Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy

When you hear the word “gassy”, the first thing that comes to mind is the word “gas” or “gas cooker”. The word “gassy” is a slang that simply means “messy” or “silly”.

We all have that one person in our life who is specialized in doing something quite well: Making a mess. The word “gassy” refers to someone who messes up a lot, is full of gas, or someone who is clumsy.

If you’re looking for a nickname for that person who messes up the whole place every time? Search no more. Picking a nickname can be quite hard. But don’t fret! There is an avalanche of names to give that special and gassy friend of yours.

Some Nicknames you can use include clodhopper, Grandpa, flipper, Clumsy, stinker burger, bomber, and squeaker.  Below are the nicknames you can give him or her.

25 Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy

A Nickname is actually an informal name for someone or something. It’s a name that you’re fondly called by your friends, family, or relatives usually determined by your nature, gender, or sometimes social class.

A nickname is also a name added to a person’s name or a substituted name of a person or place. Nicknames are shortened forms of first names or surnames or affectionate pet names.

They are names that tease or ridicule their friends or family members. For example, if your name is David, but your friends call you “Dave,” that’s your nickname, or if your sweetheart calls you “Honey,” that’s also a nickname.

Interestingly, before the fifteenth century, the word was actually an ekename, “an additional name,” from the Old English eaca, “an increase.”

These names could be from affection, ridicule or mockery, or even familiarity. Here are 25 nicknames you can call that person you know who gasses or in order words, messes up a lot of times.


Clodhopper was formed to refer to a rustic country. The word is associated with the rural. And in this case, it can be used to mean someone who lacks social grace or someone who is not polished.

This can be used satirically for someone who farts a lot. You can use it for someone you do not really want to offend. This word is best used in a formal setting, but it is intended to cause laughter.

It is expected to behave in a certain way when in a formal setting and being gassy isn’t part of it. You just mention this as a side remark to the person’s behavior not as an attack on the person.

Just in case this word sounds too formal, you can use a less formal or general word like “messy”.


Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy

This comes from the word “mess”. It’s quite common and Informal. Looking for a nickname for someone who messes up a lot? Then this word is just great! Most especially in a gaseous way.

If the gaseous mess is associated with a dirty environment, you can pick this nickname better for that person.

Synonyms for messy include chaotic, confused, sloppy, blotchy, careless, disheveled, disordered, disorganized, and raunchy.


This is another generally used word for someone who is quite funny or comic. This word is also used for someone who farts or is very silly. The word is quite American and not British like the word “Silly” or “clumsy”.

It also means an offensive odor. Words similar to “funky” include bizarre, cranky, Bizarro, eccentric, erratic, kooky, and odd.


Sounds odd right? This is used for someone who is dull or unintelligent. This word is commonly used for grown-ups or adults who make silly or childish mistakes. If the person who messes up a lot is quite older than you, then “grandpa” will make a great nickname.


“Naughty” describes a person who is always disobedient, bad, or poorly behaved. It is also used for someone who is not organized. Synonyms for this word include “hasty”, “racy” , “nutty”( like “Jerry, have you gone nuts?” ), and “stuffy”.

Synonyms for the word include headstrong, impish, mischievous, playful, rowdy, annoying, badly behaved, disorderly, and contrary.


This is another word that means “Clumsy” or “awkward”. This word is quite American as well but it’s not really common as the word “Funky” or “clumsy”.


Clumsiness is often associated with carelessness and disorganization. This word is quite general and can be used anywhere in the world by anyone who is careless about his health.

Synonyms for the word “Clumsy” include bulky, heavy-hearted, inept, ponderous, ungainly, all thumbs, blundering, bumbling, bungling, butterfingered, lumpish, and splay.


Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy

We all think this is a kitchen device, right? But this word can also be used for someone who is messy or farts a lot. This word sounds quite too serious unlike words like squeaker, grandpa, and Fluffy.


“Fluffy” means to be frivolous or silly. It also means to lack depth or seriousness. Other words for “fluffy” include “feathery”, and “Downey”.


We’re all used to hearing the word “squeaky clean”. The word “squeak” means noise or loudness. “Squeaker” is another word that means noisy, loud, or foolish.

Synonyms for the Word squeaky include squawky, squaw man, squam root, squeaker, squeaky, squeaky clean, the squeaky wheel, gets the grease, squeal, squeamish, blabber, blabbermouth, busybody, squealer, snitch, and stoolie.

“Mess around”

This is a word similar to the word “messy”. It’s quite lengthier than “messy” or “naughty”. It’s pretty easy to use it as a sentence as in “Quit messing around, Boy!” than use it as a nickname.

“Stink bumper”

Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy

This can also be used for someone who farts or is very unpleasant or dirty.  This word is quite American as well but will make a great nickname anyways.


This word is similar to the word “bleat” like the sound a sheep makes. It also means a loud cry . It means to be noisy or loud. “Blat” also means to be loud or foolish.

This word can make a great nickname as well for a person who is gassy. This is especially suitable if the person often farts loudly.


The word “Jockey” which is similar to the word “Joker”, is also commonly used for someone who is very funny or silly. The word “jockey” came from England and was used to talk about a person who rode horses in racing.


This word is commonly used to refer to a child. “Buster” can mean “childish” “naive” or insensitive”. It also means someone who acts silly or foolishly.

This word also means a person that breaks something apart. It is also a very suitable name for someone who farts a lot as that is regarded as a “bust of air”.

“Gravy pants”

Gravy actually looks similar to the word “grave” but not quite actually. This word could mean childish or naive. This will also suit someone who is quite older than you and who messes up a lot.

You should be careful not to call the person this nickname to his face as it may really sound insulting. And you don’t want to insult an elder. You can just use the name as a side talk with your friends when such an elderly passes by or is being discussed.

“The bull in a china shop”

The bull in a china shop doesn’t need to physically smash the crockery in order to live up to their epithet as any sort of damage will do.

The term originated from the title of a song, one of the hot dance tunes circa 1800, and not from an actual bull. It is used to mean anything that brings destruction. Whilst a fart may not cause destruction, it causes discomfort situation in the environment.

If this word sounds too long, then you can try out “ghost turder”.

“Ghost turder”

This name is commonly used for someone who farts a lot.  This could be a perfect nickname for that person who messes the place up every time.

Use this when you want to sound out of the norm. The person may not even know you’re mocking him until he checks for the meaning of the name.

“Ass blaster”

This is another nickname you can use for someone who is gassy. It’s another name commonly used for someone who farts a lot.

The name sounds funny enough and you can use this with a friend who you can easily laugh with. If the person is fond of making a fart that has a blasting sound, this is a suitable name for that person.


This nickname means someone who causes commotion or disorder. It is also used for someone who farts or is very clumsy.

You will agree that some farts come out like bombs and can make everyone confused. The smell of most farts can cause a commotion as people may have to move away from the environment.

This is probably one of the funniest nicknames for someone who is gassy. There will be no need to explain the name as it will already indicate that you are referring to the farts of the person.

Use this nickname if you want to cause laughter in that group.

Nicknames For Someone Who Is Gassy


A Klutz is actually a person who does things awkwardly and often drops things. It is actually a fancy word that can be used interchangeably for the words “Clumsy” or “Silly”.

You never can tell, the next thing he’ll be dropping will be a loud fart.


Stumblebum refers to someone who is clumsy. It sounds really poetic and you can play with words by using it with someone who has a name that starts with ‘S’. For instance, Sandy Stumblebum.

You can actually use this for poetry if you’re working on a piece. This is the kind of nickname you give to people and they don’t feel bad about it. Some people would even claim the nicknames you give them for a regular name people call them often.


This is a word for someone who is clumsy or someone who farts. Some people cannot just escape farting regardless of what they eat or don’t eat. While it is amusing, it can be embarrassing to them.

You can reduce the embarrassment by calling them nicknames that sound nice like this one.


Eggy, which is derived from the word “Egg”, means “irritating”, “annoying”, “uncomfortable” or “awkward”. It is also used for someone that makes you frustrated or one who looks dirty all the time.

This will suit a female “gasser” well. It might also insinuate that the person eats a lot of eggs which makes her fart a lot.

Eggy may sound romantic in some girls’ ears and they may not even take it seriously. You will be surprised seeing them join you in laughter as you call them eggy. But, be careful not to receive a slap from a girl.


Poof is used when air is released and it can refer to fart. You can adequately use this as a nickname for someone who farts a lot and is gassy.

Interestingly,  Poof is used is a slang term used in the British language for a homosexual. It is also seen as an insult. The word has been used since the 1820s.

“Poof” is an informal word for “gas”. Another word commonly used for someone who farts a lot.


If you have that annoying friend who is gassy, you need to stop addressing him or him by his name. Start addressing them with special names that will either make them find a solution or just laugh over it.

You can easily use any of these nicknames depending on who is involved and the occasion of the mess.

You should be careful though not to use a more offensive nickname on someone you don’t want to be in trouble with. It will be more fun if you use these nicknames with any of your friends or with someone you want to tease.

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