15 Things to Say When a Girl Calls You Sweet

Girls don’t often tell guys what they think about them, except if she’s already your girl. But occasionally you might have a girl or more tell you out of the blue that you’re sweet.

If you weren’t expecting those exact words it is easy to be lost for words momentarily and if it’s a girl you liked there is a tendency to rush into a response.

This article presents 15 responses that you can give in return, and when to say them.

1. Thanks, I appreciate those words

Sometimes just be honest, accept the compliment and move on with the conversation or your life.

The reason for this is that a girl may compliment you without expecting a compliment in return or anything for that matter. And the feeling behind the compliment may have nothing to actually do with you at that moment.

The circumstance:

If this compliment comes when you are both texting, then it may stem from sources that have nothing to actually do with her feelings for you.

The compliment may be in reference to just a word you said. That word just kind of blew up in her mind and made her feel good. Simple.

2. Really, how?

A girl may call you sweet if she really thinks you’re sweet. If you are one to tell the difference between tones, you may be able to spot the nuances in either the manner or speed of texting and replying.

Or if it’s on a voice call and she says this it is easier to guess the meaning in her tone.

Asking a question helps you further the conversation. Acting piqued also makes her say more.

Saying: really, how? Can also help you get clarification on where you both stand in the scheme of things. You don’t want to lose a potential girlfriend.

The circumstance:

You should ask that question if you already detected the girl digs you. And especially if it’s a face-to-face conversation.

You are asking the question to get context. She may likely break it down by giving a specific reason for the use of the word sweet. From there you can decide to take things further or just let it flow.

3. You deserve all the sweetness in the world

This may sound corny but depending on your relationship with the girl this may just be what she wants to hear you say. This assumes that you know her quite a bit. If she has a thing for you, I expect you know this too.

Saying this is like redirecting the pressure back to her, especially if you sense the girl is testing you.

If it’s a girl trying to friend zone you and you want to show you don’t simp, saying this gives the impression you are not so into her for a relationship. She deserves the sweetness the whole world – including other guys – can give her.

The circumstance:

The best circumstance to say these words is when you sense that a girl is being polite. And also if it’s a face-to-face conversation.

If she’s saying the words to show she wants you, it will be clear. Match her tone carefully but mean it.

If she said the words casually, say it back the same way so you don’t sound corny or like a simp. Most girls will get the tone too.

4. Just smile and keep talking

This is by far my favorite response to a girl who calls me sweet. Especially if it’s a girl I don’t intend to date. Smiling and saying nothing keeps you covered.

As the saying goes, no one can be called upon to repeat something they didn’t say. Smiling serves to show you accept the compliment without committing yourself to anything.

Wait it out. If she wants a response, a concrete one, she’ll find a way to get it. Until then, stay safe bro.

The circumstance:

In a texting situation, you reply with a smiley emoji. And also in a face-to-face conversation.

It is also a good response in a situation where you don’t want any romantic strings with the girl. Or where you clearly can tell she isn’t really into you.

5. Squeeze her hands gently and say more nice things

Reassure her there’s more sweetness where that one came from without words. A girl may call you sweet you truly sweet, and because you have been a shoulder for her to cry on.

If you don’t mind being that shoulder and you also are a guy who doesn’t take advantage of just about any moment of weakness in a girl, then simply squeeze her hands and let the world keep rolling.

The circumstance:

She’s going through a hard breakup with her boyfriend and you are her best friend or someone she feels free to open her heart to.

It is not a time to try to make your own move and get into her pants. If you really like her and would want something serious then be smart about it. Help her heal, then maybe there’s a chance for you.

6. Nah, you’re just saying that

You should grin after saying this. This should match the tone and vigor with which the girl called you sweet. It throws the ball back to her.

If she means it and wants you to accept it, work more of that magic on her in other ways, she’ll begin to argue how much she means it.

And that’s a good thing if you wanted her to be your girlfriend after all.

The circumstance:

Use this reply if you and the girl are out in the park, sitting and having ice cream, or you are walking back from a movie and have been having a swell, platonic night.

If you sense she’s been giving you vibes before now, saying you don’t think she means it gives her a chance to either keep things the way they are or guide you to her heart.

7. I know

This is a risky thing to say in response to a girl that calls you sweet. You may come off as being cocky. Being cocky is the other extreme of the spectrum.

On the other hand, you don’t want to appear like a simp. Saying I know with the right tone, perhaps accompanied by a mocking smile can reduce tension in the girl, and make her see you as being confident and funny.

So, watch how you say it. If you get it right, she will tell you almost anything from here on out.

The circumstance:

Say this if you are physical with her. If it’s a texting situation, make sure to add a sticker or emoji that suggests a sarcastic tone. Said sarcasm should be for fun, not an attack on her.

Make sure she’s the type that gets sarcasm though.

8. Did I say something wrong?

A girl may call you sweet to insult or mock you. Especially if she perceives you are trying to get her attention by being nice.

Unfortunately, we are not always nice to people who are nice to us. So you may struggle to get her attention by buying her stuff, topping her up on gas, and her phone bills.

If she thinks this is all a show to make her see you in a romantic way, she may call you a sweet guy.

She likes someone else and really doesn’t consider you a guy she could date. She may call you sweet just to keep you around or to mock and send you off.

Asking if you said or did something wrong may prompt her to open up about your prospects with her. Asking may also wake you up from your slumber and smell the coffee.

The circumstance:

Younger teens suffer this more. Teens in colleges, high schools. This can happen at work.

9. No, I’m not!

A girl can call you sweet instead of acknowledging that she hurt you. It is a self-preservation mechanism she is using to exempt herself from taking responsibility for a mistake.

We all do this when we say something nice instead of actually apologizing.

Saying no I’m not to the compliment sets you up as one who values his self-respect and dignity.

It is either the right way or the highway for you, nothing less. You want to be properly valued.

If she embarrassed you in front of her friends but you chose to be nice, calmly explaining how her behavior hurts you, she should apologize.

Check her tone when she calls you sweet, she could be mocking you still.

The circumstance:

It is definitely if she’s a girl you might date, or if she’s a friend you care about. Also if you share mutual friends who may have witnessed the event.

10. Do you mean like…?

Definitely try to get clarification if you care about how the girl sees you. It’s a different thing if you don’t mind what others say about your dressing, your looks, the way you speak, or other mannerisms.

Most girls care about their looks, hence when she calls you sweet, know that it may have something to do with your looks.

Asking the question above allows her to show you a comparison. Sweet, as in, your hairstyle is like Depp’s? Your jacket looks good, like…whoever.

The circumstance:

Ask this question if you are both in public. Or if you posted a picture of yourself on your WhatsApp status, or Facebook story and she texts you about it, calling you sweet.

11. I do really like you

Yes, say the truth and be free. Girls are very intuitive in this matter, even more than men. If she says you are sweet, she could mean, ‘Brad, I know you like me. I like you too.’

If you sense this in her tone or pattern of texting, and she’s a girl you like, then say you like her.

Although you shouldn’t make her feel this is why you are nice to her. Of course, some girls want a guy who thinks they are the best after wigs. Still, be careful how you convey these things.

The circumstance:

If she’s someone to really like. If she’s your best friend and you’d like to leave that zone.

You are in a restaurant, sitting face to face, hands almost touching and she says you are sweet in that soft sensual tone. You get the picture.

12. Are you looking at me or a mirror?

This is one of the sweetest replies you can give to a lady who calls you sweet. It can also be a form of deflection.

First, if this is a girl that’s been on your radar and now she comes up and calls you sweet, then make her feel even better by saying those words. It would blow her mind further.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to sound corny when you say this so watch your tone.

If you text this, never add any emoji to it. Make it bare. It puts her in a situation where she begins to consider just how much she’s into you.

Second, if you are deflecting, say this to make her stop calling you sweet. If she said it to mock you, you now make her feel the same way.

The circumstance:

The best situation to say this is when you are texting with the girl and she calls you sweet.

If she doesn’t reply immediately, she may be wondering just how much you like her and if she should give both of you a chance at it.

Any other situation, say these words only if you are both in the proximity of a mirror.

13. You are sweet too

We often abuse in return when someone abuses us. But few people return a compliment when they get it.

We are often too quick to input a negative motive into a compliment especially when we are not so confident in ourselves.

If the compliment comes from a girl who’s a stranger, the best thing to say is, you are sweet too. Make sure the girl really is sweet. Be sincere with your compliment.

The circumstance:

Say this if it’s a public place, on the internet in the comment section of a post you made.

Sometimes when this compliment comes from a girl you know and you are sure they mean well, return the compliment too.

14. Be wary: ask what she wants

Funny right. But the truth is a girl can call you sweet because she wants something from you. It is much like in the workplace when your boss suddenly gets nice to you and then follows the gesture up with more work.

If a girl you suspect might try to pinch you for stuff calls you sweet, walk away. Or stay if you want to indulge her.

The circumstance:

This can happen anywhere. It could be while texting with her or when with her in person.

15. I get that a lot

Let her know she’s not the only one who’s said that about you. Say this if you don’t care much about how she perceives you afterward.

Some girls like a confident corky guy. If you are that way and without being disrespectful, you can own it.

The circumstance:

If she’s a girl you figure dating is impossible, then you are all set up for whatever.

Say this if she’s a stranger on the bus you let her take your sit or something.

Final thoughts

If you look harder, the world has lost most of its sweetness. So if someone calls you sweet, you should accept the compliment.

Use most of the suggestions here if the girl is someone you already know. She just might be calling you sweet because she likes you. Maybe we will be reading about your love story soon.


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