What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Sunrise And Sunset?

Well, there are different names for the two. A person who loves the sunrise is called a solist.

Now I know you think a solist is one who sings solos but it is also the name of someone who loves the sunrise.

On the other hand, sunset lovers are called opacarophiles.

They love to watch the sunset, look at the pictures of the sunset, and anything about the sun setting.

The word is broken into two Latin roots: ‘opacare’ for sunset and ‘phile’ for love.

Generally,  someone who loves anything related to the sun is known as a Heliophile.

A person who loves sunset and clouds is called what?

The sunset and the clouds are a beautiful sight together. I like to call it the evening sky.

A person who loves sunset and clouds or the evening sky is called a nephophilia.

A nephophilia doesn’t just love looking at the clouds at sunset, they also enjoy observing clouds and watching them move and change color.

They can tell you all about the types of clouds, how they move, how they have formed, and all the other things about the clouds and sunset.

A person who loves sunset and beach

A person who loves sunset and beach is called a thalassophile.

They love the sunset but they love it more at the beach. I am not a thalassophile but I have a friend who is.

One time he decided he would go to the beach by 4 pm, just so he could beat the traffic and get there in time.

A thalassophile enjoys the evening breeze, the smell of the sea, the sound of the crashing waves, the sun turning yellow then orange then red, and the leaves of the palm trees moving with the wind. It is lovely and sometimes you feel like you can’t just be without it.

Signs that you love sunrise and sunset

Solist, opacarophile, whichever one you are, here are signs that you love watching dawn and dusk:

It makes you feel better

Sunset lovers say that they still remember the color even after it fades. It can affect their mood and leaves them in a calm state.

Sunrise lovers say they love how the saying comes up. It gives them a feeling of fulfillment like they can also achieve whatever it is that they put their mind to.

It is a great way for them to start their day too. Generally, it is true.

Sunrise and sunsets are said to reduce stress, ease worries and increase your satisfaction and gratitude. Absolute mood changer.

You always try to see it

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, you always try to see it. It is a sign you are a lover of sunsets and sunrises.

If you live in the city, it is hard to see the sunset and the sunrise because of the high buildings and structures.

I remember the day a house opposite mine was renovated. It was built larger than it was before and thereby obstructing my view of the sunrise.

I still get to the sunset because it is in the west and I have no buildings obstructing my view.

On the other hand, less populated towns and villages are great places to watch the sun rise and set easily.

You have pictures of the sunrise and sunset

I am very fond of the sunset, especially over a body of water. I like to see the reflection of the setting sun on the water like it is sinking into it.

Because of this, I have so many paintings of the sunset. Although I have more than a dozen I keep buying them.

And it’s not just me, it is basically everyone else. Those who don’t have physical pictures that are framed and hung have wallpapers, pictures, or live wallpapers.

They try to take pictures of the perfect sunset, they make videos of it and they always try to share.

You try to predict the sunrise or sunset

Even though I am an opacarophile myself, I think it is a bit silly to try to predict nature. Yet many people do it.

They try to predict if the sunrise or sunset will be beautiful, perfect, or just ordinary or boring. And whichever it is, they still watch it.

Now if you can predict it accurately, then you have a gift but instill think that all sunsets and sunrises are beautiful.

You tell everyone about it

Sunsets and sunrises give this inner peace. You will know if you watched either of the two.

I feel the sunrise is more of motivation though, and because of this, I get everyone else to try it too.

You will naturally try to convince people to see it even if you are not with them. That is another sign you are an opacarophile.

You try to drag people along

Most people like to share what they love. They also want the people they are with to enjoy what they enjoy and it is great, even with sunrise and sunsets.

You want your friends and family to feel the peace and satisfaction you feel. They don’t have to be nature lovers, you just want them to see and feel and love it just like you do.

It’s a sign that you live the sunrises and sunsets. Now if you are an autophile – which is a word for someone who loves being alone, or who enjoys their own company – you may not take people with you but you will preach to them the beauty of the sunrise and sunset.

You get excited towards that time of the day

As a lover of the sunset or sunrise, you look forward to it. It is a natural beauty, a phenomenon in fact, and it is something that makes you happy.

So, whenever it’s getting close to that time of the day whether, in the morning or the evening, you feel better.

If you watch it consistently for a while, you will notice a change in your mood during that time and you will share it with everyone.

You may not get excited in a way that you want to fly, just happy, calmer, and more at peace with yourself. I guess nature always makes us feel better.

How would you describe a sunset?

Sunsets are magical. The sun always sets in the east no matter what part of the world you are in, so you have to face the east to see the sunset.

In the picture below, we see the clouds, so many of them and it’s like they are moving towards the sinking sun.

They are in shades of pink and purple because the night is fast approaching.

Another thing about this picture is if you look at the clouds upside down, they look like a turbulent sea with so many waves crashing into each other.

The parts of the sky with no clouds are not just blue, they blend pink, purple, and blue colors. They look to me like some unexplored part of the heavens.

And the horizon? The sea and the sky meet where the sun is setting.

The sun however is not deep enough into the sea and so it sits there in a disappearing way. The sun still glowed and so it uses it to create a line of the horizon.

The water reflects just the sky and where the waves form, towards the sun, there are dark colors that show the arrival of nighttime. Standing there it is a glorious sight.

How would you describe a sunset at the beach?

The beach is not just about the people and the umbrellas. I love the shore, the sand, the trees, the evening breeze, and how it combines to make the perfect sunset.

I also like to watch the sunset alone so I thought you might too.

This time the sun is reflecting in the water and it is lovely. For some reason, it reminds me of promise and hope.

The sky has clouds but they look like they are mountains that are set with the sun. It is like a gradient from the edges down the ball of light that is the sun.

There is a bridge and some shrubs and plants and a bit of all that is reflected in the water.

You will notice that the reflection of the water is different from the sky, and that’s because the night is coming and the sea testifies to that.

The light however shows the small ripples of the water, and the sun’s reflection on the water makes it seem hot.

This picture may not be as epic and beautiful as the one above, but it has a lot of things that make it special.

How would you describe a sunrise?

Who said only sunsets were red? Even in a big city, you have lovely sunrises. I have thought of sunrises as inspiring, something to get you out of bed and find something that gives fulfillment.

The sun rises in the east, always. And you can see that the clouds, all the dark clouds are floating away from the sun. It’s not the clouds.

Then you have the bright clouds that are coming with the sun. They are yellow and gold and look like a faraway land.

Between the yellow clouds and the dark clouds is the orange sky. The sunrise is like the reverse of the sunset with less but more pronounced colors.

The sky looks like it is inviting the sun and it chases away the dark clouds. The water and the other parts of the sky are deep red.

Now unless it is over a clear body of water, the sun won’t reflect the sunset.

And that’s it. Solist, opacarophile, whichever one you are, I hope you learned something new about yourself and about what you love.

If you have any questions or comments, you can drop them in the comments section below and I will see you in the next article.

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