30 Best Nicknames for Someone Who Likes to Cuddle

I saw little cuddling as a toddler as my parents were too busy with work but I didn’t feel bad. Then fast forward to middle school, love at first sight, and ridiculous kisses.

The hugs and cuddles started coming in and I felt a lot better than I have been feeling. You know how things go in high school and then college where all hell is let loose.

While some people like me can endure the scarcity of cuddles, there is other who can’t. They can’t stay without getting cuddled.

The intensity gets high in the winter season when the cold gets severe. In this situation, these people need cuddles. So what is the eagle’s eye should you call such a person?

I’ll save you by reducing the time wasted in thoughts, as I present to you the list of the best nicknames you can call someone who likes to cuddle. All you have to do is get your eyes locked into this post and experience the best reading time.

30 Nicknames for Someone Who Likes to Cuddle

In this article, we’ll be looking at a long list of nicknames for someone who likes to cuddle. There is no denying that the greater number of those who get fixated on cuddles and hugs are women.

The emotional balance and succor that comes with wrapping your hands around them get them the right feeling always. So, look out for more feminine nicknames below.

  1. Honey Bee
  2. Uber cuddly
  3. Squirrel
  4. Cuddle bunny
  5. Baby doodle
  6. Lovebug
  7. Cupcake
  8. Nappy Tappy
  9. Baby boo
  10. Berry
  11. Love hump
  12. Cuddle bear
  13. Doudou
  14. Amante
  15. Minnie
  16. Bubby
  17. Mariposa
  18. Cuddle bum
  19. Thandi
  20. Snuggy
  21. Hugger
  22. Starfish
  23. Foxy
  24. Cuddles
  25. Lovey
  26. Smiley
  27. Cutie
  28. Cuddle cake
  29. Piccola
  30. Love Sponge

The list above is looking all steamy and peppy, and I know you can’t wait to get the delights in the details. So, without wasting more time, let’s get into the meat of this article.

Honey Bee

My first guess in this nickname shoots up a mental picture of how bees cluster around honeycombs.

For them, this is home and their relaxation lies therein. In this same comb, they dwell, move, and have their being; by producing honey.

You can use this as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle. Because just like the bees in a honeycomb like to stay in touch with their habitation, the person also likes to stay in contact with those around him or her, especially their loved ones.

This contact is established physically through rounds of hugs that graduate into premium cuddles. That realization of being loved is one of my best memories from cuddles.

Uber cuddly

The Uber transport system was made public not too long ago, and in its years of service, there have been a lot of praise and accolades coming from people.

One distinct upvote that the system has received is its provision of comfort. Now that’s something most of y’all look out for in an ideal system, especially those who do not own a car.

I’m not disregarding the comfort in train cabins or that of the bus but all I’m asserting is that Uber is top-notch.

You may probably be asking, what this has got to do with nicknames. When you call someone an Uber cuddly, it means the person seeks comfort and a level of privacy each time they cuddle.


The Bear and Squirrel have featured characters in some kind of storybook. While they didn’t play human roles, they did make a statement of love.

The Squirrel took on the male gender, while the bear was portrayed as a feminine gender. The point I’m trying to make is not in the context of the book, but in the roles, these characters played.

With common sense, you can use “Squirrel” as a nickname for a guy who likes to cuddle. This is because of the portrayal of love between these two characters.

Cuddle bunny

This is another smooth nickname for someone who likes to cuddle. A bunny is an informal word used for a cute rabbit.

It is mostly used by kids because of how appealing they look. In another view, a bunny is a slang term that depicts an attractive young lady.

So, this makes the nickname cuddle bunny a special treat for any beautiful girl that likes to cuddle. You’ll see the innocent smile it puts on the person’s face when you call them that.

Baby doodle

A doodle is some sort of free line drawing usually done by kids, which they usually use for relaxing the mind.

On the other hand, doddle also denotes an easy task. In connection to the subject matter of this post, calling someone who likes to cuddle a baby doddle means you’re depicting how easy it is for such a person to relieve their tensions through cuddling.

Also, the rhyming in the word pronunciation makes it a cool nickname to use.


Nicknames for Someone Who Likes to Cuddle

You know how bugs crawl up and down your houses before fumigation, that’s how someone who likes to cuddle will cling to you even when you need to leave the house.

A love bug now becomes someone who is so much in love that they now become somewhat attached to their significant other. Such a person has a chance at being a huge fan of cuddling.


Just like getting a cone of cupcakes can help brighten your day and bring sweetness into your life, someone who likes to cuddle can do the same. Although they’re mainly the ones asking for the hugs and smooches, their good energy and pure vibe also overwhelmingly reflect on you.

That there; is a good reason to add it to your list of nicknames because it captures the essence of the post.

Nappy Tappy

A nappy tappy is a kind of subtle intercourse that is done during sleep. I went out of my way to find out more about this term and I found out something.

The reason you should consider this a good nickname is the fact that the actions that happen during sleep, are influenced by cuddling. Since cuddling ensue the actions, you can call the person who likes cuddling a nappy tappy.

Baby boo

If the person who likes to cuddle is your partner or better put lover; then you can choose this nickname for the person. Calling the person a baby boo sends out a vibe of sensuality and affection to the person.

This nickname also makes sense since the person could probably like to cuddle because of their relationship with you.


A berry is a sweet fruit that comes n a variety of colors. The delight that this fruit brings made it a term to resonate with when you talk about sweetness and pleasure.

Cuddling involves a lot of sensitivity, especially when it is done among couples. This makes it a sweet experience and would be deserving of your partner if you nickname him or her berry.

Love hump

You’ve probably seen how cows carry humps on their back and it looks like something that weighs them down.

However, that’s metaphorically the same way a lot of people carry love. Although it comes with a couple of unusuals, they still bask in the feeling.

Cuddling is an act of love and if you like it too much then you’re probably hooked on some love hump.

Just like I already asserted, this nickname goes well with female folks because of their volatility with issues of the heart.


Nicknames for Someone Who Likes to Cuddle

If you have young kids, there’s a chance there is a teddy bear in the house. This doll that is usually gotten for the girl child often leaves the position of just a toy into a companion.

You can see your child hugging this teddy bear with so much energy and you wonder how this artificial bear means a lot to your kid.

Well, for your kid it is a teddy bear but in this context, it is a cuddlebear. Anyone who is a cuddlebear is ever ready and looks forward to cuddling.


A doudou is a stuffed toy or doll that kids play with. Just like a teddy bear, a lot of kids hug a doudou and cuddle with it even to the point of sleeping. For kids, the doudou doesn’t get tired of them and it likes to be held onto always.

You can as well convert this to become a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle. Doudous are good companions in distress, and that’s the same with someone who likes to cuddle.


This Spanish-Italian word also captures the essence of this post. It asserts that if you have someone who likes to cuddle with you, the person is likely to be a lover. Meanwhile, the term is feminine just like I predicted at the onset.

This means that it should be exclusively used by guys on the ladies. So as a guy, you might want to tell your favorite cuddle-mate what you think of her by nicknaming her “Amante” which means lover.


I discovered that this is an informal way of saying, mother. However, something struck me. Minnie can also be used as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle because it portrays love and attachment.


Bubby is a slang term that means a woman’s bosom. The question now is, why would you call someone who likes to cuddle bubby?

You know how a woman’s bosom sticks firmly to her body; that’s how a lot of those who like cuddling stick to you whenever they are in the mood. That alone makes bubby a good pick.


This term means everything from sweetness to soft, down to delicate. It confers a mental picture of a woman’s body and how endearing it is. Calling someone who likes to cuddle mariposa is a move to edify the person’s physique.

Note: This term is preferably used on females as I asserted earlier in this post. This is because it is an informal way of calling a guy homosexual. The choice of usage is yours to make.

Cuddle bum

A bum is someone who is so fixated on a particular thing or task. A bum could be hooked on many things like basketball and card plays, but this context and nickname suggest that the person has their mind on cuddling.

And there’s this thing about the mind; once it gets fixated on something it molds itself into that.


Thandi is a word of Zulu origin (South Africa) and it means beloved. It is the short form of names like Thandeka or Thandiwe, but you can use it as a nickname for someone you hold dear to you.

You can as well use it as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle because of its connotation with good feelings and affection.


It is a bit funny to call someone snuggy, especially if the only meaning of the word that the person knows is that of a cloth riding up the crack of your buttocks.

However, it is worth knowing that this term also refers to someone who gets close to others. And that qualifies it to be on this list of nicknames.


Hugger is a term that describes someone who likes to hug. You cannot initiate cuddling without hugs. It is the preamble to the main meat of the moment. Therefore, you can also use this term as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle.


Cuddling should be teamwork between the two persons involved. But if you have a case of someone who likes to cuddle but does not participate in the process, you can nickname the person a starfish.

A lot of guys are like this, especially those that make video games their second partner.


Fox is an animal that is known for its erotic flare and warm personality. Because of these attributes, it is only wise to say that someone who likes to cuddle is as affectionate as a fox, hence the nickname foxy.

Mr. Cuddles

Here comes a wholesome masculine nickname for someone who likes to cuddle. Assuming your boyfriend or husband is the one who likes to cuddle, calling him this will put smiles on his face and make him even want you more.

It is an even more eventful and sensational moment if you called him Mr. Cuddles while shopping at the mall.


This word is a derivative of lover and it is a more sensational way of saying, lover. It is only healthy to assume that if you have someone who likes to engage you in cuddling, he or she is your lover.

If this is true, then this nickname should get your approval because it is a cool way to address your significant other as your lover.


There’s this surge of excitement that you get when you cuddle someone. That feeling of safety and love crowns the moment. This accounts for why you should use this as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle.


There are many cool ways to say things and cutie is a very nice way to say someone is cute.

I bet you wouldn’t want to cuddle someone who isn’t cute enough, so I believe anyone who likes to cuddle is cute. It is not a mandatory assertion, but that’s how the world works.

Cuddle cake

Nicknames for Someone Who Likes to Cuddle

Cakes are generally a great delight to taste. Some people cannot skip a day without eating cake and it now looks like an obsession. This nickname seeks to place cuddling alongside cake, in the chain of value.

Since people like to eat cake, how about someone who likes to cuddle become the cake?


Italians are known for how romantic they are and this word here doesn’t disappoint its origins. Piccola means tender and neat.

You can use it while referring to a lady and can as well borrow it as a nickname for someone who likes to cuddle.

Love Sponge

If you must use a sponge to bathe, then you have to hold the material firmly and gently scrub through your body. Having your bath without a sponge is frustrating and I can testify about it.

In this same way, a love sponge is a nickname you can give someone who likes to get affectionate, especially through cuddling.

The person is poised to get relieved from the day’s stress through cuddling, just like a normal sponge relieves you of the grease and sweat from work.


This is where I draw the curtain on this post which gives you a variety of nicknames for someone who likes to cuddle. Most of these terms are meant to be used specifically on the ladies while some go to the guys.

Do not forget to examine the situation or your relationship with the person before you use this nickname on him or her.

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