30 Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

It is almost inevitable to be in a situation when people throw insults at you. At that moment, it may seem difficult to quickly think of something sharp to say in return.

Chances are this has happened to you recently. There is nothing bad about familiarizing yourself with some snappy comebacks to say when someone insults you.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

With these in your back pocket, you won’t always have to waste time coming up with something sharp on the spot.

Meanwhile, as you make use of any of these comebacks that I will share with you in this guide, make sure you are strategic. Don’t use them at the slightest point of misunderstanding; it has to be timely so that it doesn’t lose its impact.

You should only use these comebacks when someone successfully gets under your skin and you want to stick it to them. Let’s get into it:

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List of the 30 Best Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

Whenever someone insults you, no matter the degree of impact, it is a clear indication that they are trying to bring you down or make you feel less of yourself.

The best way you can react is to show them that they did not succeed in getting the best of you.

One of the easiest ways you can communicate this is by hitting them with any of these 30 savage comebacks, then see how they squirm

1.  You sound better with your mouth closed

Let them know that they are better off without talking than opening their mouth to say things that don’t count.

By giving this response, you are not only suggesting that they shut up, but you are also saying, in the best savagery manner, that they are opinions about you do not count

2. Aww, are you having a bad day?

Most people say hurtful things to others when they are having a bad day. In most situations, what they say at that moment is only influenced by their emotional state and not always the fact.

In order to invalidate the person’s insult, you can make it look like it is an effect of anger transfusion and the statement is not true.

3. I’m not sure what your problem is, but I’ll bet there is no solution

This is a very popular response that people use as a verbal defense. It applies pretty much to most insults as a suitable comeback.

The next time someone calls you names, let them know it is as a result of the challenges they are facing…which is terrible and probably has no solution.

4. Shh, the adults are talking, so please keep quiet

Children are characterized by saying whatever is in their mind even though it is logical or not. When someone insults you, another way to give a savage response is to make them look like a child.

So, instead of lamely saying shut up, you can make the whole thing look more dramatic.

5. You’d leave if I threw a stick, right?

I have recommended this response as one of the best comebacks of all time because it applies to most of the situations and contexts we have treated in past articles.

Why? When you say something like this after someone insults you, it means that the presence of the person, by right, is no longer needed in that gathering and it is time for them to use the door.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

6. Ok. (and then continuing)

When someone says something defamatory about you, simply replying with a short OK would be the most shocking response to be considered as a comeback but it is very powerful.

It sends the impression that either what the person said is not understood, or you chose to ignore it because it did not move you. It pains them.

7. I sometimes wonder how someone can embarrass himself over and over again

Let them know that throwing an insult at you is one of the easiest ways they embarrass themselves in the open without even knowing it.

This savage comeback applies well in a situation where you are insulted in public and also when the person is fond of doing it over and over again.

8. There are over 7 billion people on the planet, and God chose you to be the biggest fool

It is an honor. Let them know they are the chosen ones. So it is forgivable to see them go around insulting people. It is a byproduct of their foolishness that is divine.

9. I’m sorry. I must have missed the part where your opinion mattered

Again, one of the best ways you can shut people down after they have insulted you is to pass the impression that you’ve not lost your confidence and you don’t feel defeated in any way.

This is a way you can explicitly express that. Their opinion does not hold water.

10. You should at least make one face pretty if you’re going to be two-faced

This response is crystal clear. When you say this immediately after someone insults you, you instantly make the situation about them and spin the emotional effect back to them effortlessly.

They will try to find a way to save themselves from shame. By then, you’ve probably walked away leaving them to be the laughing stock for people around.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

11. Your a*s must be pretty jealous of all the sh*t that comes out of your mouth

Instead of saying, “you are talking bullshit”, you can switch things up by making it sound more dramatic. It is not enough to let them know that you perceive what they just said as bullshit.

Also, emphasize that even the literal shit would be jealous of the rubbish they churn from their mouth.

12. And that’s why no one likes you

Yes, they might have said their insult based on a characteristic about you that is true. But you don’t have to directly admit to it. Instead, you can make it sound like the default for a problem they are facing.

They might have succeeded in insulting you, but that is why nobody likes them – they insult excessively.

13. So if I typed “jerk” into Google, would your picture come up?

Many people turn to search engines online to find out what they don’t know. use this as a comeback from wherever the insult must have landed you and let them know they are a jerk for calling you whatever they must have said to you

14. I must have mistaken you for someone who knows what they’re talking about

If what they said about you is a lie, and was only said out of anger to make you feel bad about yourself. Reply and shock them by sounding unbothered. Do this by making them think they are in the category of people who say things they are not sure about.

15. That’s an interesting point of view. I’ll have to remember that the next time

It may surprise you to know that even the Sandwich approach can double as a brilliant comeback in some cases.

Depending on the context of the insult, you can tell them that yes, they made an interesting point about you since people probably laughed. But also add that it is irrelevant and not worth keeping in your memory.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

16. I’m looking for a stupid opinion and I just heard one

It is a direct and simple way of saying that what they have just said is stupid and you’d rather replace it with better ones. You don’t have to validate their opinion about you.

You may have no business looking for a stupid opinion but just sound that way to create the effect.

17. I may not be perfect, but at least I’m not you

If their insult is shaped from an attribute that you possess, especially if the insult is drawn from your physique, dressing style, or personality, you can make them come to terms with the fact that no one is perfect but you are still better than them.

18. Thanks for the compliment. I find it hard to say something nice about you in return

This is a sarcastic way of telling them what they have just said is wrong and they would be a better person saying better things instead of sharing a hurtful opinion about people.

19. Ouch. The look on your face is as painful as how I almost felt after you said that

Admit that you were hurt by what they said to you. But you can say it sarcastically and end up insulting them.

20. I’d give you a nasty look but you already have one

You can expect people to express hurt with their facial expressions after they have been insulted. You can follow suit but let them know that you wouldn’t be doing one since they have a default nasty look on their face.

21. You can make the decision to be a jerk all your life

This is blatantly saying an insult to them in response to insulting you. This comeback is as simple as someone calling you stupid, and you immediately replied with something of equal impact like an idiot.

22. Why not take today off?

This is a very funny comeback because you are establishing the fact that the person is jobless, but has an actual job of insulting people around.

On the day that he decided to resume duty by insulting you, you now ask him or her to take the day off.

23. Thanks for your input, anyway

You make people bitter when you disappoint them from what they expect you to feel after insulting you.

So, instead of raging as they’d expect to satisfy them, tell them to thank you and walk away. It may sound too simple but it is savagery in its way.

24. Make sure you Google yourself before you judge me.

Chances are they can’t find their identity on Google as a public personality. But the essence of this comeback is to reflect that nobody is perfect and they are probably worse than the insult they are saying to you.

25. If there is a problem everywhere you go, then guess what

They won’t ask ‘what’ after you say this because it doesn’t take too much reason to figure out that there is their problem. You also pass the impression that it is in their nature to go around insulting people.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You

26. Somewhere out there is a village missing its idiot.

You are not only telling them that they are an idiot for saying that to you, but you are also simultaneously describing where they come from. True or not, it is painful.

27. My name must be tasty because it is always on your tongue

Make them extra jealous with this above snappy comeback the next time they insult you.

28. I’m not going to waste my breath on you

You can choose to ignore them after they have insulted you. But don’t just walk away. Let them know why they are not worth your response.

29. Says the person who can’t even spell their name

This insult is not about their inability to spell. It is stressing the fact that they decide to poke into your business when they should be concerned about theirs.

30. What you just said tells a lot more about you than it tells about me

This response is inspired by the savage queen, Donna Paulsen in the popular Netflix series ‘Blacklist’. By giving this response, you make them wonder if the insult they had just said to you is really who they are than you are.

Savage Comebacks When Someone Insults You


Name-calling is the most common way people throw insults at others. The best way to tackle them is to come up with a clever response that turns the table on them and makes the insult less about you.

This is why comebacks like “I may be <insert insult the person used>, but at least I’m not <insert a worse insult>” are always great as a response when someone insults you.

If you pay close attention to all these comebacks, you’d realize that they sound clever enough to put a spin on the insult so that it works in your favor.

I’d tell you that it is not easy to remember some of these responses on the spot, at that moment when you are insulted.

If in that situation, you can simply laugh off the insult. It is an effective way to disarm the attacker to show that you are not hurt by their words.

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