What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves?

Every one of us has probably met people who are full of themselves at some point in their lives. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken with appreciating oneself for attaining success towards a goal.

It is commendable for one to appreciate themselves for performing well in a subject or project, but it becomes a matter of concern when they begin to project an elevated self-image.

They often do it for some kind of recognition or to prove a point to others. In actuality, they may be good at what they do, but they will stop at nothing to make everyone else feel they are the best and they can’t match up.

When their self-appreciation transcends to this level, it can be said that they are full of themselves.

In this article, we will be looking at 10 names you can give a person who is full of themselves.

10 Names For Someone Who Is Full Of Themselves

Jumping to the conclusion that someone who is full of themselves should be called proud can be a misjudgment.

However, this is not to rule out the fact that someone who is full of themselves can be called proud. There are other names they can be called, which will completely fit into their behavioral patterns.

Below are 10 names, someone who is full of themselves, can be called:

  1. Proud
  2. Egomaniac
  3. Narcissistic
  4. Arrogant
  5. Conceited
  6. Boastful
  7. Pompous
  8. Condescending
  9. Obnoxious
  10. Bossy


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

People often think that pride is a good thing. You’ll always hear the saying ” you should be proud of yourself.”

However, this is not to completely overrule the fact that you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. Most people who are full of themselves do it under the cover of being just impressed by what they have become.

In actuality, these people have transcended from having healthy self-esteem or being pleased with the fact that they did something great to thinking of themselves more highly than they ought to.

Proud people restrain themselves from rejoicing in the success of others. For the sake of keeping up appearances, proud people do not tell others about their problems when they really need someone to confide in.

One of many attributes peculiar to proud people is that they are bad listeners. They give others a hard time when they try to reason with them because they do not consider other people’s opinions, feelings, or perspectives.

It is always about their life and no one else.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

There is a difference between people who are full of joy because of an accomplishment and just want to share it and those who share their accomplishments because they are full of themselves.

An egomaniac is someone who is overly self-confident; they think highly of themselves and only themselves.

An egomaniac has a hard time accepting correction, rebuke, or criticism. They take comments negatively and personally, and in a bid to justify their actions, they become very defensive.

Their negative perspective on people makes an egomaniac a fault-finder. They do not give others the benefit of the doubt and will always assume that their motives are right.

Their ego makes them self-centered and negative people. What this does is that it magnifies the faults of others and makes them blind to their own faults.


A narcissist is someone who is a little too obsessed with their image. They have an elevated trait and are primarily driven by the fact that they are always right.

No matter what comes out of their mouth, even if the last thing they said contradicts what they previously said, they are still right.

To various degrees, narcissists think they are better looking, smarter, and more important than other people and deserve special treatment.

They are characterized by dominance and attention-seeking. When their rosy view of themselves is challenged, they turn resentful and aggressive.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

Arrogant persons are so full of themselves that they would go all out, talking everyone else down.

They have nothing good to say about every single person because of how negative they are about other people’s opinions.

An arrogant person thinks they are better than every other individual when it comes to their talent.

They feel like no one can outsmart them or beat them in a particular subject that they are good at. They tell everyone else what to do but won’t roll up their sleeves and join in on the work.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

Conceited people tend to be full of themselves because they see themselves as better than others. They always think they are right when it’s blatantly clear that they are wrong, and they will never apologize.

In a bid to keep the picture that they are the best, they would not give others credit for their work or accomplishments.

For instance, let’s say you are working on a project with a conceited person. They often want to be the sole beneficiary of all the success and take more credit.

One of the most striking features of conceited people is that they tend to be very vain and judgemental.

They are often very obsessed with their image, and the reason for that is that they need constant reassurance to fuel their self-worth.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

When someone is full of themselves, they are boastful. You often hear them say words like “I did this” or ” I did that”.

They always want to prove how smart and knowledgeable they are and seek every opportunity to let people know that they already know something, know more, or have a better solution. Boastful people are never wrong.

Their egos will never let them admit they are wrong sometimes. They behave as though they have been everywhere and have experienced everything.

If there is a problem, they always seem to have a solution. If there is a question, they have an answer.

They are generally poor listeners, often thinking about what they are going to say next rather than hearing what you are saying.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

A pompous person is one who is full of themselves and thinks they are more important than they really are.

Such people speak or act in a formal way just to show their importance as they hold a high opinion of themselves.

These people can be found in offices, shopping malls, grocery stores, and, most notably, on social media.

Lately, it seems like the social media space serves as a converging point for them. Their timelines are filled with posts that either talk about acquiring the latest iPhone series or how the company was awarded a contract because of their input.

They are always concerned about getting recognized for everything.


Condescending people are those who treat others like they don’t matter simply because they are full of themselves.

These people can’t keep their mouths shut when it comes to talking about other people in a mean way. Although they are fun when talking about themselves and their accomplishments, they do not see anything worth commending in others.

Condescending people always want to make others feel dumb just so they can elevate themselves. They simply do this because they are full of themselves.

Oftentimes, they want everyone else to agree to their terms, not necessarily because they are right, but to feed their insecurity.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

An obnoxious person is one who is full of themselves. They do not just stop at elevating themselves high above others but have a way of making others feel miserable about themselves.

They are never quiet because their words are weapons that they use to troll people. They are more interested in letting those beneath them know why they would not come to their position.

This is aimed at making others feel angry at themselves for not living up to certain standards but giving them credit.


What Do You Call Someone Who Is Full of Themselves

A person who is full of themselves is bossy. It is a defensive way of protecting their ego.

They portray dominating traits through which they force people to agree or comply with them, often through negative methods like aggression, threats, and withdrawal of love.

Someone who is full of themselves, bosses others around so as to make them look inferior while they maintain a superior stance.

They feel inclined to tell someone else what to do when to do it, and how they should do it because of that sense of being way better than them.


In conclusion, you may not be one who loves name-calling. You often consider letting things slide so you can maintain a good relationship with people.

However, it is not totally a bad idea to choose to be that kind of person. You only need to understand that when dealing with a person who is full of themselves, portraying a calm spirit won’t make them change.

Rather, it fuels their desire to prey on you. You shouldn’t refrain from calling them names that befit their behavioral patterns, some of which are listed above.

This will make them feel you already have an insight into how high they are positioning themselves. and this will, in turn, sting their ego.

I believe you are now knowledgeable of the names you can call a person who is full of themselves.

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