20 Nicknames of Someone Who Sleeps a Lot

Nicknames can be annoying, cute, or even funny. Nicknames are names apart from your real name that friends or family call you for one reason or the other.

It can be because of the way you talk, the way you look, your complexion, your character, or something you like to do, even something you hate.

Nicknames sometimes might be words that don’t have any meaning, it could be self-invented, or they might even be compound or scientific words.

Some nicknames could originate from an event that happened at a time, it could even be just a sentence or a word you said that made people begin to call you that particular name.

If you have a friend that loves to sleep, and you’re searching for a good nickname to call him/her, then read on;

Sleepy Sleepy

Although it might look like a very obvious and bear name, it is a very good nickname. You can call someone that is always sleeping a sleepy sleepy, like “hi, sleepy sleepy” it’s a good nickname, irrespective of how close you are to the person.

Even if you’re not close friends, you can call him/her the nickname.

Although its good and funny, the person might not actually like being called this, if this is the case, then you can choose any other nickname from the ones below, but if the person isn’t complaining and is comfortable with the name, then its OK to call your friends or family that loves to sleep, “sleepy sleepy”

Sleeping Beauty

Nicknames of Someone Who Sleeps a Lot

This is also a good nickname gotten from the name of the film, sleeping beauty. Sleeping beauty is a cartoon about a princess that was cursed by an evil fairy, that on her 16th birthday, she will touch a spool and fall into a deep sleep forever.

In an attempt to avoid this, the king banned all spools and they were disposed of, this was in vain as on her 16th birthday, she eventually touched a spool and fell into a deep sleep for several years until she was kissed by a prince who fell in love with her.

The nickname originated from the title of the film, “sleeping beauty” and can be used as a more common and less offensive name for people who love to sleep or sleep a lot.

Slumber Bunny

Slumber bunny is another nickname that is good for your friends who sleep a lot, especially during the day.

Bunnies usually sleep in the day, they are more active by dawn and twilight but sleep blocks of hours of about six to eight hours during the day. Bunnies like taking mini naps throughout the day. In the same way, most people who love sleeping do.

Those friends that you find almost always sleeping during the day, when they’re supposed to be more active, doing one thing or the other, this is a great nickname for them “slumber bunnies” or “sleeping bunnies”

Snoozing Bug

To snooze means to sleep lightly in a place that is not your bed, (like the pool, in the sitting room etc) this nickname could originate from a number of scenarios.

It could be from the act of snoozing your alarm clock when it rings, it could be from the definition of snooze.

This nickname is best suited for someone that sets an alarm but is always snoozing it when the alarm rings. It could also be used for friends who can sleep anywhere, anytime.

You can call him/her “snoozing bug” or “snooze bug” either one is nice and is not gender-biased.

Delightful Dreamer

This is also a very good nickname for anybody who is always found sleeping. The name doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is always dreaming, but to dream, you have to first be asleep, don’t you?

It could be that the person has once told you of a dream he/she had, that would be the right time to start calling the person a “delightful dreamer”

Slumber Queen

This is a classic and beautiful nickname for those of your classy friends. It can be used for anybody, though it’s suitable for people that like to see themselves as classy. People that are like the queen bee in a group of friends, and like to sleep a lot.

Apart from classy people, it also suits people that sleep for a much longer time than needed. Some people can sleep as long as about 10-12 hours a day, when an adult needs only about 6-8 hours of sleep a day. These two cases fit for you to begin to call your friend “slumber queen.”

Although, notwithstanding the situation or type of person, you can call anybody who sleeps a lot, slumber queen.

It is rather cute and the person isn’t likely to find it a problem if you call her slumber queen. You can also say, “sleeping queen” depending on which one you most prefer.

Sleepy Pumpkin

This nickname is less common and also a good one, especially for people who are rounded, cute and chubby, but you can use it irrespective of the person’s shape or physique. Like slumber king/queen, you can as well use it on virtually every person you know.

For example, you can call your girlfriend, “my sleepy pumpkin” the nickname fits for females and children more than for adult males, nevertheless, you can also use it for your boyfriends and male friends.

Sleeping Angel/Slumber Angel

A sleeping angel is a sculpture or picture of an angel that is sleeping, this is where the nickname sleeping angel comes from. It’s an angelic name and also more appealing to call friends that love to sleep with this name.

Imagine being woken up with a peck of “sleeping angel” or “slumber angel” by your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a lovely nickname for your girlfriend or boyfriend. And you can call both your superiors or juniors this nickname.

Napping Noodles

Another nice nickname for anybody that loves sleeping all the time is “napping noodles” or “sleeping noodles” or just “sleep noodles”

Nap means to sleep for a short time, especially during the day. Sleep noodles is a belt that you can wear over any clothes or your pajamas throughout the entire night. These are most likely where the names were gotten from.

You can call your friends, family, or relatives this, you can even call someone that’s just an acquaintance this nickname. Like, “how are you napping noodles” if you almost always meet the person sleeping.


A koala is an Australian animal that has thick fur, large hairy ears, sharp claws for climbing, and no tail. Koala’s love to sleep and sleep a lot in the daytime, an attribute common to both your friends that love sleep and a koala.

You can call someone that sleeps a lot or loves to sleep a koala. Most people love Koala’s and see them as cuddly cute animals, so they might not be offended to be called a koala because of their love for sleep.

But, if the person hates being called a koala (because people might not like the idea of being called the name of an animal) then you can try any other names listed below.

Snoozer King

This is another good nickname for someone who sleeps a lot, always snoozing the alarm clock in the morning.

To snooze is to sleep lightly especially for a short period of time. If you have a friend or relative, (in short anybody), that is always snoozing or is the type that is used to waking up late, always snoozing the alarm clock, this is a nickname that fits such people.

You can say, “snoozing king” or “snoozer king” or “snooze king” if it is a female friend, then it should be “snoozing queen” or “snoozer queen” or “snooze queen”

It is a nice nickname and the person being called that is less likely to get offended.

Baby Sloth

A sloth is a type of animal that lives in the south and central America and moves very slowly. You can also call someone that sleeps a lot, a “baby sloth” although this is likely to be offensive, as the word sloth is synonymous to lazy.

You shouldn’t use this nickname for someone that is older than you, as it will be considered rude, rather you can call your mates or someone you’re superior to “baby sloth”

You can use it if you want to spite someone, or even as a comeback nickname for someone that calls you names or gives you bad nicknames.

If you want to use it just as a nice nickname for someone, first make sure the person is fine with you calling him/her “baby sloth”


Nicknames of Someone Who Sleeps a Lot

It’s a self-invented word. Gotten from words like “alcoholic.” An alcoholic is someone who loves drinking and drinks a lot of alcohol. So it’s like combining the suffix part ‘olic’ to sleep to mean someone that loves sleeping and sleeps a lot.

“Sleepaholic” is a good nickname for someone who sleeps a lot, but you should be careful in using it on people that are older than you, as it can be seen as disrespectful. But it is alright to use it on your agemates or juniors.

You can sometimes use it on those older than you, but that depends on your relationship with the person and if the person is OK with it.

Tired Tootsie

This is another suitable nickname for anybody that loves to sleep.

Do you know that people who sleep a lot tend to be always looking and feeling tired and weak. There’s this feeling of tiredness and jelly weakness that you feel when you sleep too much.

The word, “tootsie” has a double meaning, it could mean, “a prostitute” or a more popular one, “dear or sweetheart” we are using the second name here.  So “tired tootsie” is a nice nickname you can call anybody that sleeps a lot.


Sleepyhead is another good nickname for someone that is always feeling sleepy and wants to sleep all the time.

Some people never think they’ve gotten enough sleep, no matter how long they’ve already slept.

It is a fairly common nickname for people who love to sleep.


Nicknames of Someone Who Sleeps a Lot

Another good nickname for someone who sleeps a lot is “sleepy pie” or even “sleepy buns”

Nicknames like these ones are more likely to be acceptable, as they are more lovely and don’t make the person feel guilt tripping because of his/her excessive sleeping habit.


This is an Italian word that means “sleep”. You can use it for anyone you know that loves to sleep, even though the person doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Dormient is another Italian word meaning the same thing; to sleep

You don’t necessarily have to be Italian or be able to speak Italian to be able to use these words.

Although if you interpret these words, it would literally mean to sleep, but the beauty in the nickname is in the fact that it is not English.


A good nickname more suitable for those that snore while sleeping is to call the person, “snoring lion”. You are comparing his snoring to the roar of a lion by doing this.

You can use it for someone who sleeps a lot, snores a lot, or one who doesn’t sleep a lot, but snores each time he/she sleeps. You can also call the person a “snoozer lion”

Darling Dreamer

Just like a delightful dreamer, another beautiful nickname for someone who sleeps a lot is “darling dreamer “. Some people might prefer delighted dreamers, to darling dreamers, anyone you prefer you can have.


It’s a bit of a humorous name, and with the stress of work, it can be tempting to always want to sleep at every opportunity your head gets to rest on something. You can simply call anyone who sleeps a lot sleeper.


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