20 Nicknames for Someone Who Eats a Lot

Nicknames are names that are not actually your real names but what your friends, family, etc, call you when they are talking to you or about you.

A nickname tells about a distinctive feature of the person. Some nicknames may be cute, while some are rude.

Nicknames can be from different sources, either something you like or even dislike. An occurrence or event can make people give you a nickname, even the way you look can give you a nickname.

Do you have a friend who eats anything at any time? It’s very common for every click of friends to have that food maniac that eats a lot, like they never get full, here are some nice nicknames for them:


Most times, nicknames for people who eat a lot depend on the food they really love. For example if the person is a lover of caramel, you can call him caramel.

If he/she loves barley, you can call him/her barley.  The nickname, caramel, is also nice for people with chocolate complexion.

Sometimes it might not even be a type of food, but a particular junk or product that he/she loves very well.

Generally, you can use the name of the food, product, or just an ingredient that the person really loves, as a nickname for such a person.


Nicknames for Someone Who Eats a Lot

Did you know the word foodie is in the dictionary? It is defined as a person who enjoys and cares about food very much.

This is a very common nickname almost everywhere in the world for people who love food. Almost every school or institute or group of friends have that person that is called a foodie.

In case, you don’t want to use the common “foodie” for the person, you can as well use modifications like foodieter, foodietic, foodietz, fooder, foodieu.

They might not be names that have an actual meaning like a foodie, they are self-invented words, but they mean the same thing as a foodie.

They all refer to a person that loves food and eats a lot. A foodie eats not even when he is not hungry, they eat for pleasure.


Although this is a very common nickname for anybody, whether he/she loves food or not. It is commonly used for someone that has a sweet and beautiful personality, but it can also be used for someone who loves eating, especially if what he loves eating is cakes(or cupcakes)

He/she doesn’t necessarily have to love cupcakes or cakes before you can call him/her cupcakes, but it would be more suitable for someone who does.

It is also generally suitable for someone who loves flour products. Other substitutable names are; pancake, vanilla, etc for someone who loves pancakes and vanilla flavors respectively.

Queen Of Tarts

Nicknames for Someone Who Eats a Lot

We’re obviously going with the definition of tarts as an open pie that usually has a sweetheart filling (such as fruit or custard)

This one is a nickname preferable for someone who loves tarts. If it’s a male, it would be “King Of Tarts”. This nickname will also go better for children than for adults, as it sounds a bit childish.

Nevertheless, you can use it for adults, especially like your son (your children will always be like a child to the mother, no matter how old they grow), your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a close friend.

Sweet Candy

This is a good nickname for someone who has a sweet tooth and is always eating something like sweets. You can just call the person Candy also, it’s quite common but cute.

It is also common for someone to have a nickname like Lollipop. A lollipop is a type of candy usually with a stick attached to it at the end. Most children love lollipops, so it’s a good nickname for your child with a sweet tongue.

You can also use it on early teenagers, but not on grownup adults, except if it’s a nickname he/she had since he/she was little and grew up with.


Dumpling is another very common nickname. Although, it might not be common in Nigeria as that type of food isn’t usually eaten here in Nigeria.

A dumpling is a piece of food that is wrapped in dough and cooked. It is a much more common nickname for people in places like Korea and China.

Notwithstanding, it can be used for people who like food in Nigeria, and indeed, anywhere.

So, anybody that loves food, can also be called dumplings. The dumpling can also be used for anybody who is easy going and lovable.

Sweetie Pie

The nickname “sweetie pie” is also a common one, usually used indifferently to a food lover. It can be a good nickname for someone who loves eating a lot (especially if the person loves pies a lot)

Other piey names are; pumpkin pie- this should be better than sweetie pie because it is not a commonly used nickname unlike sweetie pie, which is used for people even if they’re not foodies.

You can also use Love pie- this one will look really beautiful on your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a nice and lovely nickname.

Stud Muffin/Muffin

Studmuffin is a cute nickname for your boyfriend that loves muffins, if it’s a female, you can just use muffin, instead of studmuffins.

As an example, you can always, “my cute little muffin”.

This nickname is for people that are in love with each other, or close to each other.

Studmuffin is for males, especially sexy ones with well-developed muscles, while just muffin is OK for females.

Sweet Potato

Another nice nickname is sweet potatoes. Sweet potato is a common nickname, some guys even use it flirtatiously. “Sweet potato pie” is also quite synonymous with it.

The person you call this doesn’t necessarily have to be a lover of sweet potatoes, although it would be more touché if he/she loves it. The nickname sounds childish, yet it can be used on both young and old, irrespectively.

Oliver Twist

Nicknames for Someone Who Eats a Lot

This nickname has a twist to it, it is from the story of Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist is the story of a young orphaned boy who lived in an orphanage and was fed barely enough to survive like the rest of the children there.

The children wanted someone to speak up for them to ask for more food, during dinner, and Oliver was chosen. He walked up to the server and asked for more.

This nickname is better for someone who is never satisfied and wants more food.

If you know any other common movie or personality that is relatable and loves food, you can call him/her that name.

For example, if you watched a film about a girl named Jessy, who was a foodie in the film, you can begin to call your friend that is a foodie, Jessy.


A gastronome is an ardent lover of food. Some also define gastronome as a person who eats upper-class food and drinks for recreation.

They eat and drink for fun! Although it is a proper scientific term, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a nickname.

It can be a good nickname for your friends that always love to eat for pleasure, if you don’t really like this one, probably due to its scientific origin, you can rather call them names like gastronomic entities or gastronomic romance.

Other synonyms of gastronome that can also be used are, gourmand, gastronomist, epicure, gourmet, epicurean, bon vivant. All these are really good nicknames especially if you’re the type that loves to flaunt your vocabulary.

Lasagna Heart

This is a very cute and lovely nickname for someone you have a crush on, someone you’re dating, or someone you’re very close to in one way or the other that loves eating.

Lasagna is a type of Italian food that has layers of flat noodles baked with a sauce, usually of tomatoes, cheese, and meat.

You can store your foodie lover’s nickname on your phone with this.

Slice Of Life

This one is just perfect for your foodie boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé or spouse. It’s quite romantic and cute.

Calling your boyfriend/girlfriend a foodie sometime might be offensive to them and they won’t like it, but if you call them “my slice of life” nobody would hate that.

Though, using this as a nickname for someone you’re not in a relationship with might be awkward, even if you’re friends. And other people might have a misunderstanding about your relationship.

As nice as this nickname is, it can’t just be used for everyone, as it shows a higher level of affection and intimacy.


Pumpkin is also a very cute nickname for a foodie, especially one that is cheeky, chubby, plumpy, or fat.

It isn’t unusual for a foodie to get fat due to excess eating, and calling them fat is very offensive to such people, especially if it’s a lady. (Never call a lady fat) Rather, calling her blumpkin would be much better, and very less offensive.

For children, you can just be like, “my cute little pumpkin” or “my round face beautiful blumpkin”.

Captain Tasty

Have you ever seen that person that eats half the food on fire in the name of ‘tasting it’ or that one person that loves the cliché “tasty” after eating or tasting food, or probably that person that must taste your food no matter what, just so they can stylishly eat from the food. This is the best nickname for such people.

It can also be used for anybody generally that loves eating and that loves food.

If you prefer, you can also call the person, “tasty grams” although this nickname is usually used for older people.


Nicknames for Someone Who Eats a Lot

This is another beautiful nickname for people that love eating food(especially brownies or people that are darker in complexion.)

Generally, it can be used by any food lover.


Do you have that child or friend that always stares at you when you’re eating, like they want to collect the food from you and eat it?

Those people that stare at you expectantly hoping that you give them some of their food.

This is the perfect nickname for such people,  “a groak”


Gut means the stomach. Literally, a gut-head would be a stomach head.

A gut-head is someone who becomes sluggish, lazy, and tired from overeating. Gut-gullie can also be used instead of gut-head, which is someone who eats greedily, an overeater

These two words are old words used in the 17th century, but they can still be used as a nickname today. It’s a good nickname for someone who is always eating till he is overfull.

Joe Foodie

Another way to get a nickname for a person is to mix his name with a food he loves or you can just shorten his name and add foodie.

For example, someone whose name is Joseph can be nicknamed Joe foodie or foody Joe.

Someone whose name is probably Jack or Jackie can be called Jackie food. Any combinations you can come up with will do well. Or can as well just call them names like kitchenomics, food doctor, foodie king, or foodie queen.

Honey Buns

It’s easy for people to fall in love with buns and become a buns liver, this is a really good nickname for them. Other options you might like are; sticky buns, pickle pie, crusty croissant. Anyone you feel better with.


Calling someone a nickname also largely depends on the person you’re calling that name. The name might be cute and nice, but the person might not like to be called that.

In such cases, it’s better to not call that person by name, no matter how nice you think that nickname is.

Some nicknames might be abusive in their underlying meaning, yet the person being called that might not see anything in it, while some nicknames can be cute and beautiful, yet the person doesn’t like it.

Respect the person’s opinion and desist from calling people nicknames they don’t like.

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