Words for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Their Appearance

So many people can testify to the fact that listening to others, especially constructive critics, has advanced their lives.

This means that they were receptive and open-minded to becoming better. On the other hand, caring about others’ opinions has caused more negativity for some.

This has made them shut their ears to every comment, whether good or bad, that people make about their appearance.

So, they do what they choose to and appear how they prefer to without any iota of fear or concern for the public’s perception.

Nevertheless, there are people who are always aware of what people will say and others who do not pay much attention. This article clearly explains what each of them is called.

20 Suitable Names For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Their Appearance

When a person claims not to care much or completely about what others think of them, it is most evident in the way they appear.

Most of the time, scruffy people dress in a way that they know others will be disappointed in them, but anyway, that’s how they want to appear.

Shabby people also portray this character too. They really don’t have a concern for what others will or may say. Beneath are some more possible names.

  1. Raggedy
  2. Scruffy
  3. Dirty
  4. Jagged
  5. Shabby
  6. Skanky
  7. Shoddy
  8. Frumpy
  9. Slattern
  10. Nonchalant
  11. Indifferent
  12. Apathetic
  13. Nonsuperficial
  14. Careless
  15. Unconcerned
  16. Lackadaisical
  17. Pococurante
  18. Cursory
  19. Desultory
  20. Dishevelled


These kinds of people may have the means to dress properly on some occasions, but most of the time, rugged people are not rich.

The issue with them is that they may overpower their act of dressing in an unkempt manner for two reasons; it’s either they want to attract pity or show they don’t care about what other people think about them or how they appear.

Their condition could be a lack of self-care. And since it makes others want to observe and may want to comment on their outfits, other people’s notions may not matter to them because they neglect their self-care.


“Scruffy” is a word used to describe someone who does not care about their appearance. These people usually look so untidy or even not properly kitted up when they go out.

Usually, their hair is kept without brushing it, their outfits are not straightened, and neither are their shoes cleaned up.

Their scruffy attitude towards their dissent makes people not take them seriously. They are not particular about their looks, and that is why they can wear a shirt stained with coffee out to work or the grocery store.


When a person is referred to as dirty, it entails that they have an untied appearance as a result of consistent negligence.

The truth is, most of the time if they paid much attention to how they looked, they wouldn’t look dirty. But their “I don’t care” behavior won’t let them and they want people to get their attention most of the time.

A grace-contributing factor is their upbringing. When raised in a home where no one is scolded for going out in dirty, stained, or unkempt dresses, dirty people grow up, not seeing anything wrong with it.

However, if you are friends with a dirty person, they tend to see you as too picky.


People who are jagged are rough and not always gentle. They express themselves in a manner that is rough, not paying attention to what people think or perceive their appearance to be.

Jagged people are not always organized, nor are their dresses matching or even. To them, they are looking good regardless of whether anyone comments badly or not.


“Shabby” is a word used to describe a person who doesn’t care about their appearance. They often wear torn or worn-out clothes due to a lack of care.

The word ‘care’ is far-fetched from a shabby person’s mind. They see it as a whole lot of stress, being meticulous regarding what they wear.

You find them dressed up in clothes that are torn because they always don’t bother to take them to the seamstress to have them fixed. They wear it anyway and do not care what anyone thinks.


These kinds of people are extremely repulsive. In the same vein, their attitudes are offensive. Usually, people don’t like to be recognized with them as they are almost always dirty.

It is either they are not attractive, dirty, or even smelly. This attitude they portray makes people dislike them because of their appearance.

Even at that, they do not look within themselves or even ask questions as to why people are normally displeased with them.

And even when they get to know, they either get offended or don’t take it as something serious, worth working on, because they truly don’t care.


An individual who does not give a fuss about their appearance is known as shoddy. These individuals do not feel the need to be all about their appearance.

Instead of fiddling with their looks and outfits, which they consider being incredibly tiring, they would opt to spend their time engaging in activities that they find fascinating or significant.

They would only give their appearance a second thought if there was a benefit to looking a specific way in terms of convenience.

For instance, they would wear a suit only if they worked somewhere that required it. But most of the time, they choose what they want to wear, which may be inappropriate, and they don’t always show as much concern.


A frumpy person is a person who doesn’t care about their appearance because they have a different notion of fashion.

These individuals do not have an updated fashion sense and are more attracted to the old ways of fashion. Even when they look odd in certain gatherings, frumpy people do not show an iota of concern about the way they look.

They are super comfortable looking that way and won’t listen to anyone who tries to tell them to improve their outlook.


The word “slattern” is most often used for someone who is untidy and at the same time disorderly.

They are seen as strange people by those who are organized by their friends, who expect them to look sharp after describing the manner in which they should appear at a party that they invited them to. Slatterns are habitually negligent.

They don’t mind appearing unkempt, whether anyone comments on their appearance or not. They are simply the way they are.


These types of people are in a state of calm when a negative comment is made concerning their appearance.

To a large extent, it is great not to always pay so much attention to what people say. But nonchalant people do that in order to stay away from their responsibilities.

They don’t even take corrections at all; they choose what to pay attention to and, most of the time, they do not give listening ears to creative corrections either.


When a person is said to be indifferent, they lack complete interest in their appearance. Although they see others looking all good and sharp, indifferent people are not interested.

When they scroll through the internet and see the latest fashion trends that are making waves, they just scroll past. This is because they are totally uninterested in being fashionable.


An apathetic individual is one who has a strong disinterest in things other people consider significant. Especially their fashion sense.

As much as they do not give the slightest consideration to their physical appearance, they have an issue with everyone who is meticulous about their physique.

They feel it is a waste of time and resources to consider your physique.


Someone who is described as non-superficial overlooks what people say concerning their looks because they feel that their commenters or critics think too deeply or analyze too much.

These people do not place high standards on their appearance and they feel that other people are too judgmental or have high expectations of how they should appear.

Nevertheless, they are very okay with their appearance, so they move on like nothing else is happening.


Careless, which is the opposite of care, is a word used to describe someone who doesn’t fancy their physical appearance.

They do not make any effort whatsoever to improve their physique, simply because they do not care about anything related to looking appealing.

Careless people do things without paying attention. They do not count the cost of their actions either. They simply permit things to flow, without critical planning or thinking.


Someone’s appearance could be alarming, maybe without their consent. At that point, they can be corrected or told to address their appearance in public.

But when this shocking appearance of theirs (to the public) doesn’t move them a bit, then it is obvious that they are unconcerned. People with this personality are usually uninterested in fashion or popular opinion.


Lackadaisical is a word ascribed to those who do not care about their appearance because they do not want to conform to societal norms.

They feel looking good is not their goal, and so they would spend more time doing other things that matter to them.

They are not out to please anyone and do not expect to be approached by people when they do go out. They are not interested in meeting new people or engaging in public gatherings.

Therefore, worrying about their appearances serves them no use. When someone refuses to accept that there is something wrong, or maybe right, about their appearance.

In most situations, people who are lackadaisical are usually unwise as they may suffer as a result of careless looks by losing a job opportunity or getting ignored when they should be honored.

These people are reckless. They don’t mind acting silly as long as it is what they had planned to do. Their actions can be traced to their improper judgments.

Other times, they do so because they feel that everyone is against them.


When someone is referred to as “pococurante”, it basically means that they do not consider their appearance relevant. For instance, they may be obsessed with a project, let’s say a research project.

At this point, they seldom go out, and if they do, then they just spend it on anything they lay their hands on. Their every concern is centered on their project and nothing more.

Their appearance is irrelevant at that point, and they are careless about it.


Cursory people are always taking hasty actions and decisions. They never do something on time, especially when it comes to cross-checking their appearances or even learning about matching colored outfits, their most suitable hairdo, or just about anything they appear in. They are neglecters of details.


A person who is desultory is one who doesn’t care about their appearance because they do not have the plan to be fashionable. They put everything else into their budget, neglecting their appearance.


When someone is referred to as “disheveled,” it means they are not meticulous about the way they look.

They are often untidy and messy in their appearance. People who behave in this manner do so because they don’t have the means to look good.

They simply do not fancy their presence. They feel there are other things worth considering other than their physical looks.


It is obvious that people who do not care about what others say or perceive about their appearance most of the time do that to attract people’s attention.

To some, it is natural, while others acquire such traits. However it is, the truth is that it is crucial to know popular options (although you mustn’t practice them).

Being aware of what people think about your fashion style is great too, but you shouldn’t be swayed by their opinions.

Be open-minded to criticism that will aid your growth, and get ready to change when you figure out that you’ve neglected an aspect of your appearance. I trust you have learned something new.

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