What Do You Call Someone Who Wants to Control Everything?

You must have at least encountered someone who loves to control everyone and everything around us.

It sure isn’t a pleasant experience because all they are concerned about is themselves, not finding out the effect their decisions have on others.

People that are controllable desire to be in charge of or exert influence over others. In their attempts to get their way by influencing others, they can be imposing, obtrusive, and bossy.

Partners, relatives, loved ones, close friends, and coworkers can all be controlled.

Controlling conduct can and often does turn abusive, particularly when it makes someone feel threatened or frightened. Could it be a medical condition? Or just a way to cover up their insecurities?

What can we call these people? In this article, we will be looking at 10 names you can call a person who loves to control everything and why they are called by those names.

10 Names To Call Someone Who Wants To Control Everything

If you call a person who loves to be in charge a controller, you are not wrong. They are just like their names, and in this regard, you can call them controllers.

In order for you not to be confined to calling everyone who loves to control things a controller, below are 10 different names you can call them:

  1. Narcissist
  2. Control freak
  3. Tyrant
  4. Dictator
  5. Autocrat
  6. Intrusive
  7. Subjugator
  8. Authoritarian
  9. Egomaniac
  10. Controller


A narcissist is someone who is obsessed with controlling others. They are highly interested in having dominance over someone’s life; their daily schedule, dress sense, accountability, do’s and don’ts, even down to their going out and coming in.

When in a relationship with a narcissist, this controlling trait of theirs is often seen as romantic. They would leave a hundred texts to their partners, constantly asking about their whereabouts and what they were doing.

This gets their partner to say “He loves me so much,” “She cares so much about me,” or “I am lucky to have someone who is concerned about my well-being.”

It feels like care because they can go as far as visiting them in their work place with the intention of confirming if their partner told them the truth while they view it as a lovely gesture.

In actuality, this is untrue because all a narcissist wants is to have control over their partners in every way possible.

They are extremely concerned about having the driver’s seat in everybody’s life, not minding if they are comfortable with it or not.

Control Freak

For a person to be a control freak is exactly what it sounds like. They do everything in their power to want to control someone’s life.

Control freaks get mad at people who question their situations, even when they don’t have a clue why they should follow them.

This is a controlling tactic used by control freaks because they possibly do not have a valid answer to your question and just want you to follow them and go with their opinion.

Hence, when you ask a question for clarity, they get upset and blow up, even if it was a reasonable one. They want their laws to be perceived as laws that cannot be questioned.

However, this may not be so obvious because their words are so charming that you wouldn’t even resist them. Most of the time, you’d think they’re better than you and that their words are always correct.


A tyrant is someone whose desire is to control those who breathe them as a result of the authority bestowed on them. They often use their position of authority to oppress people who are beneath them.

They are prevalent in politics. Tyrants rule by force and get their way no matter what. They are oppressive and unjust.

These individuals show their control in different ways; they may decide on others’ religion and do not care if they aren’t comfortable with it.

Tyrants go as far as punishing anyone who doesn’t comply with their precepts.


A dictator is someone who controls everything for them to feel okay about themselves. They are only happy when people do the things they want, the way they want them done.

Dictators have irrational thoughts about how they can do things better than anybody else around them or in the world at large.

They believe if everyone else behaved like them, things would be better. By this, they consistently point it out to them.

As much as dictators frequently remind people how they should do things, they also employ the use of silence. If someone does not fall in line with the standards, they won’t want them to act.

They withhold their attention by being quiet. Some things are just right or wrong, and if they aren’t doing it their way, then they punish them by being silent.

If you won’t do anything their way, then they aren’t talking to you.


An autocrat is someone who practices autocracy. It is a form of government where power is bestowed on one man.

It implies that there is only one ruler, and he/she makes the decisions, and the others are expected to comply with the decisions they make without any objections.

An autocrat gains pleasure when they see people do as they are told. They control the economy and religion. their desire to influence the political, societal, and educational state of a nation.

No one is expected to go against the decrees made by an autocrat because their words stand.


An intrusive person is one who interrupts another person’s privacy in order to gain control over them. They try to make rules about other people’s lives.

They do this by being all around you. At every point in time, they are interested in knowing where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, and so on.


A subjugator is someone who is obsessed with power. They use their place of authority to control people by enslaving them in order to have dominance over them.

Subjugators are basically seen during wars. They go to war solely because they want to take their opponents as slaves after separating them.

However, subjugation isn’t limited to those in power; anyone who uses their position to oppress others can be referred to as a subjugator. Their interest is basically how they would benefit by having people under their control.


An authoritarian is one who wants to control everything and everyone around them. They do not have an interest in your opinion and are so close-minded.

They just want their thoughts, opinions, and ideas to be seen as wisdom or even law. They do not need your suggestions in any area.

Even when they lack good ideas and you have a way out, they do not want to know. Their aim is to make you feel inferior, and by feeling this way, they’ve got you under their thumbs.

To achieve this, they fake their care and closeness to you just so they can gain your trust and respect. They are so crafty in their eyes to gain control, and you, in turn, get buried in the feelings that you have for them.

Since they’ve succeeded in capturing your attention, they begin to dictate what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t.


An egomaniac is someone who loves to control everything around them because of how much importance they place on themselves.

They are selfish because they only think about how they can get people to please their desires.

Egomaniacs impose their self-value on others because they feel it is the standard for living. They do not care if they are comfortable with it or not.


As the name implies, a controller is someone who loves to control others. Over time, the controlling personality is viewed as a medical condition.

Controlling others provides the controller with the desperately needed ego management; this need is analogous to a psychotic addiction.

They feel special and dominant when they are in control of and influencing others. What happens next also doesn’t seem to matter.

This addiction is fed by whatever response they may provoke. Any emotion or response they can evoke, including fear, love, rage, and despair, offers them an emotional boost.


It sure has been an interesting ride. For this indulging and educative article, it is noteworthy for you to know that some people always want to charge for several reasons.

As a result of this, they are called diverse names. It will be misjudging to call someone a name that isn’t relevant to their personality traits.

However, I believe you now have a clear understanding of what to call someone who enjoys controlling everything around them when you come into contact with one.

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