Someone Who Reads The Mind Is Called?

People desire to know the intent of others, whether they are saying the truth or not, or if they want to harm you.

People who have experienced betrayers or have trust issues don’t mind going to a prophet to inquire about someone’s thoughts.

It may not necessarily be because they suspect them, but it could be for reasons best known to them.

However, it is beautiful to know that certain people have figured out that they are talented at mind reading.

Others have taken time to study and sharpen their sensory perception so they can read people’s minds accurately. Sometimes, people who read others’ minds involve a spirit.

People who read minds are called diviners. Some others are called “mediums”. There are other names they can be called, and I will be stating these names below.

11 names you can call someone who reads minds

“Mind readers’ are usually critical people. Especially clairvoyant people who can read people’s minds.

While mediums discover that it’s an innate ability, psychics develop their perception to attain those heights. Here are some more names of people who can read minds:

  • Thought reader
  • Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Prophet
  • Diviner
  • Horoscopist
  • Mentalist
  • Oracle
  • Mental telepathist
  • Psychic
  • Sage

Thought reader

A thought reader is synonymous with a mind reader; they are trained or gifted with the ability to communicate someone’s thoughts.

Also, thought readers can be magicians who can pick people’s teachings almost accurately, if not precisely.

They rarely employ the supernatural or use uncommon tricks to read the mind. Thought readers are strategic in what they do.

You can notice them by how attentively they look at someone who is speaking or performing an action.

Most times, the reason why they look with so much attention is in order to decipher someone’s thoughts.

This category of people can read a person’s mind during their usual communication process.

They can discern what is in the minds of those they converse with, and this may make the people around them who know about their ability to constantly pledge their loyalty to them.

As a result of their ability, thought leaders always attract those around them.


Some scientists also fall into this category of people as their unique abilities can sometimes be attributed to their mystic power of reading the mind.

Not every thought reader operates from the natural realm; the information that a good number of thought readers dispense is from the spirit realm.

As a result, they are an ideal medium for people who consult or even give platforms as stage magicians. Mediums are majorly spiritualists who act as middlemen between the natural and spirit worlds.

They are not only great when it comes to reading someone’s mind; they also provide helpful information as a result of acting as a medium between the physical and the world of the mind.


Clairvoyant people have a vision that is beyond the natural. Their ability is usually based on hypothesis, and their perception is via normal sensory channels.

So, when a clairvoyant person meets with people who want to harm them, they can spot them in a few minutes and reveal their intent to them.

In different scenarios, these people have surprised people that they converse with by telling them the exact things on their minds, which is not far from what they think.


The Prophet speaks in place of spirits. This makes people who pay attention to spirits stay in touch with them in order to get the thoughts of the spiritual.

Since they receive inspiration from a supernatural being most of the time, meeting with them can spark an explanation of what is on your mind.

On a good day, the thoughts of a person can be revealed to them by a prophet. Usually, this ability comes as a gift, and when prophets prophesy to someone in the form of reading their minds, it is expected that they ask for confirmation from that person if their mind reading is accurate or if there is something missing.


Most people desire to access the spiritual, but they don’t always get the opportunity to get directly in touch with them as diviners do. A diviner has a close relationship with the divine.

This gives them an edge when it comes to reading someone’s mind. A diviner is simply a god. They are just perfect when it comes to finding out hidden events, the triggers of happenings, and even the minds of people.

Divination is an occultic practice, and it works perfectly when it comes to reading the mind, as people always keep the thoughts in their minds to themselves, except if they choose to spill them out intentionally.

But diviners can express what’s in their minds with apt accuracy, with or without their permission.


A horoscopist practices horoscopes.

Aside from their other duties, like foretelling things that should happen to someone using the elements of the solar system, they can discern the intent of someone’s mind.

Their Zodiac knowledge also enhances this ability of theirs to read someone’s mind.


These people display an outstanding level of mental power. Mentalists solely believe that physical experiences simply exist as a result of their relationship with the mind, so they take it upon themselves to wholly study the mind.

From studying, they’ve developed hacks to enable them to read a person’s mind. They mostly serve as magicians and are excellent entertainers.

Mentalists are enviable people because of their rare talents for reading a person’s thoughts, so their magic is quite more relatable to people than that of other spiritualists who read minds.

And this gives them an edge when it comes to stage performance. Apart from their keen knowledge of the human mind, they get some impressions from their study of human behavior and sometimes hypnosis.

A typical mentalism performance has little or nothing at all to do with a trick.


More often than not, Oracles are consultants. When people get to meet them for advice or counsel, they may not necessarily say all they have in mind, but oracles can read them out before proffering a solution or giving advice.

They give prophetic insights into situations too, and they do that by gaining revelation from a divine being. Their wise opinions are full of authority and held in high esteem by the inquirers who seek to get answers from a god.

Oracles sometimes operate in shrines as they are commanding intermediaries from God to people who seek to inquire about the divine.

Mental telepathist

People who are skilled in strange aspects of communication, like mind-reading, are called mental telepathists. Telepathic people communicate direct thoughts with ease and precision.

They have the special capability to discern a person’s mind without words or even signs that others can see. These people have trained their transmission receptacle, especially sensory perception, to pick up someone’s thoughts directly. It seems like science, but it isn’t fully science.

They can simply communicate with a person’s mind to know their thoughts. And they may choose to say it out loud if they dim it fits or not.


Psychics are not concerned with so much that has to do with the physical world. They are more connected to the psychological sense of the mind.

Psychics are skilled beyond the norm as they read minds via perception. Basically, “psychic” is a Greek word that can be traced to the mind/soul, and people who are called psychics possess an outstanding mental capacity that involves perceiving other people’s thoughts accurately.

People who are involved in this act usually have something to do with mystics, and this special ability of theirs affords them the opportunity to read other people’s minds.


Reading someone’s mind accurately mustn’t be the duty of a spiritualist or even a scientist. A sage who combines both can read someone’s mind without error. Sages are full of wisdom.

They are spiritual people who teach most of the time and give accurate judgment. When it comes to mind-reading, people sometimes prefer to reach out to sages since they are astonishingly wise.

Again, they don’t always stop at mind reading; they further explain secrets and give helpful insights to overcome challenges. A seer is skillful in seeing via spiritual channels. They are competent when it comes to deciphering hidden intentions.


Reading someone’s mind is a remarkable ability, whether it is a talent or a skill acquired through in-depth study, research, analysis, and practice.

People love to stay around or make difficult inquiries of people with this rare skill, as it affords them the opportunity to get in touch with the supernatural or even get divine counsel.

However, some other people may find them strange and ensure that they have nothing to do with them since they feel that their abilities must be satanic or from an evil spirit, even though skilled mind readers like psychics and mental telepathists read people’s minds, not with a spiritual backing but with critical mind and behavior study.

I trust you enjoyed your reading and got value from this article.

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