A Person Who Loves Food And Travel Is Called A?  

Food and travel enthusiast are on the increase. The joy and freedom of traveling and tasting multiple cuisines is an interesting life to lead.

I have always loved the idea of the open road and food. If you are a lover of food and travel, you must have been called many names.

You have come across people who live this way, and you may wonder what they should be called. I say welcome; you are in the right place. Here I have listed 10 names you can call a person who loves food and travel.

10 Names For A Person Who Loves Food And Travel

A Person Who Loves Food And Travel Is Called A?   

  • Foodie traveler
  • Gourmouands
  • Culinary travelers
  • Oenophiles
  • Epicure
  • Travel buff
  • Solivagant
  • Adventurer
  • Globetrotter
  • Food nomad

1. Food Traveler

A Person Who Loves Food And Travel Is Called A?   

The adventures of the road are an experience chased by many people. One name for a person who loves food and traveling is a foodie traveler.

This name is a joinery of the two words. Such a person loves food and being on the high road, seeing the sights while eating delicious meals.

This person only travels to a location because of their food. Usually, they have done extensive research on the type of food that will be available. A foodie traveler just travels for the food and location.

2. Gourmands

A person who loves food and travel can be called a gourmand. These special people are only seeking the enjoyment of fine delicacy and the freedom of the road.

They spend lots of time eating unique cuisines, and food recipe that will leave a mark on your taste buds. These gourmands have extensive knowledge of popular restaurants around the world with exquisite dining.

The experience of the food and ambiance of the restaurants is the experience they seek. New faces and a new recipe are an exciting mix to enjoy. They will travel far and near to have this experience.

3. Culinary Travelers

These sets of people also love food and traveling. They keep track of all the best culinary places around the globe and make it their mission to experience them all. They all have a desire to learn how to make new dishes and taste them.

You will find them learning new recipes and cooking styles to take back to their own homes. They also experience the culture of the place by attending local food festivities and other special events. These types of people are there for the whole cultural vibes and, of course, good food.

4. Oenophiles

Those folks who travel for food and drinks especially can be called oenophiles. This is because they travel for special wine tastings.

They love good wine and don’t mind crossing borders to experience them. Their traveling experiences usually involve a visit to large wine houses and fine wine dining.

Don’t be surprised if you see them at wine-tasting events and festivities. They cherish the experience of enjoying the rich wine culture of each winery. Their days are spent drinking fine wine and enjoying the thrill of a new location and what their wine offers.

5. Epicure

This name is scribed to a person who loves food that is exquisite and expensive. This person loves food, but also loves to pay handsomely for it. They do not mind going to obscure and popular restaurants to eat, as long as the food is if the highest levels.

They also love to travel, so they continue the adventure of looking for fine food services. Their main goal is to fill their senses with the aroma and taste of delicious meals wherever they can. Real epicure spends quite an amount on getting good quality food.

6. Travel Buff

This describes a person who loves traveling and also does some food hunting while at it. The main thing that drives a buff is the gathering of knowledge about other customs and beliefs. They go around tiring out the best food each place offers while also getting to know them more.

This involves knowing the history of a kind of food, and how to prepare them. They gather information on the creation processes and learn the secret recipes that can’t be replicated elsewhere. You can also see them as knowledge seekers for food and new customs.

7. Solivagant

 A Solivagant is one who loves traveling on adventures alone. This individual loves to solo out on the journey of touring the world and learning about new food, customs, and outdoor bliss.

They are brave lone wanderers. They love the nomadic nature of traveling from place to place, following their love for new experiences and food.

You can become one if you are brave enough to start out on your own. Take a deep survey of the best locations for a solo traveler, and the rest is up to you.

8. Adventurer

As the name implies and adventure is one who loves seeking new experiences by doing new and daring things.

They spend their time outdoors living and eating what nature provides. You see them taking long trips to national parks and wildlife reserves. Their major turn-on is catching and preparing their own food outdoors.

The love of food is a common factor among fellow adventurers. They enjoy hunting games and eating food out in the wild.

They have a diminished taste for processed food and are only interested in eating raw, naturally sourced food and drinks.

9. Globetrotter

A globetrotter loves food and going around the globe. Their favorite activity is hopping between countries and food. This individual hardly has their roots set in one place.

They see the world’s one big playground to conquer. By following a well-laid-out plan, they trot across the globe, marking their prints in time and enjoying the best foods of each location.

They love to keep mementos of places they have been, to remind them of it. a trademark for globetrotters is that they have either been to a lot of countries or they have plans to do so already.

10. Food Nomad

Food nomads are known for travelling constantly in search of rare and unique types of food.

What they do is go around the world, checking out places with food that are so rare some are actually forbidden in some places. They enjoy eating food that is dangerous or rare, like the puffer fish delicacy.

Eating rare stuff is a thrill for them. B visiting far places and hidden communities, these people eat delicacies that are not popular except in the locality where they originate. It makes them feel closer to the world as a global village.

A Person Who Enjoys Eating Spicy Food Is Called a?

A person who loves spicy foods can be called a Chile lover. This name originates from one of the world’s hottest spices, Chile peppers.

Spice lovers are always interested in taking risks and trying out new things. Spicy food contains capsaicin chemical, which handles the Hot feeling spicy foods have.

It may be surprising why anyone would want to eat something that burns. The answer is that they love it. The spicy nature of the food triggers the pleasure-pain centers of the brain.

What Qualifies Someone As A Foodie And Traveler?

There is something to do or activities that mark you as a foodie and traveler. Some activities certify anyone as a foodie and traveler. Here, we will mark out some activities that qualify you as one.

1. You Have the Guts To Try New Things

A real foodie and traveler would have to be daring. You would have no reservation about any form of food or delicacies you have been presented with. You will travel and experiment with cuisines and recipes not known to you.

2. Involve With The Locals

Travelers and foodies are not afraid to get down with the locals and experience the food they have. When you attempt to understand the culture of any community you travel to, you are on your way to qualifying as a foodie and traveler.

3. Lots Of Pictures Of Food

Real foodie has hundreds or thousands of pictures of food and locations they have been to on their phones. They love to capture any beautifully arranged food in any restaurant they find.

3. Always Talking About Food

Anyone who keeps talking about food and traveling to new places is qualified. You observe them spending hours doing research on the best places to travel for food.


A foodie traveler is a global trotter that loves the taste of real food and new cuisine. Traveling the globe is a good thing and a life-changing experience. The thrill of new knowledge and the spirit of adventure is a character trait of a foodie and traveler.

If you have plans for traveling and going on a food adventure, seek a popular location that has been visited by fellow travelers. It is important that you also understand your digestive system so that you don’t eat things that aren’t safe for you.

Have fun exploring all the beauty and delicious delicacies the world offers


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