15 Best Nicknames for Someone With Black Hair

Black color is a universal color that doesn’t discriminate. It is seen almost everywhere and among all people. This universality of the lack of color is also reflected in the hair color of a lot of people.

This type of hair color knows no boundary as it is visible in virtually all the races of the world, be it Mongolian, Black, or Caucasian.

Because of this, the universality of the black color also sets in a kind of confusion when you want to address someone with black hair.

This brings us to the issue of nicknames for someone with black hair. What plausible nicknames do you think will suit someone with black hair, without sectionalizing their race? The thing is, you could be caught in a frenzy if you wallow in thoughts like that

However, I wouldn’t want you to do that which is why I will be showing you the best nicknames for someone with black hair. Keep reading on!

15 Nicknames for Someone With Black Hair

I promised to give you the best nicknames to call someone with black hair and I believe a list of 15 terms or phrases will save the day.

These nicknames are arranged in no particular order, so you don’t have to worry about stereotyping between races. These nicknames include.

  1. Dark knight
  2. Charcoal
  3. Ebony
  4. Noirette
  5. Afro-haired
  6. Terry Coal
  7. Wesley Snipes
  8. Toast
  9. Blackie
  10. Ravenhead
  11. Tar-haired
  12. Goth
  13. Moreno
  14. Black Jade
  15. Black Diamond

Dark Knight

This is the first nickname on my list. A knight is a respected soldier and protector, especially in the English empire.

This person holds a position of worth and is particularly decorated so to say. The knight also has apparel features that identify him as a knight, such as a helmet and dress.

Calling someone with a black hair dark knight is a metaphorical representation of the person’s hair which is as significant as a knight’s helmet.

However, the dark knight term fits in well because it also comes out as an edifying term for someone with black hair. I bet the person you call dark knight will never feel condescending about it because the nickname sounds satisfying.


Charcoal is a substance that is gotten as a result of burnt wooden material. This substance is particularly dark due to it is subjected to fire and is left to burn up.

Charcoal is also a nice raw material that can be made into good finished products like DIY dental powder and many more.

It wouldn’t be an act of racism whatsoever to call someone with black hair charcoal, because it is just a reference to the color of the hair and nothing more.

However, there are a couple of Caucasians that may pick up the offense with the term, likewise, there are blacks who might feel threatened by the use of the term on them.

But you have to realize that it is just a nickname, which doesn’t always sit well with a couple of people.

Mr. or Mrs. Ebony

What other nice and juicy nickname would you prefer if not this? This is a good nickname to with and it also has a variant for both genders, which means you can employ it to either a male or female. While the “Mr.” goes for the guys, the “Mrs.” goes to the females.

The term “ebony” looks a lot more African than any other thing, so it wouldn’t be a wrong guess to think that it is often used on mostly Africans or rather African Americans.

However, this does not limit its use on other people who have black hair on their heads. The sectionalizing of the black color has got nothing to do with hair color, so it rules out any tendency to see the use of either Mr. or Mrs. Ebony as a bad reference.


Noirette can also be used as a nickname for someone with black hair. But in this scenario, the term refers to only women. This is because the French term means “black-haired woman” when you translate it into English.

Because of the gender specification that is included in the translation, you can only use this term as a nickname for women. This nickname will go well with anyone who is of Caucasian descent.

t is a good nickname, not only because of how it portrays a woman with black hair but also because it includes a gender specification so you don’t get confused with how to go about it.


Afro is a nickname for Africa or anything related to the black race. However, in this context, it has little to do with the black race because it relates generally to anyone with black hair.

It would be a right guess to think that majority of those with black hair are black (Africans, African Americans, or African Latinos).

But other races have people with black hair, so they’re not excused from this Afro party sort of. You can comfortably use this term as a nickname for anyone of African descent but you have to employ a certain level of caution if you’re planning to use it on someone different.

Because of this, I’d suggest you up your game with sarcasm if you want to do it.

Terry Coal

Terry Coal is another nickname that can stick in as a good one for someone with black hair. Coal is a natural resource that is dark in color and this relates directly to the color of the person’s hair.

I coined the Terry Coal tag team from a luxury vintage brand known as Terry N Coal.

Funnily, the logo of this brand is portrayed as black color making it coincide with the context of this post.

So, it is more like a plus for anyone you use this nickname for because it does not in any way sound condescending and the idea of the black hair is hidden in plain sight. The person might even try to ask what you meant by the nickname.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is a famous talented veteran American actor, who stunned viewers with his amazing martial arts skills and chiseled body.

The 60 years old veteran actor was born on July 31, 1962, in Orlando, Florida, U.S. He is a prominent figure among black entertainers, which is why you can borrow his name as a nickname for someone with black hair.

Mr. or Ms. Toast

A toast is a piece of sliced bread that is browned on both sides by being exposed to a grill or fire.

After this preparatory process, a toast often takes the color of brown but in severe cases, it turns black. When this happens, the toast becomes slightly bad for consumption.

Therefore, if you have any black-haired person who is a pain in the ass or someone who proves stubborn you can call him or her a toast.

You can use initials like Mr. and Ms to make the statement of personalization. Anyone, you called this might see it as a condescending nickname, but you don’t have to panic because nicknames are not always sweet and spicy.


Blackie is a term that signifies that a part of something or someone has the black color in it.

It is mostly used to refer to black dudes, but I mentioned at the onset of this post that there’s no room for racial differences. Therefore, you can comfortably call someone with black hair blackie.


A raven is a bird of prey that is a member of a bigger genus of birds. The most common raven birds are found in the Northern Hemisphere.

The raven bird is mentioned in this post because of just one of its many features; its color. This bird has one of the most distinctive shades of black color.

Because of this, the phrase raven-haired sits well as a good nickname for someone with black hair. Like other birds, the Exo of the raven bird is covered in feathers that are as soft as the hair on someone’s head.

This feature sums up solidifying the place of the term raven-haired as a plausible nickname for someone with black hair.


Tar is a dark type of resource used in construction works, especially road construction. The thick flammable liquid is made from distillation from coal and mixed with hydrocarbons, alcohol, and other materials that make it up.

When you call someone tar-haired, it means you’re referencing the color of the tar material used in road construction.

You don’t have to panic or object if you want to use this term because it is not meant to send across any form of condescending vibe to the person on the receiving end.


Gothic is a subculture that was influenced by a genre of rock music, which is laden with dark and apocalyptic lyrics. The subculture started in the United Kingdom and spread to other places like the U.S.

The lovers or rather adherents of this social practice have black as their official color and this is reflected in the dress of many of them. Even those who had a different hair color dyed it black; just to fit into the setup.

If you call someone with black hair Goth, it is a reference to the Gothic culture. It reflects a metaphorical comparison of the favorite color of the sect and the color of the person’s hair.

This nickname sits in well too, as it is flexible to be used for anyone of any race. You could go further and call the person a gothic rocker, to express the person’s connection to the Gothic subculture just because of their hair color.


This Spanish-Portuguese term that translates to mean dark-colored, is also a good pick as a nickname for someone who has black hair. Because of the term’s status as a Spanish term, it fits in well as a name more than a nickname.

When you call someone Moreno, you’re using the Spanish term to depict the color of the person’s hair. Just as the spanish sentence means, “De Pelo Moreno” is “a dark-haired person”.

You could use this sentence if you’re talking to an American Latino. But if not, you can just go with Moreno which also applies as an English term. I observed that Moreno is more often used for guys than ladies, so you should take note of this too.

 Black Jade

Black jade is a mineral component that takes the form of a smooth rock particle. This stone-like resource is of the Nephrite and Jadeite variety and is said to have etheric properties. This means that it can incur extraordinary effects on anyone who holds it.

I discovered that the stone has a deep reverence in the Chinese community because of its etheric properties. When you call someone black jade, you’re simply portraying the color of the jade and that of the person’s hair.

On the other hand, if the person with black hair is a brainer or someone renowned for their intellectual abilities; calling him or her black jade is an attempt to edify and adore the person for not only having black hair but also being intelligent.

Black Diamond

A black diamond is a piece of natural resource which is known for its toughness. Also known as Carbonado, black diamond is typically black or dark grey and it is found in large masses in the Central African Republic and partly in Brazil.

You might ask, is this a diamond? The answer is yes and it is one of the toughest forms of natural diamond. It also serves right as a good nickname for someone with black hair.

Calling the person a black diamond means you’re placing the person on the pedestal of value because we already know that a diamond is of immense value.


The axiom, “black is beautiful” has been preached for many years and it transcends the black race to entail anything that has the black color in it, including a person’s hair.

This article provides you with a detailed analysis of terms and phrases which you can use as nicknames for someone with black hair. I believe your curiosity has been cleared in the course of this post.

Thanks for locking in till this moment, and I’d be more than happy if you hit the share button.

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