How to Respond When Someone Calls You Shawty

It feels good when people we love use endearing terms on us. Apart from making us feel good, it’s a nice way to strengthen relationships.

However, what if they use words with a double meaning? Or what if someone we don’t know uses these endearing terms on us? These are the kind of situations we may be confused about how to respond to.

So, if someone calls you shawty, you may not have the right response to give. Notwithstanding, you’re in the right place.

In this post, I’ll be discussing the various ways to respond when someone calls you shawty.

Different Ways to Respond When Someone Calls You Shawty

Your response when someone calls you shawty will depend on your relationship with the person. First, shawty is a slang word for “attractive woman.”

In the past, men have used this word on women they care about; be it their partners or friends. This word can also be used as a catcall or to refer to a short woman.

So, depending on the person who calls you this term and on what they mean, there are countless ways you can respond. I’ll be giving you various ways you can respond to your friend, your partner, a crush, and a stranger.

A partner calling you nicknames is usually from a place of love and affection. Whether they’re calling you because you’re short or not, you can call them sweet nicknames too, or funny ones.

Below are the ways you can respond to your partner:

When it comes to responding to a partner who calls you shawtie

Call Them Endearing Terms

When your partner calls you shawty as a nickname, you can call them another endearing term. Here, you’d understand, they’re using the term because you mean a lot to them.

Calling them endearing terms will show you also care for them. There are numerous sweet names you can call your partner. Below are some of them:


Sweetheart is a nickname that’ll work for your partner. It shows they’re dear to you. So, when your partner takes to calling you shawty, call them “sweetheart.”

Calling them “sweetheart” will make them feel appreciated and loved. This word is an old nickname that is still in great use today.


Cutie is another nickname that can work on your partner. When they call you shawty, “cutie” is appropriate, in that it also shows you think they’re cute.

Since shawty can mean attractive woman, “cutie” will also translate to “attractive man.”

Sweet pie

“Sweet pie” is another sweet term you can use for your partner. It’s cool and will express your feelings deeply. So, when your partner calls you shawty, call them “sweet pie”


When your partner calls you shawty, calling them “baby” is a sweet way to respond. This endearment is a cool way to show you love the nickname they call you. It also expresses your care and love for the person.


“Hun” is another appropriate term you can use on your partner when they call you shawty. This is the short form for “honey” and it’ll work well in showing your affection deeply and sincerely.

Also, “hun” is a quick and simple term to use if you don’t want to use “honey”. It works the same way too.


“Boo” is an old term that still works effectively up until today. So, when your partner calls you “shawty,” call them “boo” to express your love too.

Find a Funny Nickname

Your partner can playfully call you shawty because of your height, so if that’s the case, you can find a funny term to call him too.

If your partner has a big head or is huge, something like Big head or biggie will work. You can as well explore other terms.

Responding to a Friend who calls you “Shawtie”

When a friend calls you shawty, the way you respond will also be similar to the way you respond to your partner. You can use endearing terms as well as funny nicknames, depending on what they mean.

However, you can tell them you’re not comfortable with it if you think you don’t like it.

Below are ways to respond to your friend:

Return the Gesture

If a friend calls you shawty, there are countless endearments you can also use on them. Using endearing terms will show that you’re comfortable with the term.

In addition, it’ll work in showing your care and value for them. Also, if they’re calling you shawty because you’re short, you can find something funny to call them if you’re okay with it.

You can use terms like cutie, dearie, chocolate, tank, watermelon, and many more.

Tell Them You Are Not Comfortable with the Word

Sometimes our friends can casually and playfully use some nicknames on us, which may keep us uncomfortable and even hurt our feelings.

Especially, if it has to do with our body size, some persons may be very sensitive to such terms. So, even when you know they don’t mean to hurt your feelings, you can tell them you’re not okay with it if it keeps you uncomfortable.

Below are the ways you can respond to your friend in such situations:

I’m Not Comfortable with You Calling Me That

When your friend calls you shawty and it bothers you, tell them directly that it keeps you uncomfortable.

When you give this response, if they truly care about you as a friend, they should quit calling you that.

Hmm, Can We Stick to Buddy Please?

When your friend calls you shawty and you don’t like it, suggest a nickname you think is better. “Buddy” is a casual nickname friends can use for each other.

So, you can ask your friend if you can stick to calling each other “buddy” instead. “Can we stick to buddy please?” is a polite way you can tell them you’re uncomfortable.

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Shawty

Please, Call Me Something Else

Another way you can let your friend know that you’re not comfortable with them calling you shawty is to tell them to call you something else.

In this way, they’d get the message that you’re not cool with it and should find a nickname you’re okay with.

Responding to Your Crush Calling You Shawty

When your crush calls you shawty, you can respond in a way that’ll let them in on your feelings. You can flirt with your response or act that you’re shocked to make it more fun.

Below are ways you can respond to your crush when they call you shawty:

Flirt with Your Response

You can flirt with your crush in various ways. While responding, use a statement that sounds suggestive. Then, coupled with your body language, it’ll work on letting them know how you feel.

Below are some responses you can give:

I Love How You Call Me That

When someone you’re crushing on calls you shawty, sweetly appreciate them. “I love how you call me that,” is an appreciative statement that can also give them a hint about how you feel.

If they call you shawty while flirting, tell them you love how they call you that. It’s a flirty response that’ll work.

You Know the Right Words to Say, Babe

Another way you can flirt with your crush when they call you shawty is with, “you know the right word to say, babe.”

Telling them they know the right word to say is a suggestive response that’ll work with your body language. Then, calling them “babe” will pass the message better.

Hmm, Someone Is Very Sweet Today

“Hmm, someone is very sweet today,” is another cool way to flirt with your crush when they call you shawty. Saying this while smiling and making eye contact will work in showing them how you feel.

Act Like You Are Shocked

You can also act like you’re shocked to make it more fun. Below are ways to act surprised:

Aww! Did You Just Go Sweet on Me?

One cool way you can respond to your crush is by saying, “aww, did you just go sweet on me?”.

“Aww” will express your shock and your liking for the term. Then adding, “did you just go sweet on me?” will express your satisfaction that you find the word endearing.

Aww! Can You Say That Again?

Another trick that’ll work with your crush in letting them know about your feelings is to ask them to repeat themselves. When your crush calls you shawty, reply with, “aww, can you say that again?”

“Aww” shows you like the term and asking them to repeat it makes it all fun, and with your body language, they’ll know you’re flirting.

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Shawty

Responding to A Stranger Calling You Shawtie

When a stranger calls you shawty, there’s a high chance that they’re been disrespectful. It could be a catcall or they call you that because you’re short.

Also, it’s possible they could be using it as an endearing term. So, depending on the occasion, you can choose to smile at them, ignore them, or tell them you find it disrespectful.

Smile in Response

When someone you don’t know calls you shawty, if you find it cute, you can smile at them while making eye contact. In this way, they’ll know that you’re okay with the word.

This response can work if you’re walking by or they’re walking by and they call you that. Also, this response can work for a colleague at work, you can smile to show them that you like the term.

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Shawty

Ignore Them

Another way you can respond when someone calls you shawty is to ignore them. This response is appropriate in situations when you think they’re been disrespectful or if you don’t like the word.

When someone calls you shawty in a disrespectful manner, you’d know from their expression and the tone of their voice. If it sounds mocking or flat, then you’d know they’re not using it to compliment you.

So, you can ignore them and mind your business. In this way, they’d know that you don’t like it and should stop.

Tell Them You Find It Disrespectful

Another way to respond when someone you don’t know calls you shawty is to tell them you don’t like it. Doing so should get them to stop and if it continues, you can take the appropriate step and report them.

Below are ways you can respond to a stranger who calls you shawty:

I Would Appreciate It If You Don’t Use That Term on Me

When a stranger calls you shawty, one way to respond is to tell them directly that they should not use the word on you.

A statement like, “I would appreciate it if you don’t use that term on me,” will pass the message clearly to them.

This expression shows that you’re not happy with the word. It’s a straightforward way of telling them your mind.

You can give this kind of response to anyone who isn’t a friend: your colleague, an acquaintance, or a stranger.

I Find This Disrespectful

Another way to tell someone your mind when they call you shawty is to let them know you find it disrespectful.

This is a simple statement that expresses your annoyance and should get them to stop.


When someone calls you shawty, it could mean they find you cute and are complimenting you. Also, your partner or friend can nickname you that because of your height.

In addition, someone can call you shawty to disrespect you. So, depending on your relationship with them and what they mean, you can respond with an endearing or funny nickname.

Also, you can give a flirty reply, if they’re your crush. Additionally, you can ignore them or tell them you find it disrespectful if you’re not okay with the term.

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