What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text?

Deliberately not paying attention to someone can mean a lot. The same thing applies to ignoring someone’s text.

But in a negative/neutral context of the discussion, it is either for a selfish or childish reason. Although there are certain justifications as to why it is fair to ignore someone’s text, especially when they do the same or act as agents of distraction,

That being said, someone who ignores your text can be tagged as discourteous since they care little about sending you a reply or attending to your text, which could be urgent.

However, cruel people can also ignore your text because they don’t care a bit about you being happy or comfortable.

In a bid to revenge or show their attitude, they are most pleased when you are unhappy, so ignoring your text isn’t something they’ll gladly do from their unkind heart.

Read on to know some suitable names to call someone who ignores your text.

12 Names For Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Not paying attention to someone’s text is a typical attitude of someone who is nonchalant. They don’t care so much as to why they should send a reply to your text.

Someone who is Ill-mannered can do the same but in a more annoying way. Read on to know more names to call someone who ignores your text.

  1. Ghost
  2. Narcissist
  3. Coward
  4. Discourteous
  5. Ill-mannered
  6. Childish
  7. Cruel
  8. Nonchalant
  9. Deceptive
  10. Annoying
  11. Inconsiderate
  12. Flaky


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Their most prominent attitude of ghosts is to avoid calls and not respond to messages sent as texts or even on social media.

Most of the time, they get to see these messages as popped-up notifications or even read them without sending in replies and marking them as unread.

Ghosts do not notify you that they no longer want to engage in conversations with you. They simply make the decision on their own and stick to it.

So, when you don’t get feedback, calls, or responses to your texts from someone, you can say that they are ghosts.


When someone ignores your text all the time and treats you like you don’t deserve anything good, it is obvious that they are narcissists.

These people are also experts at playing blame games and causing your joy to turn sour within minutes.

By the time you figure out what narcissists do and you try to defend yourself, they’ll always prove to you that they are right by all standards.

And this can cause friction between you two, but thanks to their excellent blame game skills, you will be forced to apologize via calls or text messages.

Calling a narcissist on the phone may lead to further complications and leave you heartbroken. That’s if they choose to pick up your call.

But if you send them a text message, they may intentionally ignore it to show that they are not remorseful.


Someone who is easily intimidated can ignore your text. And this means they display cowardice or lack courage.

It is possible that you had a plan to face a challenge together and they are not so sure what the outcome will be since they are timid.

After your agreement, they may get very frightened and ignore your text even though you had an agreement beforehand. A coward may ignore your text to avoid a difficult encounter.


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Deliberately not paying attention to someone’s message can be a sign of rudeness. It is inconsiderate for someone to act in that manner, especially when it’s a request that needs to be urgently taken care of or you expect an immediate reply.

When discourteous person ignores your text, they do it intentionally because they are impolite and full of themselves.

Since they don’t care about how you feel, they find it fun to reply to you at their convenience. Someone who is courteous will not ignore your text.


From all indications, someone who ignores your text is poorly-behaved. They behave in a manner that is not proper, or else they would have sent a response to your message or even left feedback that they got your message rather than ignore it completely.

Ill-mannered people always come up with excuses, like they were busy when they saw your message, but when you try to ask them why they didn’t respond, they might add to their offense by saying that they wanted to send a reply but something happened. If you insist, they can make a big deal out of the matter.


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Someone who behaves childlike won’t fail to ignore your text messages when you have a quarrel.

To them, not replying to your text is a way of expressing their anger towards you, not knowing that forgiveness shows more maturity than what they try to portray.

When someone is childish, they’ll find fault in almost everything. At that point, trying to solve an issue between you and them via a text message may end abruptly since they may not pay attention to your text or they’ll simply act like it doesn’t matter at all, even when you hold it in high esteem.


A cruel person will willingly cause pain to someone else. Making someone feel unhappy isn’t a big deal to them at all, as implied to them when it comes to responding to ignoring text messages.

Cruel people don’t care about how others feel. In fact, they enjoy it when they inflict pain on others, making them feel less about themselves or even depressed.

Someone who is cruel can withhold help from another, as if they are not in a position to help, even when they have more than enough to assist. Ignoring text is one of many unkind things that a cruel person can do.

They are joyful when others complain about their bad habits, and they seem not to change a bit because they find solace in being unkind.


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Someone who is nonchalant is irresponsible. Just as they neglect their responsibilities, they hardly pay attention to things that they should.

As a result of this attitude of theirs, they don’t see anything wrong with ignoring text messages from other people, and they do it frequently.

Nonchalant people are careless and not properly coordinated. So, they can ignore your text message for many reasons.

It could be because they don’t pay attention or they are not relaxed and capable of paying attention to do what they ought to at the time they should.


Someone who ignores your message is most likely trying to hide the truth from you when they say they didn’t.

Most of the time, when you ask them why they didn’t send feedback from their end, they may say that they didn’t see the text.

Or, if it’s a text on social media, there is a certainty that they will mark it unread after reading it and leave it without a reply of any sort.

This is because they are deceptive and have chosen to make the truth unknown. If a close friend of yours constantly practices this, it is a sign that they are deceptive.


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

It feels so annoying when someone explains to you the same storyline time and time again as an excuse for ignoring your text.

Not everyone can get along with such people, especially in a boss-to-staff relationship. Someone who intentionally doesn’t take your text seriously can be tagged as annoying.

They may not know that their negligence, which has been making them apologize every time, can make someone pissed. But their actions are so annoying as they can give birth to neural thoughts.


It is true that time should be well managed, but when it comes to neglecting other people’s rights in the process, then something has gone wrong.

Not being thoughtful of other people could be the reason why someone ignores your text.

Maybe they feel that they are too important to respond or too busy to spare some time to give someone like you feedback. Inconsiderate people do not care at all. Nor do they want to know what it is.

They do not care if you rely on the text to get information that you need urgently or if you need to get in touch with them with great haste.


What Do You Call Someone Who Ignores Your Text

Flaky people are lazy and unreliable. Most of the time, their reason for not responding to your text is that they were ‘about to’. And when you look closely, it is either as a result of laziness or procrastination.

If you need to fill out a form in haste and you need to put in important information that you are not in possession of at the moment, flaky people are not always helpful at that moment.

This is because they are unreliable and, no matter the intense sense of urgency you try to create through your test message, they tend to assume and, most of the time, choose to procrastinate.


When someone ignores your text, they may not be as bad as they seem. It could also be that they do not explicitly grasp the meaning of the message you sent in a text.

However, whatever could be the reason why someone ignores your text, you should try to find out. This will enable you to understand how best to channel your energy.

Maybe they’ll respond to phone calls better and faster, or if they feel you are not worth their time, they will reach out to someone who will pay attention to you and not pretend not to notice when you need help urgently.

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