What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves?

Ever been in a situation where a friend, colleague, or relative does all they can just to have the last laugh? They care about just themselves and no one else.

This sure can be hurtful, especially when you give your best and they just want to take the spotlight.

You won’t be considered wrong if you call them selfish or greedy. This is because they are about themselves and nothing more. They can also be considered heartless or haters because they leave out their human senses just so they can use others to their own advantage.

Also, words like jealous, hater, snitch, and egoistic, amongst others, can be used to describe someone who does things to benefit themselves.

It takes us further in this article. We will be looking at 10 names you can call a person who is all about what they can benefit from.

10 Names To Call Someone Who Only Does Things To Benefit Themselves

Underneath are 10 names you can call someone who does things for the sole reason of having all the benefits to themselves.

  1. Selfish
  2. Ungrateful
  3. Insensitive
  4. Heartless
  5. Hater
  6. Jealous
  7. Snitch
  8. Inconsiderate
  9. Egoistic
  10. Narcissistic


What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

Selfish people are self-absorbed individuals. They are self-absorbed individuals. They only think about their needs and wants and how they can be the only benefactor in any situation.

A selfish person is never going to have the capacity to think of someone else because their hearts are set to have things done their way. People that are really wrapped up in themselves come from a lot of fear and lack.

On some levels, they believe that they need more than everyone else because they are either more special than others and require more, or they want the feeling of being better than others.

Selfish people are great manipulators. They always work towards getting what they want by intentionally sidelining every other person.


Ungratefulness transcends beyond the walls of saying a hearty “thank you” after being offered something good.

An ungrateful person is an unappreciative person who treats people in a way they do not deserve.

They feel so entitled that they feel every other person is supposed to do things for them, but they do not owe anyone anything.

Ungrateful people do not keep their words because they do not reciprocate the same level of energy given to them.

They are all about themselves and for every slightest opportunity they find, they’ll covet it as though you never existed just to gain the sole benefit.


The act of putting a friend, colleague, or coursemate through a course in which they are having a hard time makes one sensitive.

It means that they are thoughtful individuals and do not consider it harmless but helpful, taking out time to give a detailed explanation so they can get clarity on a subject and tend toward progress.

On the other hand, when one begins to consider it a threat to help others, they would avoid teaching others because they do not want any other person to be as good as them. They are insensitive.

This is because they want to be the only ones benefiting from the position that they’ve attained and leave everyone else behind them.


Heartless is the direct opposite of affectionate. A heartless individual is one who is emotionless and void of affection towards others. In other words,

they are not mindful of others, they’ve got no compassion and zero concern for others but always think about themselves.

These people go all about without their hearts in their chests. Ridiculous huh? You may be asking, “Where did their hearts go then?” Good question.

Here’s why: Their hearts are in their bank accounts, mansions, their hearts are inside their cars, jewelry boxes, and closets with their designer clothes.

Hence, the reason why someone will take everything just to have all the benefits is that they are heartless. Their hearts are no longer with people, and so they put things before people.

They are more concerned about money and every other desirable thing they are likely to have.

As a result, they would go to any length to ensure that they are the major beneficiaries in every opportunity, no matter how small.


What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

Haters believe that the thing, person, or people they despise have such a powerful influence over their lives such that it threatens their wealth or even self-sufficiency. That’s why they have to keep them at arm’s length, or get rid of them totally.

In a bid to feel self-sufficient, haters will not do anything that will push others towards growth.

They always want to have the limelight. One of their prominent traits is thriving on the strength of cheating others for various benefits, such as getting applauded, recognized, or awarded.


Although it is considered absurd, certain individuals regard other people’s growth and influence as a threat to their own.

Oftentimes, because they feel insecure about themselves, and this mindset is responsible for every other inhuman behavior they display.

What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

One of which is exempting others from taking part in whatever will be of benefit to them just so they can have it all to themselves.

A jealous person will always aim to dim your light. What this entails is that they will always try to point out your flaws in every way possible that will benefit them.

You may have done one thing wrong, and this turns out to be the moment they’ve been waiting for. They’ll seem to turn it into front-page news, making you feel bad because you did one thing wrong.

They can’t stand seeing people happy, smiling, loving themselves, and living a good life. They are always trying to determine how bright your light is so that they can be in the spotlight.


A snitch is an unfaithful person who can do just about anything that will benefit them, not minding whether anyone is cheated or hurt.

A snitch is someone who is guilty of something and aims to get out of it by taking advantage of everyone else.

They may have been involved in the crime but will do everything possible to blame someone else in order to draw attention to themselves or get justified.

These types of people will do anything to get their friends, colleagues, or just about anyone knocked out so they are recognized as superior.

Backstabbers are snitches. They do it intentionally, just so they can appear blameless or get some validation from other people or society at large.


What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

Inconsiderate people live with the mindset that the world revolves around them. They only care about themselves and, by this, train people never to depend on them for anything but to always be available for them when they need them for something.

They do not consider others because they feel they do not deserve a chance simply because they are full of themselves.

Inconsiderate people are generally self-interested; it is all about their shabby ideas and excessive demands. For this reason, they disregard everything anyone has to say.

Their intent is to use people and demand more, and when they voice concern, they are dismissive. The only one who has value to them is themselves and anyone who they figure out is valuable to them.


The idea of being egoistic essentially means that one thinks of themselves a great deal.

They have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and they consider themselves separate and different from others based on their firm, outward appearance or thoughts.

What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

An egoistic individual has an inflated sense of self. They are all about having more for themselves, the best and the latest.

They tend to interrupt others because they feel what they have to say is more important, and by this, they demean other people’s intellect and give a picture of themselves as exceptional.


One attribute associated with narcissists is their habit of always showing the “it’s all about me” attitude.

Apart from the fact that they are always looking out for themselves first, they also do not want to see anyone else happy or succeed.

What Do You Call Someone Who Only Does Things to Benefit Themselves

Because if anyone else is happy or succeeding, then there is a fear that they either won’t succeed or what they need to succeed will be taken away.

Also, narcissists feel good about themselves when people feel miserable because of them. In this regard, they will covert everything possible for their benefit.


To bring this article to a close, it is of great importance that you understand the type of person you are dealing with.

This is meant to avoid misunderstandings. We are looking at the subject of people doing things in favor of themselves.

Not everyone who exhibits this habit is selfish, just like most people will rush to say. They may be narcissistic, jealous, or haters.

Before deciding on any of the listed names to call them, take a close look at their behavior and ensure it matches the name you choose for them.

I believe you have now gained clarity on what names you can call a person who does things just for their benefit and when you can attribute their character to such names.

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