20 Best Nicknames for Someone With A Sweet Tooth

You’ve probably met that one person who prefers candies to breathe and sees eating chocolate as being on a life support machine.

I’m talking about that one guy who has sworn allegiance to drinking soda and that one girl whose backpacks never went into a drought because of sweets. With a sweet-toothed person, life is sweet and every other thing is it crowns the moment finally.

Your experiences with this type of person may have not been the best of them in your collection, because you might’ve been dragged into their sweet world before you knew.

And at that point where you’re trying to retrace your step and you’re looking for that best term to address someone who has a sweet tooth.

My best guess is that you found your way to this post because you need answers to your queries. The good thing is, we’ve got loads of them for you.

So, I’ll be taking you on a comprehensive list of nicknames for someone with a sweet tooth. Keep reading on to learn more!

20 Nicknames for Someone with a Sweet Tooth

There are many nicknames out there for a lot of personalities and attitudes. However, there are a couple of these terms for a sweet-toothed person.

Being a sweet tooth goes from having an affinity for sweet and pleasing things to being completely over the board with these things. So, most of the nicknames in this list tread carefully on this path. Here they are.

  1. Sly
  2. Sugar
  3. Watermelon eyes
  4. Klemit
  5. Snickerdoodle
  6. Chocoholic
  7. Billy Bunter
  8. Bon viveur
  9. Hog
  10. Fancy
  11. Jones
  12. Big eyes
  13. Yen
  14. Whiskey tooth
  15. Onion head
  16. The Gimmies
  17. Belly
  18. Raven
  19. Letcher
  20. Scrumpledina


A sly is someone who is regarded as cunning and makes smooth moves to get what they want. The underlying motivation of anyone who is sly is usually based on an obsession with something.

When you talk about a sly, you’ll be talking about a lad sneaking into his older brother’s room to get a pair of sneakers.

In this scenario, it is safe just to assume that the lad snuggled up into the room to get those sneakers because he is really into sneakers. You see, this same thing applies to a person who is a sweet tooth.

They can act weird and unusual sometimes just to get what they want. A sweet-toothed person is naturally into anything too sweet to get them going for the day.

Therefore, the sly nickname becomes substantial if the person is fond of drinking soda even when he or she is restricted from doing that.


Sugar is a good nickname for someone with a sweet tooth, and the reason for this is that it resonates with a substance that’s known for its dominant sweet taste.

I’ve seen people call each other sugar, but that has been out of sheer likeness or will I say adoration of some sort.

However, the nickname comes out quite nice and on point for anyone who is a sweet tooth. You might want to add some kind of finishing touches to the nice package by adding some accent.

Or, you can add the person’s initials before calling them sugar. Something like, “Hi James Sugar, hope you’re having a hang of it. Or “Hello Britney Sugar, how’s it with your engagement with candies?”

Do you see what I did with the statements? I went out blunt and unreserved on the first one and in the second, sarcasm came into play. That’s one way to put this nickname into good use.

Watermelon Eyes

Nicknames for Someone With A Sweet Tooth

We all know how sweet watermelon tastes, and there’s no denying it. For the record, that’s one of my best fruits so to say.

Now, relative to how sweet and appealing it is to stick a piece of watermelon into your mouth, you can borrow it as a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth.

To make the nickname classy and void of grease, I added the word “eyes” which is another word that indirectly signifies that the urge to take in sweet things by the person tagged with a sweet tooth is formed from their visuals.

Just like a man gets moved by looking at a woman, a person with a sweet tooth tends to get attracted to eating whatever interesting thing that gets caught in the lenses of his or her eyes.

Calling someone with a sweet tooth watermelon eyes is quite a good move that is less derogatory. So you can quickly add it to your menu of nicknames for that one guy whose expense on candy bars can buy you good Nikes.


Whoever asserted that we can have demons in human form was not lying one bit. I bet a handful of my readers have seen the screenplay titled “The Wall”, and this term was mentioned in this movie.

It was portrayed as a demon that usually sneaks out from the wall, and also has a sweet tooth.

The Urban Dictionary defines a klemit as a wall-dweller that has a sweet tooth and a  very bad temper. You might be asking what it has got to do with being a nickname for a person with a sweet tooth.

Well, if this person in question gets vexed from being restricted from taking sweet substances then you can call him or her a Klemit.

I know it sounds a bit condescending being as t was portrayed as a demon, but nicknames weren’t always meant to sound fun and exciting. But, do not throw away all your caution while using this nickname on someone. I bet you don’t want to get docked for using what would appear to be a bad word on someone.

Snicker Doodle

British society welcomes the idea of eating this really tasty sugar-coated bunny, and you might want to try it out on your next visit to Birmingham.

However, this makes for a good nickname for someone who has a sweet tooth.

This term relates very well with the subject matter because of how sweet the bunny itself is.

Imagine calling someone with a sweet tooth a snickerdoodle in a big mall, it immediately sends out a signal to those around that you’re referring to is probably a sweet-toothed person.

Lines like “Hey Johnny Snicker Doodle, get your ass over here”, can help do their magic while you’re trying to place this tag on a person.


Chocolates can take you to wonderland, and your flight depends on your choice of flavor. I don’t know much about chocolates but my 8 years old niece sure has a collection of her favorite chocolate brands in her little castle toy.

The sweetness of chocolates can be addictive just like alcohol and you guess right if you probably think that’s where the term is gotten.

A chocoholic is someone who has a sweet tooth for chocolates and that’s exactly what you need to have in your dictionary of terms to call someone who has a sweet tooth. It is also a sleek term to use plus you steer clear from any form of derogatory implications too.

Billy Bunter

The early 1900s were blessed to have seen the development of this character by one of the best minds in literature Charles Hamilton, for which he presented himself under the pen name Frank Richards.

The life surrounding the fictional Billy Bunter is that of gluttony and ridiculously annoying.

The character which was featured in the writer’s works had the habit of stealing cakes and jams from the lockers of the other boy in the fictional school of Greyfriars.

This brings us to how a character set and developed in the 19th century applies as a nickname in the 21st for someone who has a sweet tooth.

The actions of young Bunter towards junk foods especially cakes and jam qualifies him the term to be used as a nickname for someone who likes to get drowned in eating sweet things.

It gets more interesting to know that Bunter was often caught sleeping in class and there’s no denying that a lot of sweet-toothed people have dosed off one time due to excessive intake of sweets.

Bon Viveur

There’s this selection of persons who would give anything to be in a room where soda is free. Such a person can be addressed as a bon viveur.

This term is a borrowed French word that also applies in English and it simply means someone who likes enjoying life and all that comes with it.

Anyone who is tagged a bon viveur lives only for one thing; being tagged as the life of the party and also partying hard as ever.

You will have a hard time seeing someone like this sad or reserved because they’re always out on the road.

The affinity that exists between someone who is known as bon viveur and enjoyment makes it a good term for someone who has a sweet tooth.

Nicknames for Someone With A Sweet Tooth


A hog is like a castrated or domesticated pig, and the relationship it has with this subject matter is that it comes in as a condescending way to tag someone with a sweet tooth.

Sometimes, people with sweet tooth act radically like pigs and that makes the term a viable one for someone with a sweet tooth.


You can also call someone with a sweet tooth fancy. This is because the person in question likes to hang around and taste sweet things.

And you can use it as a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth, since most of the person’s life is lodged in visiting fancy restaurants and outlets, just to try out sweet things.


Jones is a term that has often been associated with those who are compulsively into drugs or other euphoric adventures.

ortunately, it also makes this list because the definition captures one thing that is also common for a person with a sweet tooth and that’s desire.

The desire to eat sweet things is so high in a sweet-toothed person that it often becomes an addiction. At this point, you can call the person a Jones just for the sake of nicknames.

Big Eyes

Aside from the fact that the desire to eat sweets is a driving force for many sweet-toothed people, gluttony also plays a vital role in motivating someone to go on with their sweet-eating spree.

Calling someone big eyes is a cool way to say they’re vulnerable to sweet things and as such have “big eyes” on them.


The Chinese have the Yen as a currency, at least that’s what most of us know. But do you also know that it means something else in English? You probably didn’t. Yen refers to a stronger desire for something.

It is obvious that anyone who is sweet-toothed is easily drawn to sweet things, so it makes complete sense when you call such a person Yen. He or she might need the services of Google to find out the meaning of their new nickname.

Whiskey Tooth

Whiskey is brewed alcoholic drink made from barley and other components. Aside from the alcoholic composition, the sweet taste of whiskey makes it an addictive drink for a lot of people.

If you know someone who is sweet-toothed and extends this to drinking whiskey, you can nickname the person a whiskey tooth.

Onion Head

Having a sweet tooth for cocaine makes you an onion head. The term can be traced back to Columbians in the late 90s and early 2000s.

It depicts someone who is addicted to the use of euphoria-inducing substances, of which cocaine is the most popular.

The Gimmies

The hunger to keep up with the intake of sweet delights discourages someone who has a sweet tooth from leaving whatever it is he consumes.

The gimmies is a term that depicts the longing or craving for something, mostly enjoyable substances. But since we’re talking about sweet delights in this post, the gimmies can serve as a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth.


It sounds funny to call someone a belly, but nicknames are not meant to always put smiles across our faces. Some of them are annoying and can piss you off if you don’t control them.

However, a sweet-toothed person always has some metabolism going on in their stomach so they keep eating sweet things and drinking soda to make sure their stomach has something to work on.


Nicknames for Someone With A Sweet Tooth

The birds known as ravens are believed to have a sweet tooth and that’s because they’re always on the lookout for prey.

A raven’s eye is fixated on the lake below it, looking for the next bird that’ll fall prey to its devouring beak. Because of this attribute, you can tag someone who has a sweet tooth as a raven.


A letcher is someone who craves immensely for something, especially something of wonderful delight.

The term appears as a good nickname for someone who has sweet tooth because there’s an obvious drive to keep longing for sweet things in the person.


One who likes sugary delights is a scrumpledina. The term is relative to this subject matter because an affinity for sugary delights accounts for having a sweet tooth for stuff like that. This makes it a good nickname for someone with a sweet tooth.


Here we are, at the very end of this post that sought to provide you with a list of the best nicknames for someone with a sweet tooth.

From the word go to the last lap, these nicknames show their relativity to the subject matter, which qualifies them to be on this list.

Therefore, you can go on ahead and choose the one you prefer based on the circumstance of use. Do not forget to leave us a comment and also hit the share icon to support our growth, thanks.

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