Is Calling Someone Arrogant An Insult?

Is it?

Is Calling Someone Arrogant An Insult?

No, it’s not. As our faces are different, so are our backgrounds and perspectives. 

Most times, the picture our minds tie to a particular word may not be exactly correct. When someone is unapologetic about his or her personality or cannot be trampled upon, people also tend to see him or her as arrogant.

Before you judge anyone, try to see their behavior from a different perspective and not just come to an abrupt end.

Moreover, people are entitled to their opinion about others. Someone might find the word “arrogant” insulting while someone else wouldn’t. So we can say that the word “arrogant” has diverse meanings in the eyes of the beholder.

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Arrogant?

Now, let’s see this from a different perspective. When someone calls you arrogant, it could mean a lot of positive things that you didn’t even imagine were possible.

If you’re called arrogant, it may imply that you are perceived to have total control of your life, you can call it being independent if you may. When you are in your lane doing your thing and minding your business, you might be seen as arrogant.

Most people do not like to make too many friends or do not make friends at all for reasons best known to them. Just like I stated earlier in this article, our perspectives and backgrounds have a huge role to play in our philosophy.

Moreover, it would interest you to know that you might be called arrogant because people feel intimidated by you. It could be that you’re more influential and outspoken, or your personality in general.

Oftentimes people with low self-esteem find it difficult to cope with someone who doesn’t feel the same way they feel about something or someone. They might take it personally and call you arrogant in the end.

In another case, you might be someone who loves to make noise about your achievements and accomplishments.

You like to show off how much you’ve achieved in a short while or the challenges you’ve been able to overcome. This might not go down well for some people, hence calling you an arrogant person.

In addition, being called arrogant could mean that you do not entertain stereotypes and myopic ways of reasoning. A lot of people are comfortable with their status quo and the old ways they have been doing a particular thing.

When you see a need for change and try to bring in or suggest something new. You might be seen as arrogant. 

Some people have natural fire alarms in them that dictate who is not like them. They may feel you’re trying to change them or trample them.

Interestingly, if you are not affected by any negative thing you hear about yourself or bad news someone tells you, it means you’re “arrogant”.

People may wonder whether you have a bulletproof shielding you from being affected by negative words. When they try as hard as they can to get you down, the next thing you would hear is that you’re arrogant. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Another meaning it could have is when you do not entertain any gossip of some sort. 

Imagine if someone comes to you with so much excitement to tell you about the latest happenings in someone’s life and you don’t pay him or her any attention. You should know that the person will feel bad. And the next thing you hear on the lips of people is that you’re arrogant.

However, in all these positive aspects of being arrogant, it could also mean that the confidence you have in yourself is greater than the value you offer. This is why it is important to strike a balance between what you are and what you do. 

Why Calling Someone Arrogant May Not Be An Insult 

Is Calling Someone Arrogant An Insult?

Sometimes, people misunderstand the words you say to them. And may end up hurting. It’s not always easy to pass a message across to someone without it being misinterpreted.

As I said earlier in this article, people come from different backgrounds, so their ideologies and philosophies are quite different and this may cause crises if not managed.

Looking at the word” arrogant” I’m sure you already have a picture painted in your head whether good or bad.

But being called arrogant may not be an insult nor does it mean that you are unapproachable.

Some words are played around with just as “Sick”. In British Slang it means something excellent. Maybe you didn’t know this fact before now. You may have thought before reading this article that ” Sick” only means someone who is not feeling well. But you see that there’s another meaning for it. 

That is exactly how “arrogant” can be used freely to mean someone who had a good personality.

Well, let’s look at some of the reasons why calling someone arrogant may not be an insult.

Some people have a very high level of confidence in themselves and are not afraid to show it. They are not afraid to try out new things, think outside the box, and take on difficult tasks. They might be overly ambitious. And they do all it takes to get things done the way they should.

An admirer may decide to use the word “arrogant” to describe them. You see that this is not on the negative side.

Furthermore, some people leave on their terms, they do not like to be bothered by anyone. They work very hard to fend for themselves and because of that they don’t like anyone telling them what to do with their life. And they may be called arrogant at the end of the day.

To add,some people like to make noise about their success and achievements not because they want to make you feel bad or make you feel inferior. Just so you know feeling inferior is a choice.

They are only expressing themselves and it’s their personality and they are unapologetic about it. 

To add, when someone does not have time for gossip and frivolity. Always serious-minded and went about his activities.They might be the wrong persons to gossip with because they would pay you no attention.

Interestingly, some are very picky about a lot of things. The food they eat, places they go, people to associate with, and so on. This set of people might be called arrogant as well.

On the other hand, a lot of people do not like associating with people that much. It could be because of the ugly experiences they may have had in the past with other people. So they always keep to themselves. They also may be seen as arrogant.

In fact, some people can not be trampled on and they make it clear to anyone who care to know. They could go physical on you when you try to trample on their rights and privileges. And they also extend the same energy to help people who can’t speak for themselves.

Most people do not hesitate to be in the spotlight when given the opportunity. They show off their skills and knowledge they have about a thing. And they may be regarded as stubborn.

So you see, the word “arrogant” may not be an insult. As long as the intent of your heart is known.

What To Do When Someone Calls You Arrogant

Is Calling Someone Arrogant An Insult?

First of all, you should find out the reason someone called you arrogant. This will help you know what to do or how to reply.

Some people on the flip side might have a genuine reason why they call you arrogant.

As much as you are trying to be yourself and care about what anybody thinks of you. You should also look inwardly to know where you might not be getting it right.

If someone calls you arrogant because you indulge in yourself so much and don’t show interest in unnecessary topics and discussions then you must make it clear to them that you cannot not come down to their level of ignorance and have more useful things to do with your life.

You do not have to sound rude, because it’s not worth it. Clearly state your points and you’re fine.

However, if someone calls you arrogant because you exhibited some form of selfishness and tried to trample on someone’s right, then you must try to apologize and look into your character.

More so, when you’re called arrogant because you believe  that things should be done differently if the desired  results are not forthcoming. Then you must make it clear that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different  result is sheer madness.

People may as a result of their low self-esteem want to take you know so that they would feel good about themselves. 

Once you are able to dictate them, make them know that you cannot change yourself for anyone unless you have very serious bad habits, don’t try to change yourself for anyone.

When you are called arrogant and you say no , that’s not true. You do not have to banter words with anyone because if you do so, you would be coming down to their level of mediocrity.

Interestingly, some people are hurting when others are making progress. They do not know the amount of work you’ve put in to get to the level you are now.

So in order to hide their jealousy they call you arrogant. In this case, let them know that you’re not sorry about how they feel about you. And that you will continue to progress whether or not they like it.


Don’t do not be quick to get offended if someone calls you arrogant. It’s not worth your stress. All you need to do is know the reason(s) behind the name calling. Your approach should not be confrontational.

It is not possible to be on the good side of everyone. So you must be yourself and make changes when the need arises.

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