A Person Who Keeps Their Feeling Inside Is Called What?

A Person Who Keeps Their Feeling Inside Is Called An introvert.

We notice that sometimes while hanging around with friends, amidst the excitement, cheers, and glamour, there is always one person who barely shows if they are happy, sad, or even interested in conversation, this is because they are just there.

An introvert is a name you call such people. An introvert is one who tends to feel drained through social interaction and energized through solitude.

This doesn’t mean that introverts do not socialize, most of them do but, in the midst of such association, they just want to be by themselves.

Most times, people mistake “shy persons” for introverts.

A shy person is one who is scared of being embarrassed or failing while an introvert is one who prefers not to be in an over-stimulated environment.

Introverts are very quiet people with little or no friends. They do not easily express their feelings.

What do you call someone who shows their feelings?

An extrovert.

You will agree with me that there are certain people we always wish to be around at some point. It could be a friend, a relation, or a partner.

The reason we want them to be around us is to light us up. When they are around, they keep conversations going on and on without any dull moments creeping in.

An extrovert is characterized by certain personality traits like being active, outgoing, lively, sociable, and enthusiastic.

They are open persons that will not hesitate to walk up to a stranger and ask for help if needed.

These individuals thrive on excitement and are action-oriented, they like to be the center of attraction in groups and are associated with being shy, quiet, and dull.

Should I trust people who hide their feelings inside?

You may not want to trust them because these people hide their feelings and are not predictable, being that you don’t know when they are sad, happy, or angry about anything.

They are masters at pretense, when you tell them stuff about yourself, they may give you a feeling that they are genuinely concerned about you meanwhile they mean some other thing in their hearts.

Trusting people who hide their feelings makes you open to anything they chose to do to you because you can’t tell them their next move.

On the other hand, People who hide their feelings can be trusted because they are emotionally stable self-sufficient, and deep thinkers.

Most times they do not say how they feel because they do not want to be judged.

This depicts that they already have a feeling of what it means to be judged.

People who keep their feelings to themselves are mostly compassionate and empathetic.

They care a lot for people even though they do not show it most times but you get to realize this when you get closer to them because they are kind, are less likely to harm or betray you, and will not resort to betrayal no matter the circumstance.

People who do not air out their feelings are people who respect personal boundaries.

The last thing they would do is try to control others or force their wishes down the throats of orders, they respect personal boundaries fully aware that we all can’t like or want the same things in life so, they respect other people’s decisions and privacy.

A person who keeps his feelings inside is reliable and they always keep their promises.

They are found doing little things like honoring commitments whether with family friends or colleagues they mean it when they say “yes” and when they say “no”.

They are also people of integrity.

Why does an introvert hide his or her feelings?

Introverts are masters at hiding their feelings or emotions; be it happiness, sadness, or anger.

They barely show how they feel or express their feelings inside of them

Some people want to be the life of the party or would always want to carry an atmosphere of excitement wherever they go, introverts have reasons why they hide their feelings.

Here are some reasons why introverts hide their feelings:

They do not want to upset others

Introverts perfectly understand that we all do not see things the same way and so they are skeptical not to express how they feel about a thing so as not to upset another.

They are aware that their own perception about a thing may stir up a heated argument and this is what every introvert avoids with all their might.

Introverts hide their feelings because they lack trust in others

In the inner world of introverts, they find solitude in themselves and sometimes one or two persons who they have trusted over time.

They have the mindset of people seeing them as vulnerable anytime they let out how they feel.

For an introvert to let out their feeling to you then they trust you well enough to do so.

Introverts hide their feelings because they don’t want to be the center of attraction

They do not like to be in overstimulating environments and when they have options, they become too self-conscious and tend to become picky with their words.

Can I trust an introvert?

Absolutely yes! An introvert is empathetic and this makes them put themselves in your shoe.

A person who can put themselves in your shoe is one who is thinking of you and can understand you.

An introvert will give you listening years and will give you their perspective about a thing out of a sincere heart towards you

An introvert is not selfish, they do not revolve at the center of their feelings but try to carry others along. They tend to genuinely focus on others.

Introverts are quiet individuals this means they are not loud and can’t be found talking extensively more than required this makes them trustworthy as your secrets are safe with them.

Introverts are committed they do what they say and do not go back on their words once they commit a thing to heart, they go for it till it is accomplished.

Why do people keep their feelings inside?

Everyone hides their feeling in one way or the other from time to time.

For so many reasons people hide their feelings by attaining a level of closeness with someone, you can tell if they are hiding something from you.

Let’s dive into knowing why our friends, relations, or colleagues would want to hide their feeling from us.

They fear getting hurt

People hide their feelings because they fear that manipulative people would use their emotions against them.

This makes confiding in others somewhat difficult because when people are being manipulated by their own emotions, they feel less of themselves.

To avoid being seen as vulnerable

Most times, when people show their emotions they are tagged as “vulnerable”.

They are seen as ones who can’t curtail their feelings and as such, they refrain from expressing themselves and rather keep their feelings to themselves.


Trust is one of the basic requirements in any type of relationship built between you and your employer, friend, partner, or family member.

Trust is a virtue hard to find in so many people, most often people act friendly and open which gives an indication that they are trustworthy, and they are so good at acting charming.

Underneath the sweetness they radiate are lies and unsavory intentions which are revealed after so much investment of confidence.

Protect themselves from being judged

A part of why people hide their feelings is the fear of being judged. It is common that people get judged by saying what they think or how they feel so they abscond.

People can be narcissistic

Narcissism prevents a person from seeing others’ perspectives.

Basically, they are the most important and every other person’s needs are second to theirs.

Someone like this can never take responsibility and will rather blame others for their mistakes.

Regardless of what it is, it is always going to be as a result of someone else as they can do no wrong.

From this, a Narcissistic person isn’t trustworthy and so people can’t confide in them.


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