes, people will attribute your jovial and lively self as immature because they are painstakingly living according to their own definition of maturity.

They mostly have to keep a straight face everywhere they go. You will seldom find them contributing to conversations, which requires some sense of humor.

This isn’t the ideal picture of maturity. Hence, you should let them know that maturity didn’t make one bound. You are only having a good time without losing touch with your sense of adulthood.

You Can Say, “Yes, I Am Aware. I’m Only Acting Immature To Irritate You Since You’re Acting Too Mature!”

Someone who refers to you as immature obviously did that because you behaved below a certain level which they feel someone of your age or status should.

Also, there is a high possibility that they do not just want you to level up because of your status but also because of their level of reasoning.

They feel they are mature and whatever character they put out is the ultimate test for anyone who intends to behave maturely.

Their picture of being mature may be centered on always looking serious, not eating out, not having friends, and so on.

If they call you immature because you don’t behave according to these standards, then they are too mature.

Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from letting them know that their quest to behave maturely is to the extreme and makes their life somewhat boring.

Hence, you are not as immature as they claim because you do not wish to end up like them.

Check for Clarification, “How Else Could I Behave More Responsibly?”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

If you’ve realized how some of your actions are really childish, you might have felt the need to change. Imagine being called a crybaby because you get emotional at every instance or getting unreasonably angry when a little talk can clear the air.

Hence, if in your quest for a change, you’ve meticulously studied how you can leave the club of childish folks, in this very process, you had to unlearn and learn how to behave like a mature person.

However, it is not a pleasant feeling when someone still calls you by the same name. You’ve been trying to get over immaturity. You will display some more levels of immaturity by cringing the moment you hear this.

In response, ask them how else you can behave maturely. This gives them the picture that you’ve also realized that part of you and have been working on yourself.

You Just Say, “I Am Interested In Your Level of Maturity.”

There are various facets to maturity – emotional, physical, social, and so on. When someone calls you immature, it’s most likely because of a particular behavior you displayed.

It could be that there is little to no growth in your emotional intelligence, being a crybaby because things get to you easily, and even overreacting over every little thing.

All these fall under emotional immaturity. On the other hand, it is possible the behavior you displayed is that of social immaturity.

In this aspect, you are not able to relate with people as you ought to as a result of fear of the unknown or because you can’t go anywhere without someone accompanying you.

This and many more are different areas where someone can consider you immature. Therefore, the moment they say you are immature, in response, ask them what measure they are using to define your immaturity.

You Could Even Ask, “Are You Saying That I’d Be Amazing To Hang Out With?

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

When someone is called immature, it gives the idea that they are acting like a child. One good characteristic associated with childhood is fun, and they’ll definitely call you immature because you are playful.

Therefore, they are obviously comparing your choice to be happy with being immature.

You can simply let them know that there is a better way they could have spoken about your lively company, which is to admit you are fun to be with instead of attributing it to immaturity.

You Should Ask, “Should I urge You To Urge Me To Continue Improving?”

When someone calls you immature, they are either being sincere about it to make a mockery of you or to help you become a better person.

If you sense through their disposition that they are willing to help you become a better person, then you shouldn’t hold back from asking them if they could assist you in adjusting.

On the other hand, this reply is valid if they were trying to talk you down. It is an excellent way to shut them up without being rude.

Simply ask them if they would help you improve. You’ll get a cold reaction from them because their actual intention was to castigate you.

You Can State Expressly, “I Am Aware Of My Immaturity. It’s Not A Mockery”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

Referring to someone as immature sounds somewhat like an insult. Especially because it is used to give negative criticism. However, there are better ways it could be communicated that would propel a positive transformation.

Since it was intended to serve as an insult, why would they say it anyway? It is good that you let such people know that they do not really need to point out your naive disposition to you because you are very much aware of it.

Also, this response will be incomplete if you omit the part that tells them you do not consider it an insult.

You admit it is true, and becoming enraged over their similar claim is analogous to calling someone out because they said you breathe through your nose. It is already known and does not need to be pointed out any further.

You Should Inquire, “What Prompt You To Make That Judgement?

It is more reasonable to attribute a certain character to someone because you have stayed with them for quite a period of time. However, some people take it the other way round.

They draw conclusions about a person’s behavior at first sight. On this note, if the person who called you immature doesn’t know you well enough, you should let them know that their judgment about you is wrong. They were just too quick to make conclusions.

You Can Affirm, “If Your Actions Are What Makes One Mature, I’d Rather Bask In Naivety!”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

In a scenario where you do not fancy the disposition of someone towards maturity but they just keep referring to you as immature, it’s not a period you should consider cringing but rather outrightly let them know that you do not admire their maturity.

If what it takes to behave maturely is to be like them, you’ll rather remain naive.

You Can Also State, “If Being A Fraud Makes You Mature, Then The Word “Mature” Must Be Reviewed.”

It can be a cause for concern when the term “matured” implies that you should be able to swindle people. Some will go as far as to say, “That is the true test of maturity.”

This is because swindling people requires some form of boldness and steadfastness. However, even if you portray boldness and steadfastness to face other promising areas of your life, they’ll still tag you as immature because you couldn’t use your supposed courage to swindle people.

It is wise that in response, you let them know that if being bold to hurt people is the only accreditation to maturity, then you prefer remaining mediocre.

You Can Meekly Say, “Thanks For Informing Me. I’ll Change”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

This is one of the simplest and most reasonable responses you can give to someone who calls you immature. It is possible you never thought of yourself that way, but since someone pointed it out to you, you show appreciation.

However, you shouldn’t stop at appreciation but assure them that you will make an effort to make the necessary adjustments.

You May Say, “I Believe That’s Why We Are Close.”

Before someone considers making new friends, they ensure that this person has the traits they desire a friend to have.

Better still, they look for people who behave in a way they would. Therefore, if your friend calls you immature, you can respond to them by reassuring them that your immaturity is the reason why they considered you fit to be their friend.

You Can Say, “I’ve Been Waiting For You To Grow Up And I’ll Do So Too”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

When someone calls you immature but you find it hard to trace one single scenario where they behaved like a grown-up, your response should be such that it aptly conveys the reason for your immaturity.

Let them know that if they were mature, you wouldn’t have had any reason not to follow suit. However, since they’ve defaulted in growing up, you’ve not felt the need to behave like one.

You May Say, “I Don’t Consider It Pretentious, And So I Love Myself That Way.”

Although some people know how immature they behave, they will always pretend to live up to the standards set by others just to gain acceptance. Deep down, they know how much of a struggle it is for them to conform to such a disposition.

However, if someone calls you immature, you should let them know you are only being your true self and do not intend to put up false behavior just to fit in with their standards.

You May Affirm, “Yes, I Am Immature; Just Like Your Face.”

How Do You Respond To Someone Who Calls You Immature

If someone calls you immature for the purpose of getting you upset or feeling bad about yourself, then your response to them should be one that will make them feel the way they intended to make you feel.

You can let them know that you do not only comport yourself in an immature way but that your face also takes an immature form.

By this response, you take their focus off of your level of immaturity and put it on themselves. They’d begin to feel insecure about their looks and walk off feeling embarrassed.

You May Ask, “You Think Everything Spins Around You, Huh?”

Funny enough, some people may call you immature, not because you actually behaved in a way you shouldn’t have.

They referred to you as immature because you are not conducting yourself in accordance with the standard they’ve created in their personal world.

When dealing with such people, you don’t need to be soft when giving them a reply, or else they will soon talk you into believing you are actually behaving in that manner. Notify them that everything doesn’t behind and ends with them.

They shouldn’t have reservations about you because you are not living according to their set standards. You also have precepts guiding your life just like they do.


So there you have it, 20 ways you can respond to someone who calls you immature.

To wrap up this insight-filled article, I would love you to know that, in as much as a reply is required when someone refers to you as immature, you should be careful to know when you should use what response.

Take for instance, in cases where you are actually guilty of some immature traits, you should note that you’d definitely sound rude using the response you would have used if you were not guilty.

I believe you have gained insight into what to say next time someone asks you to grow up.

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