30 Savage Comebacks For Haters

As the popular parlance goes: “Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potato.” If you feel a pulse that someone hates on you, and you want to salvage the person, then there are better ways to respond to them appropriately.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

Whether at work, school, or home, the thing about dealing with bullies is that it can make you look immature like them if you go all defensive and weak.

Thankfully, there is a wide array of savage replies you can use to counter any statement of hate, ranging from funny to witty, sarcastic, hilarious, and even sophisticated responses.

The collection of savage comebacks for haters in this article will help you to return the favor accordingly whenever someone says anything to you that suggests they hate you.

But be reminded that most of these lines are for fun only, and it is encouraged to spread love instead of promoting war.

1. And, you hating me is supposed to bother me?

When someone says they hate you or pass derogatory comments about you, let them know that you are not bothered by how they feel towards you.

This way, it discourages them from persistently pissing you off. When you give this response, it puts you over them.

2. I wish I cared.

Again, the best savage comebacks for haters are ones that help communicate that you don’t care about their opinion.

By giving this response, it registers in their head that no matter how deep they hate you, it doesn’t give a dime and they will never succeed in stealing your day with their bitterness.

3. I hate everyone. Don’t assume you’re special.

This is a cold response to give to haters. It instantly sends the impression that they are not the first to see you from such a perspective and you have been called worse by better.

When you say this, the person is discouraged from hating on you and would most likely feel less valued and ignored.

4. Talk to the hand!

Talk to the hands is a very hilarious and clever response that works on verbal bullies all the time. When someone says anything that suggests they hate you, simply tell them to talk to the hands.

It is the highest form of expressing that they are being ignored and it will further irk them into more bitterness.

5. I don’t remember asking for your opinion

You don’t necessarily have to put two offensive words together before making a brilliant, snappy comeback.

If someone hates you and gets verbal about it, you can immediately make them feel humiliated by replying with the above. It is another smart way to get the person to shut up.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

6. Sorry, I don’t understand a thing you say. I don’t speak bullsh*t.

No matter what the language of communication is when you say this, it becomes clear that you are being sarcastic.

When it implies that no matter what the person would say, as long as it points at the hatred they have towards you, then you simply do not care.

7. Get back to me once you’re done hating me

If you pay close attention, you will realize that the best replies to give to people who hate you are ones that will echo to them that you don’t care. In this way, they will feel ignored and so hating you won’t matter to them any longer. That is exactly what this reply is tailored to achieve.

8. Not more than I do!

You can expect someone who hates you to be verbal about it. When they slam your face with the dreadful “I hate you” instead of fuming into range (which is what they want), you could choose to sound unbothered and let them know it is not as much as you hate them. That way, they feel ridiculed.

9. For you to insult me, I would have to value your opinion first.

People can express their hatred towards you in a very offensive manner. In such a situation, this response is ideal because it sends the message that you won’t consider any word that they utter as an insult.

After all, you simply do not value their opinion about you in the first place.

10. If you hate me for no reason at all, then I’ll make sure to give you one.

When you make the person feel like you would even prefer to be hated by them and crave validation from them, you open their eyes to realize that their character towards you is not worth it.

Someone can hate you for no reason (maybe jealousy) but as a comeback, let them know you are the reason to give them a reason.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

11. Your problem, not mine

If they are hating you, then it should be their problem because it is their burden and not yours.

The next time someone verbally expresses hatred towards you, let them know that you have no business with how they feel towards you and that it is their cross to carry. They can hate for all you care.

12. You’re just a minor detail in my life anyway.

Ouch! When the person expresses hatred, they are expecting you to come with tails between the legs and beg for their approval and likeness. But shock them by reminding them how little detail they have in your life. This will seriously bruise their ego.

13. My pleasure.

You only say ‘my pleasure’ to things that you love to see happen. For instance, when someone says “nice to meet you and you reply with ‘the pleasure is mine’ it implies that you have looked forward to meeting that person.

Apply this to when someone announces that they hate you. It works as a great comeback.

14. Thanks, I’ll find someone better

The hard truth of life is that no one is indispensable no matter how important they may seem in one’s life.

When someone verbally expresses the hatred they have towards you, you can do them dirty by reminding them that they are replaceable.

15. Your standards seem low nowadays

There is no crime in throwing the person under the bus with statements like this. The person had openly expressed hatred towards you. This is not the time for you to be nice. Spread love and light.

But, make sure that you don’t subject yourself to ridicule because of someone who says he or she hates you.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

16. And that should matter to me because?

This is not a rhetorical question. When someone is hating you and they verbally express it, let them know that you don’t consider it a deal breaker.

We all have people who dislike us, no matter how selfless we are. If they give a concrete response, disvalue it.

17. I don’t care about you to hate you

It may interest you to know that when people say they hate you, it could be an indication that they care about you and they are actively craving your attention by saying they hate you.

With this understanding, you can make a brutalizing comeback by hitting the nail’s head – In return, you don’t even care about them in the first place.

18. You are somehow mistaken that your opinion matters to me

When people tell you they hate you, they are expecting you to feel concerned and ask why so that you can apologize for being who you are.

That is wrong. If haters are going to hate, how should that bother you? Communicate that their opinion doesn’t matter and you won’t move a muscle for that.

19. How should I sleep with the knowledge that you hate me?

This is another funny, yet sarcastic way of replying to someone who expresses hatred towards you.

When you give this response, you are mocking the person’s judgment and it is a sign that you don’t care. It takes the reverse to suggest that you will sleep like a baby because their opinion does not bother you.

20. Did you hear something? Nope. That’s the sound of me not giving a f*ck!

Again, there should be consistency in your response to someone who hates you that sends the impression that you don’t care what they think; even when they announce their opinion of you and it is beyond hatred.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

21. You think you have the mental and emotional capacity to hate me? Oh please!

Another way to serve a humiliating comeback is to sound like you are belittling the person and ridiculing their emotions.

If the person expresses that they hate you, let them know that they can’t even do such because you are obviously above their league.

22. You’re not the only one, dear. Stop acting special!

The next time a hater tries to put you down, let them know that there is nothing special in holding grudges against you.

With this response, you come off as someone who is not new to being hated on and you don’t care about their opinion. It puts you on the advantageous side of the conversation.

23. Really? I don’t think about you at all

This is another clever way to shut haters out. When someone says they hate you or express such in any form, it means that they must have spent time thinking about you and giving attention to your personality.

Well, you have news for them. You don’t even think about them at all. So it is worse than hating them back.

24. Thanks, but I know I’m right

This response will suit some context. People can get so frustrated about your ideas or contribution that they say they hate you because of how you reason.

Instead of feeling down because of their remark, you can use the magic work on them and then let them know that you are still right – whether they hate you or not.

25. How old are you again? Twelve?

When someone says they hate you, play on their appearance or perceived novelty. When you ask the question, you are shifting the conversation from being about you (what they hate you for) to their personality and mental capacity to have fair judgment about people.

Savage Comebacks For Haters

26. You say that as if I even care.

Again, there is nothing as humiliating as telling and showing a hater that you simply do not care no matter the level of hatred they have towards you. It makes them feel as though they are of no value to you which could be true.

27.  The feeling is mutual

This simple statement is a powerful comeback because it is an alternative way to express that you hate them in equal measure and that they hate you as well.

It means that you will only express love to those who express love to you. It also speaks volumes of your fair judgment and transparency.

28. Hating on me won’t make you feel better

This is one hard truth that haters know but it will always sound annoying to them when they are reminded.

So, take advantage of this for the next time a hater would express their hatred towards you. Let them know that they won’t get any better at keeping grudges.

29. You have a serious problem to deal with

Similar to one of the responses we reviewed earlier, you can remind us that nursing hatred within is more of their problem than it is yours.

It is a smart way to make the conversation about them and force them to reflect on the essence of hating you in the first place.

30. You are only showing how jealous you are

Expressing hatred is one of the common ways many people show that they are jealous. I can say this based on experience. If you perceive this to be the fuel of their hatred, stick it to them and let them know it is high time they fed on their ego.

It is normal to have people who will not like your personality. In times like these, especially on social media, the chances are even higher. For this reason, having a collection of savage comebacks for haters up your sleeves is necessary.

Nobody likes to regret they could have said something to someone sometime after that moment has passed away.

You don’t have to gain all the muscles in the world to beat all the haters and bullies because intelligence and sarcasm through your words can do the whole thing.

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