20 Nicknames for Someone Who Loses Things

A nickname is a name that is different from your real name but is what your friends, family, etc call you when they are talking to you or about you.

Your nickname might be a real word or might not be a word that has any literal meaning, it might be a word that is not officially recognized, or it might even be a scientific word.

Whatever it might be, nicknames are pointing to a particular feature or area about you. It could be a character or even slang you always say. Nicknames always have a reason.

If you have a forgetful friend, one that is careless, always misplacing things kept in his care. One minute they’re with something, and the next they can’t find it, here are some perfect nicknames for such people;

1. Scat

Scat is short for Scatterbrain. These are numerous and funny nicknames for those very careless people. Scatterbrain is someone who is forgetful, disorganized, and unable to concentrate or think clearly.

This accurately describes people who lose things easily, they are forgetful and don’t know/remember where they last kept the material.

They are disorganized so they can’t find where they kept one thing or the other, and they are unable to concentrate or think to recall events that would help them remember the place they kept the misplaced material.

The definition might sound insulting, and some people might get offended if you call them scatterbrains, that is why you can’t sugar coat it by calling them, Scat or even Scatty.

This sounds less insulting, but nevertheless, if the person is still displeased with being called that, then please desist from calling him a scatterbrain, you can pick nicer nicknames from the ones below.

2. Burara

Burara is a Filipino word used to refer to someone who is very untidy, and disorganized, the type of person that puts things where they’re not supposed to be and has to eventually waste time looking for those things.

Buraras don’t know how to take care of their things. They don’t arrange their things well, and that is what makes them lose things easily.

Most people find it hard to keep things, mainly because of this attribute of being disorganized. If you have a disorganized or careless friend, you can call the person Burara.

An example of how the word is being used is; “where did you keep the document” “I don’t know, I’ve been looking for it all day” and “that’s the result of being so Burara”

3. Brainfart

Nicknames for Someone Who Loses Things

Brainfart is the unofficial scientific term for being momentarily forgetful. It is a quick, temporary kind of forgotten fullness.

This nickname would be good for someone who isn’t always forgetful. He/she might not be the forgetful type but probably acts forgetfully once in a while.

Sometimes, bullies also use it to bully others in an insulting way. Most people might not like to be called brainfart, but if you’re really close to your friends and they don’t mind, it might be funny, humorous, and playful to be used among friends.

4. Misty

Misty is another word you can use as a nickname for your careless friends that always loses things. There are two or more definitions of misty, but what we mean here is for something to be obscure, not clearly seen or remembered.

People who lose things easily, do so because most times they do not remember where they actually dropped that thing, they probably left it somewhere and can’t remember the place. So, misty is also a good description of careless people or lost things.

5. Losers

This is a saucy nickname. If you have a friend who lost something, you can call him a loser. The nickname is not actually from the definition (which is to unsuccessful, unattractive, or loser IN A game).

Rather, as to someone who wins is a winner, someone who sings is a singer, and a dancer is a dancer, so also, someone who loses is a loser.

The nicknames from the interpretation below are not abusive or offensive, but the direct meaning of the words can be hurtful, this is why some might be offended when called a loser.

6. Butterfinger

Nicknames for Someone Who Loses Things

When we say someone is butterfingered, it means the person is likely to let things slip or fall through their hands.

You can call people who lose things “Butterfinger” since those kinds of people easily let things fall through their hands. Some careless people lose things because they don’t know when those things fall off their hands.

Different situations or reasons can make someone lose things, compare the reasons to choose the best nickname that would fit the person, people who lose things because they can’t keep things in their hands. The Butterfingered are people that are clumsy and messy.

7. Absent-Minded Professor

This is another nickname for careless people. This one is for nerdy bookworms that easily forget things. It is not unusual for someone who reads a lot to be forgetful about other aspects of life.

Some stories have it that Albert Einstein reads so much he forgets to eat sometimes, forgets appointments and forgets so many other things.

Absent-minded professor is a good nickname for a bookish person that reads so much, he/she forgets daily life issues, misplaces things, and even forgets daily life necessities.

You can also use this to sound more scientific. Even though this nickname directly calls the person “absentminded” it sounds very less offensive.

8. Ghajini

Ghajini is the name of a famous Bollywood blockbuster movie. The movie was about a business tycoon, who after being hit by a rod, began to suffer from a medical disorder termed “anterograde amnesia”, a short-term memory loss, that disables them from remembering things that happened not long ago.

The protagonist of the movie was Amir Khan, and in the movie, he wasn’t able to remember things after fifteen minutes. It was a hit movie and the movie even dedicated a scene to explain the disorder.

If the movie isn’t that popular where you are, you can decide to use any other character from a movie relating to someone who loses things.

Although, you can still decide to use this nickname, even if the person you’re referring to with the nickname doesn’t know the movie.

9. Ditz

Another beautiful nickname is Ditz. Ditz is actually a formal word that means to be a silly person that easily forgets things. It is synonymous with scatterbrain.

This nickname will fit as a nickname among razz street boys/girls. It sounds like a word that can easily blend into street languages.

It can also be used in classy homes, and generally anywhere irrespective of where you are.

10. Forgetter

Nicknames for Someone Who Loses Things

As earlier said, most people lose things easily, it is because of their forgetfulness. The person might not be careless, in fact, he/she might be a neat, well-organized person, but very forgetful.

His or her habit of forgetfulness might be what causes him or her to lose things. If this is the case, then you can as well give him the nickname as “forgetter”

The word might not be grammatically correct, but nicknames don’t have to be grammatically correct, as they are used mostly in informal situations.

The person might not also like being called a “forgetter” if this is the case then stop calling him/her a “forgetter”

11. Descuidada/Descuidado

Descuidada is a feminine word in Spanish that means careless, negligent, neglectful, or disregard, while Descuidado is a masculine Spanish word that means the same thing.

If you’re a lover of the Spanish language, you’ll appreciate this nickname, the pronunciation is quite lovely and not tongue-twisty. You don’t have to be Spanish or be in a Spanish-speaking country to use this nickname. You can use it anywhere, anytime you like.

You can decide to or not tell the person the meaning of the name.

12. G-wags

This is a commonly used nickname, used to refer to our grandparents. You can call your forgetful grandparents G-wags (G-wags is usually used irrespective of any character to refer to your grandpa/grandma.

The main ideology about the name is that old people are usually the ones that are forgetful, it is not seen as anything new if your grandparents begin to develop either short-term or long-term memory loss.

So, the target of this nickname is when you call your young friends, G-wags to compare their forgetful nature to that of someone who is old.

You can also use granny instead of G-wags.

13. Laxie

Although it’s a very beautiful nickname for someone who loses things a lot, the nickname is actually concocted from the word “lax”

Lax according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary means to be not careful enough or not strict enough. The word relates to a careless person that loses things.

But this nickname is best suited for people that don’t usually lose their things as often as that, but also not so rare as once in a while.

The modification from “lax” to “laxie” makes the word more likable and suitable to be used as a nickname, even among friends without them knowing what the word means.

14. Featherbrained

Although this nickname might be very displeasing and insulting, depending on a number of factors, such as the receptiveness of the person being called that, or if you want to make fun of or spite the person.

If you’re trying to bully someone (not advisable) or have a comeback then this nickname is good for that.

But as a polite and well-mannered or well-cultured lady/gentleman it isn’t right to be calling someone featherbrained.

15. Airheaded

Another nickname for careless people who lose things a lot is “airheaded”  Airheaded means someone that is mindless/careless that cares less about their things. They have a kind of non-challancy about things they own.

It is also a common nickname that can be considered abusive by some people.

The literal meaning from the direct interpretation of the word “airheaded” makes most people see it more offensive than the actual meaning.

16. Dolt

This name is directly an insulting word by definition, you can only use it probably among friends that don’t count insults.

There are some groups of friends that find it fun when they insult each other and call each other names. You can comfortably use it among such groups of friends.

You can as well use it when the person doesn’t know the meaning of the name, you can use it as a comeback or spite someone, but you should never use it to refer to your superiors or those older than you.

Dolt means stupid.

17. Forgetful

Since most people that lose things, usually do that due to forgetfulness, absentmindedness, disorientation, etc, you can simply call the person “forgetful”

All people who lose things often are forgetful, and all forgetful people lose things.

18. Sloppy

Another nickname for someone who loses things is sloppy. Sloppy means not being careful or neat.

When someone is not careful, neat doesn’t pay attention. You can as well modify it to something like sloppy J, probably if the person’s name starts with J.

If you like, you can use any other letter like sloppy P for someone whose name starts with P, sloppy M for someone whose name starts with M, and so on.

19. Slipshod

Nicknames for Someone Who Loses Things

This is another option as a nickname for a careless person that loses things.

Slipshod means very careless or poorly done or made.

20. Demento/Amento

These names are not real words, but self-invented words, gotten from dementia or Amnesia. Both words are medical terms meaning someone who has memory loss.

Summarily, amnesia is seen as a condition where a person is unable to remember things as a result of an accident.

The nickname is derived from these two words. It can very offensive as people would not like being referred to as someone who has a serious medical condition.

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