What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others’ Pain?

When someone laughs at your predicament, it is never a pleasant experience. They act in an insensitive trait, which is far from what we consider humane.

Just as we have positive and genuine reasons to express humor, people who laugh at others’ pain have a lot of reasons to behave that way. It is often because they feel someone is deserving of the pain they are going through.

It could also be a result of their upbringing. They might have grown up in areas where people are never happy about other people’s success. They would do anything just to see them cringe because this is what makes them joyful.

It sure is a disturbing character. But what do we call such people? In this article, we will be looking at 10 words to call someone who laughs at other people’s pain.

10 Words To Call Someone Who Laughs At Others’ Pain

It is hard to comprehend how people who laugh at others’ pain are able to feel some sense of satisfaction from this barbaric act. We sometimes refer to them as inhumane.

This is because their behavior negates that of a normal human being. However, there are particular names you can give them, and that is what we’ll be looking at in this article. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Below is a list of 10 words that can call someone who laughs at others’ pain.

  1. Sadist
  2. Psychopath
  3. Gloater
  4. Narcissist.
  5. Malicious glee
  6. Sarcastic
  7. Sardonic
  8. Epicaricacists
  9. Schadenfreude
  10. Katagelasticists


A sadist is a person who causes harm to a person because they derive pleasure from their pain.

For example, let’s say you get into an argument with someone and the person lashes you with mean, deeply personal comments. You are wounded by the word and start crying.

The sadistic person feels satisfied because they won the fight and they called you those names. They experience great satisfaction in inflicting you with pain and knowing that they have successfully made their mark. It gives them a deposit into their emotional bank.


This is a mental problem where a person loses their human feelings and will act oppositely to what is expected. A psychopath does have a feeling of guilt when they hurt somebody.

Rather, they gain satisfaction. Some people believe that psychopaths have medical conditions, but it has been medically proven that no iota of their brain has improved.

What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others' Pain

Psychopaths seem to respond automatically to pain, grief, and hurt because they derive the utmost pleasure from seeing others suffer.

This personality trait may be a result of their upbringing. It is possible they were brought up abnormally. Under certain circumstances, brutal parents raise children who grow up to be psychopaths.


A gloater is someone who displays happiness over someone else’s misfortune. There are certain situations in which a gloater finds humor.

These situations include when they stand to benefit from another person’s suffering; when the other person’s difficulties are in some way justified; or when something catastrophic occurs to a person they dislike, resent, or envy.

They are all about appeasing their security. Other people’s happiness doesn’t matter to them.


Narcissists enjoy an irrational burst of relief and happiness when they see others going through pain. They have an undying commitment to making people around them feel pain or dissatisfaction so that they can laugh over it.

They see true happiness as a mere illusion, and so instead of being happy for positive reasons, they wait for something negative to happen before they express their joyful emotions.

What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others' Pain

Several factors contribute to the narcissist’s dislike of seeing others happy. Firstly, it is because they are self-absorbed individuals.

They only think of themselves, and when they evaluate your progress and see how it affects them, their only desire becomes your failure.

Secondly, narcissist laughs over people’s pain because they lack empathy. They don’t see the need to be sad when others are, so they express happiness.

Malicious Glee

A person with malicious glee is someone who enjoys seeing others suffer.

Having a great sense of humor is part of being a well-rounded kind of person. But it is not the same kind of humor these individuals enjoy. Malicious glee is motivated by a deep sense of insecurity.

The physical desire of control and condescension is an insecure person that wants to be the best because they are afraid they won’t be.

Their sense of humor is what drives them. It becomes their compensation for their feeling of inadequacy. They try to elevate themselves at someone else’s expense, and they experience no difficulty trying to make people feel pain.

What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others' Pain

Most of the time, a malicious glee gives insulting compliments as part of their humor. Their sole aim is to express an elevated sense of humor when someone is in a miserable condition.


Sarcastic is a word used to refer to a person who uses sarcasm to hurt someone for the sole aim of deriving happiness. Sarcasm is hurtful, and it is like getting the emotional flesh torn.

Oftentimes, a sarcastic person uses these words in a humorous way to act like they are joking. But in actuality, they want that person to cringe.

When they do this, their brain gives them a generous release of endorphins and they burst out in laughter. Being able to inflict pain on others through their words especially feels rewarding.


A person who reacts to someone’s tragedy with sarcastic laughter or comments is said to be sardonic. Sardonic laughter is a form of pleasure in suffering rather than just humor.

What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others' Pain

A sardonic person conditions their mind to the negative outcome of another person’s life or experience. They anticipate it with too much expectation because it is the only reason they can laugh most of the time.

In order to derive joy from other people’s pain, a sardonic person would initiate a conversation and crack random jokes. They would indirectly begin to get at someone and still disguise it as a joke.

They would laugh their heart out, knowing fully how their words made someone else cringe.


An Epicaricascist is someone who laughs at others when they are in pain. People with these traits laugh at others because they feel they are deserving of whatever situation they are going through.

They see others’ suffering as a thing of joy because of their low self-esteem or envy. In this state of insecurity, they tend to see others as “worthy” of experiencing pain or anguish.

For instance, if their friends get to date a guy who they do not like or approve of, somewhere along the line, the relationship crashes because she lost him to death.

An Epicaricascist never shows empathy. Instead of consoling their friend, they get excited and laugh out loud because they didn’t like him in the first place.


Schadenfreude is gaining the utmost pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. Schadenfreude is a combination of the German terms Schaden and Freude, which means harm and delight.

Most individuals occasionally feel schadenfreude, which typically happens when someone they despise is in danger or suffers a setback.

For instance, a student may secretly rejoice when their fiercest rival in class fails a test, and an individual may find enjoyment in their ex-marital spouse’s death.

What Do You Call Someone Who Laughs At Others' Pain

Some witty comedians also make use of schadenfreude by enticing viewers to laugh at the suffering or embarrassment of others.

In other situations, schadenfreude can be mistaken for misdirected compassion. We can all attest to the embarrassing nature of tripping in front of others.

Instead of being all concerned and saying a simple sorry, they would burst out in laughter instead. Acting like they couldn’t wait for it occur.


A person who enjoys laughing at others excessively is said to have katagelasticism. Katagelasticists deliberately seek out and create scenarios where they may make fun of other people (at the expense of these people).

Katagelasticists would engage in a wide range of activities, from amusing word games or innocuous practical jokes to seriously embarrassing and even harmful jokes.

They believe that making fun of others is a natural part of life and that those who object should simply respond with their own sense of humor. The katagelasticist like making fun of other people, and nothing can prevent them from doing so.


To bring this informative and interesting discussion to a close, it is critical that you investigate why someone laughs when you or others are in pain.

It may be a mental disorder or be an intentional act of feeding their insecurity. Also, it could possibly be as a result of their upbringing.

This will help you know what exact name to call them. It would be incorrect to call this sarcastic Schadenfreude.

As much as they both laugh at others, they do it for different reasons. I believe you have now gained clarity on what to call someone who laughs over other people’s pain.

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