What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

Have you ever received a tip after doing a great job for your boss, or a customer, or client? And you’ve been wondering what to say to them or what time to say when you are giving a tip? You surely need to read this carefully.

A tip which is also known as gratuity is actually an amount of money customarily given by a client or customer to a certain worker or workers for reasons such as hospitality or friendliness while providing their service or during their performance.

It is given in addition to the basic price of the service or delivery. Tips and their amount are a matter of etiquette.

It is customary to give tips to workers like servers or waiters in bars and restaurants, taxi drivers, hair stylists, mechanics, dry cleaners, and so on, in some countries

Meanwhile, in some places, tipping is not expected and may be seen as insulting. The amount of a tip can be a specific range or percentage of the bill that was paid initially for the service provided.

For some groups, it is considered illegal to offer tips, such as government workers or public servants. It could be seen as a bribe in this case and can lead to being punished by the laws of that state or place.

Sometimes tips may not be expected when a fee is already charged for the service given. A tip that is somewhat of a reward can be refunded or even rejected by the worker.

20 things to say when someone gives you a tip

We all have that friend or relative or client who gives us tips once in a while or oftentimes. Here are 20 things to say when someone gives you a tip. There are not limited to the following points of course, but you can’t go wrong with these keys

“Thank you”

This is probably the easiest and most common thing to say when you receive a tip. This shows that you appreciate the offer. “Thank you” generates positivity in a powerful way.

Hearing someone saying “thank you” communicates a sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement.

It can make the listener feel good and you can increase your chances of getting another tip. “Thank you”, an act of gratitude can bring up a lot of positive energy and will make you look accommodative.

“I’m really grateful”

What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

You can say this after saying the word “Thank you”. This is actually a strong verbal expression of gratitude.

Remember gratitude sparks positive vibes. When you say this, it speaks more volume than just saying “thank you”. It actually reveals the content of your heart and that you really appreciate the kind gesture.

“I don’t take this for granted”

These are words you can as well use after saying “Thank you”. It shows how important the tip is to you, especially when you were in need of financial support or it shows that you’re touched by their show of gratitude for your service.

You actually shouldn’t take any gesture for granted. You can as well say it to the person that you value the tip no matter how small the amount is.

“It’s sincerely appreciated”

People give tips because it is expected of them to do such. While some do not even think about it. Making use of the above clause will definitely catch many people off guard and bring a smile on their faces.

This shouldn’t just be mere words. Remember to mean it while saying it. Let your gratitude be sincere.

“I appreciate this gesture”

What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

This is a more formal way of showing gratitude for the tip given to you. You can use this phrase in formal occasions like Governmental events or ceremonies like the visit of a royal dignitary.

This is more official as you are directed at a particular tip you are thanking them for. It’s better to identify the very tip you’re grateful for when saying “thank you”.

“This is so thoughtful of you”

This can be used in more personal situations like when you just received a tip after cleaning your boss’ desk or helped to arrange his documents properly.

You are not only acknowledging the feature of the person, you are also acknowledging the person behind the tip. By doing so, the person will feel more appreciated and will feel more like a good person.

“You’re very kind”

What these words will do is it will convey a message that shows that you are moved by the act of benevolence. That’s it! You’ve said out what the person actually is. It’s only kind people that will give out tips.

So, it is not out of place to tell the person to his face how kind he is. That will make him feel better about what he’s doing. And guess what? He’ll keep giving you more tips.

“No, thank you”

What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

This is quite simple and straightforward especially when you’re not allowed to have any form of discussion with your clients or customers apart from your service or delivery. You can actually reject tips.

This may be because of your personal stand or you are not permitted to take tips or you feel insulted taking the tip.

“Thank you but I can’t accept it”

This may sound a bit rude but hey! If you feel it’s inconvenient to receive the tip based on your morals and values, standards, or reasons best known to you, it’s totally fine.

Saying “no” will make you look like you’re overdoing it. Receiving tips is not compulsory. This happens sometimes with People who are quite conservative.

“Thank you but I think you should give my boss instead”

This can be used when there is a rule on receiving tips. There are some organizations where tips are to be received by the management of the company which will be shared amongst the workers afterward.

I know it’s hard to follow these kinds of rules. But, you signed up for it, so you have to go by the rules.

“Sorry but it’s not allowed here”

This can be applied in a setting where tips are not allowed at all in a particular organization or company. You could just say “thank you so much for this great offer”.

Quite unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept tips here. But if you could pay that somewhere else while thinking of me, it’ll be great”

Or you could tell them to pass it forward to someone else in need.

“Sorry but it’s against our culture”

You can make this statement when receiving tips is against the culture, traditions, or norms of the community or society you find yourself in.

That is if you don’t want to just say ‘no’. If you feel you have more obligation to explain why, then you can say this. You should also consider that the person may not be aware of your culture that’s why he’s doing that.

So, remember to make the tone of your voice kind so that he won’t feel bad for doing good.

“I’m sorry but it’s against our policies”

As we said in the previous point, receiving tips is not obligatory or compulsory. It could be against the set principles, standards or policies of the organization or company you’re working in.

It’s okay to boldly reject the tip. Be straightforward and tell them that you truly appreciate the fact that they were pleased with your service, performance, or delivery.

“Thank you, but it’s not acceptable here”

What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

This is very similar to the previous point. It’s very direct and it shows you follow the rules of the organization you work for strictly.

It also shows that you value your work more than your personal gain. It’s understandable that you need the money, but it’s preferable to be honorable.

“My sincere apologies but it’s against the rules”

This is a modest way of saying you cannot accept the offer. This also is straight to the point. But, you’re apologizing for it and this shows that you’re really sorry for not taking it.

This might also mean that the person knows the rules but he’s trying to buy some favors from you of which you don’t want to be a party. Firmly say this and let your facial expression speak the same message too.

The person won’t come back to you next time. Even if he does, let your reply remain the same. He’s gonna respect you, your organization and what your organization offers.

“Thank you but it’s below our standards”

This means you are conscious of the fact that the Standards of the organization you work for don’t give room for such. This is clear and quite understandable. You are also raising your organization high in standard by saying this.

In a situation like this, the person might be giving you tips just to make you break the rules of your organization. Saying this will show the person that you respect what your organization stands for and that you’re not breaking the rules.

“No thank you, it was my delight to serve you”

This statement shows you’re content with what you receive as income from your job which is quite commendable. Very few people will actually choose to say this. But, it’s okay if you received the tip.

If your integrity or personal standards won’t let you receive it, you can simply indicate your pleasure so you don’t make it seem like you are in a better place not receiving the tip from the person.

This is more like the best words to say to someone offering you tips, especially for the first time. You can receive the tips at another time if the person keeps offering. But, let him know that you enjoy serving him.

“I’m so sorry but I’m not allowed to do that”

It’s as simple as it sounds. There’s no need to make a big deal out of it or to explain further. You’re simply telling the person that left to your decision, you would have received the tip.

You are only saying so as a result of the restrictions placed before you. Be sure to say it and mean it. Don’t be one to go behind for the tips. And make sure your expression shows how sorry you are.

“I’m sorry, maybe some other time”

What to Say When Someone Gives You a Tip

This is a more polite way of saying “no” to the offer. It can be used if you don’t want to sound harsh or unfriendly or if it’s not convenient to receive the tip at that time.

By saying this, you make the person unsure of why you’re actually not taking the tips. He will be left to guess your reasons and he probably won’t come up with a bad one.

He will eventually understand your rejection of his gesture and be hopeful to repeat it next time.

“Sorry, we don’t do that here”

This statement just like some of the others may sound rude but it’s bold and clear enough to convey your message. You might end up making the person feel bad about what he’s doing.

You can also say this when you know that the person is giving you the tips as a bribe and you’re not ready to flow with that. Your tone of voice while saying this will better convey the message to him.


Michael Lynn, a tipping researcher, states that there are five motivations behind tipping. One of such is just showing off. It could be done to show class or a high reputation when the person giving the tip is influential or wealthy.

Another motivation behind tipping is to add to the server’s income and make them happy. Another reason for giving tips is for improved service in the future.

The remaining two motives behind giving tips is to avoid being disappointed by the service and as a sense of duty to the person who enjoyed or received the service.

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