How Do You Call Someone Who Has The Same Name As You?

Just like how bland eating the same meal can feel to the taste bud, many things when repeated tend to become tiring.

Watching the same movie, listening to the same music, playing the same kind of game, and frequently visiting the same place, the list is endless.

This boredom and staleness also go with the words we use. When the same words are used to a large extent, they become cliches such that further usage of them makes them uninteresting.

Referring to someone who has the same name as you or any other person you know as Namesake alone could be boring, such that many would prefer you be silent than call out the word again.

This piece would highlight different variations you could utilize for someone who’s got the same name as you or someone else.

14 Names to Call Someone Who Has The Same Name As You?

Without pressure, we present to you synonymous words that you could use in addressing someone who goes by your name or a close member and their explanation:

  1. Namesake
  2. Name fellow
  3. Name twin
  4. Homonymous
  5. Tautonym
  6. Name mate
  7. Tocayo
  8. Name Alike
  9. Forbearer
  10. By Name
  11. Identical Name
  12. Name partner
  13. Akin name
  14. Equivalent name


Namesake is the most common name to address someone who goes by the name as you.

Meaning a person who goes by the same name as you, a namesake seems to be top on the list for such synonyms.

The coinage dates back to the ancient bible era and is an offshoot of the phrase “in my Namesake”, which over time has gained popular usage in contemporary times.

Name Fellow

Although this name usage sounds business-like and more of a comradeship accentuation, the Name fellow also passes as a synonym for someone who bears the same name as another.

Often used in semi and formal settings, the synonym Name Fellow only recently gained a reputation In informal gatherings due to the mingling of certain white-collar staff and workers with laymen.

It is not uncommon to hear someone address another as a named fellow when the situation demands.


Reverting your mind to your English class when homonyms were taught eh? Snap out of it!

This has very few things to do with homonyms in totality as a stroke of chance connects these words.

Homonyms are words that have the same sound but are spelled differently and homonymous is just another way of calling someone who has the same name as you.

So you could say: Blew and Blue are homonyms, and also say that ” Pat and I share Homonymous names”.


For scientists and taxonomists alike, this fond way of referring to someone with the same name as yours could pass well for them.

Initially referring to a certain class of an animal bearing the same name in its genus and kingdom, the name tautonym has now taken its place in everyday English to refer to one bearing the same name as you.


Why would we have a roommate, teammate, and other compound words having the mate as its ending without placing one for names?

To settle this discourse, the introduction of the name mate to the English collocation of words became important.

Hence, you no longer have just classmates, playmates, etc but even name mates to refer to one who has the same name as you or someone else.

How Do You Call Someone Who Has The Same Name As You


The beauty of the English language is in how it gets to include foreign words in its lexicon while still maintaining its pronunciation.

Among the words included in the language, the chip off the block happens to be the name “Tocayo”.

The Spanish derivative holds in the same vein as the English word for namesake.

Rumor has it that the name used in English sprouts from the identical names of many Mexicans who migrated to the south of the US having the same name and wanting to fill in their migration documents.

To save time, the Mexicans, not knowing what a namesake meant,  called it in their native tongue and since then,  the name stuck.

Surprisingly, everyone in the world has a Tucano.


Just like a doppelganger would mean a person who looks more like you, a name alike on the other hand equally means one who bears the same name as you.

It would be fair to say that the name could probably be from the English word look alike which means someone identical to you, so if one necessarily doesn’t have your look but has your name, it would be fair to call such a Name Like (winks).

For Bear

Only for the literates.

From cognoscenti to languid, Idyllic to Ode. Literal terms have seem to also find their way into contemporary vocabulary when it comes to referring to someone with the same name as you. Surprising right?

This name could probably have originated from the classic works of most classic writers(think Shakespeare etc) as most of their characters refer to someone who they deem fit to stand in the stead of a forebear.

To make it modern and cut out the ancient attachment, modern literates decide to save the bearer for bear and use the words as one whose name sounds the same as the other.

Ever heard someone say you are his by name and you left wondering what on Earth your offense is to be that insulted?

If you at any time assume that the name by name is an insult, you would want to do well to change that assumption as the latter is just another way of calling you a namesake.

Often used with other words and not a stand-alone, By name seems to be a perfect fit for a perfect synonym to replace what you would call someone who goes by the same name as you.

It is proper to say: “You’re my byname”.

Name partner

I like this one!

So you are out in the field about to trail and the coach squares you up with that newbie, approaching you he tells you his name only to realize that he shares the same name as you, and then he asks for yours.

It is easy to just state that you are his namesake(which I know, you would not dare) or you could chip in something fancy by telling him you are his Name Partner(and wait for the magic).

Name Partner as a synonym has become a replacement for most cliche names to refer to someone who goes by a name like yours, and if you want to sound current, do use it for your good. (Friendly warning).

Identical Name

Are there any twins in the house?!

Calling someone by the same name as you have indeed witnessed a lot of transforming and innovative words that have not only made it easier to switch but to utilize as well.

The term identical name stems from the fact that many words seem to align with the word identical, for example, Identical bags, identical twin and the list goes on, chipping that to names only make identical interesting (winks)

Identical names like identical twins can pass as one word to refer to people bearing the same name as you. So I’d ask you, do you have anyone with an identical name as you?

Akin name

When something is akin to another it just means it takes a resemblance to that thing in question. So it would be fair enough to say that another word to call someone who has the same name as you is Akin name.

Although its usage is becoming old-fashioned, certain places where English is spoken still use the words (only in secret).

When next you walk that sidewalk and you stumble across a dude who introduces themselves and it turns out to be the same name you bear, feel confident to let them know that they go by an akin name as yours and let the friendship begin.

Equivalent Names

How many still remember equivalent fractions in Math?

Here we go, telling one that you go by an equivalent name as them might put you out as too nerdy(or should I say mathematical) if it was in the Shakespearean era, but now where no one cares about you being mathematical or linguistic(if ever there is a word like that) feel free to flex it.

Equivalent Names are another way to refer to someone who is the same name as you without racking your brain to store hefty jargon and old-fashioned names.


Names can be very exciting, but used wrongly can kill the excitement. Moreso knowing how to address a thing without having to sound like a robot is highly invaluable.

When next you are at a loss to call someone who bears the same name as you do, checking through the exhaustive list this article brings you could save you the trauma of sounding mundane.

FYI, just in case you’ve forgotten:

Namesake, Tocayo, Identical names, Name partner(my favorite), and so on are words you could use.


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