What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Share?

What name is most suitable for a person who doesn’t like to share? Some people are really about themselves and nobody else.

Their life and all that’s going on it remain theirs to worry and laugh about. This set of people does not see the need to share, no matter what it is.

You can call the person stingy but that sounds saturated already. Well, there are a couple of other terms and words you can call someone who doesn’t like to share.

You need not scout the internet or flip dictionary pages because I will be covering this topic in detail.

15 Names to Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Share

This article features some pretty good terms or words that you can call someone who doesn’t like to share.

While some of them abruptly label the person stingy, some go on to hint why he or she is like that. These various terms include.

  1. Self-centered
  2. Untrusting
  3. Reticent
  4. Greedy
  5. Hog
  6. Ungenerous
  7. Cagey
  8. Tight-lipped
  9. Self-effacing
  10. Selfish
  11. Stingy
  12. Unassertive
  13. Secretive
  14. Cautious
  15. Introvert


The first on this list of terms is the phrase self-centered. This term bodies the lifestyle of the person who refuses to share. It also clips the person’s lifestyle as a plausible reason why this person doesn’t like to share.

Self-centered people do not appreciate the opinion of others in their matter and they don’t also see the need to extend a helping hand to another person.

To people like this, life revolves around them and they do whatever they like or want with the expectation of gaining all the benefits.

When someone shows signs that they don’t like sharing things with people, you can call them self-centered.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Share

Have you ever met someone who lives on their toes? Like they barely even believe what you say as your name is the reality.

They always doubt you even before they get to know you well. Do you think such a person will be able to share things about themselves?

I bet you know that “NO” is the answer to that. Even if you see it as a probable case, there’s a high chance that he or she won’t share since they don’t even believe yours.

What do they do then? They simply lock up and remain withdrawn from whatever it is that is going on, without contributing or sharing anything, even a thought.


This is another term that you can call someone who doesn’t like to share. When someone is reticent, the person is exceptionally reserved and quiet. This quietness may be accompanied by slight moodiness too.

The state of being reticent is mostly caused by a bad experience from the past. It is grounds of reminiscing on some of these experiences that being reticent is formed.

You can bear with me that few victims of traumatic experiences say things about it. The greater number of persons who passed through this process of survival does not say anything about it.

They’re reticent and unwilling to share anything about their life with anyone.


When materialism and properties of living are involved in this subject matter, anyone who refuses to share especially when they have enough is greedy.

A greedy person hoards favor from reaching others and even when he gives out, it is for a greater profitable interest.

A greedy person will pack up food even when they have enough to share with those who do not have it. They’re bent on loading their silos and leaving others to their mercies.

When addressing such a person, do not blink an eye when saying it because they deserve such tags.


A hog is a name given to a certain breed of pig that does not share its space, water, or food with any other pig in the pen.

They’re raised in isolation from others because they’re overly protective of their territory, food, and water. You can call this to anyone who doesn’t like to share.

I know it sounds disdainful but that’s what people who do not share things with others out of greed are called.

Just like pigs, it is a dirty act to shy away from helping others by sharing things with them. Even if it is life tips, money, or even food, you have to share so that others scale through.

But when you live in isolation and have these goodies to yourself rather than share, nothing makes you different from a hog.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Share

Generosity is a fine virtue that involves giving and sharing things with others. But when you don’t do that, you’re ungenerous.

When a person detests sharing things, anything with anybody…they’re ungenerous.

It doesn’t matter if it is food or just a piece of information that they fail to share, it still counts as a flaw for them and they deserve that tag.


The term cagey is coined from the word cage and it denotes someone who lives secluded from other activities or people.

Just like the ancient cavemen lived in isolation, someone who doesn’t like to share is also isolating himself or herself from a lot of other people.

To be cagey means to be protective of oneself. This proves that being cautious about letting out information to people is one of the reasons why people do not share. The person doesn’t want to be held responsible for the news or gist. They don’t want to share things about themselves either because they don’t want to be in the spotlight.

As you can see in this context, the person’s intention for not sharing is good and meaningful.


They tight-lipped gang…I’ve seen a lot of them but didn’t succeed in becoming one. Those who are tight-lipped do not let information out of their mouth.

No matter what the circumstance is, they do not yield or spill the beans. I had a friend who portrayed this feature.

The dude was so tight-lipped that he told me about his wedding just a few days before the ceremony. He didn’t share with me that he’s seeing someone not to imagine getting married.

Such a person, they have a natural dislike of sharing things with other people. So if you’re looking for a subtle and not too-direct way of addressing someone who doesn’t like to share you can call him or her tight-lipped.


What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Like to Share

Among the things which can cause someone to dislike sharing, who would have thought that shyness is to be counted? Well, I did.

I was looking for appropriate terms to include on the list and I remembered my shy niece will never share how her school day went with me…lol.

The little kid helped me form the basis for this point and it was quite a realization. Being self-effaced means being shy to do things or even to share anything with anyone.

This counts as why some people dislike sharing. They feel shy you may laugh at their poor culinary skills or their inability to fully express how they feel.

So, they avoid anything that would make them share things with you.


I mentioned a similar term in this post with this. However, we’re always progressing so there’s no need to go back.

You can call anyone who doesn’t like to share selfish. It is more like a simple way of addressing such a person.

Selfishness connotes the fact that the person thinks only about themselves and nobody else. They’re more concerned about their gain than that of others.

A selfish person will not share anything with you, not after they feel satisfied.


In plain language, stinginess is what you call someone who doesn’t like to share. However, you have to consider the situation before you use this term on any person because it could come out as a backlash.


You can also call someone who finds it difficult to share unassertive. This posits the reason for the person’s noncompliance as a lack of courage or the wit to share things with others.

An unassertive person doesn’t like to share anything because they don’t have the gut to do that. Therefore, they’ll rather remain indifferent.


When you are secretive, it is hard to let out some things to other people. Take spies, for instance, their job descriptions entail they stay discreet with anything they do. This accounts for why they eat and drink alone.

They even have little to nothing to say to you, if they’re not asking you for vital information.

The same thing goes down with someone who doesn’t like to share…because they’re secretive.


Someone who doesn’t like to share might be taking caution. The reason for this caution may be best known to them which is why they don’t talk about it.

A lot of things could be at stake if they start to share things with you. It could be their true identity, savings, or top secret. Instead of risking all that, the person resorts to not sharing at all.


You can as well call someone who doesn’t like to share an introvert. Introverts have an affinity for being secretive and cautious which makes them shy away from sharing things with others.


Calling someone who doesn’t like to share stingy and greedy is preferential to a lot of people because they’re not aware of other terms.

However, this post has proven there are more fish in the river by giving you a long list of options. I also gave details of instances where some of these terms come into play.

I believe I have satisfied your curiosity, so kindly hit the share icon before you close this page.

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