20 Ways to Say Sorry When You Call Someone by Mistake

Do you imagine those feelings you get when you accidentally call someone with your mobile device? However, it can still be a physical call whereby you thought someone looked like your friend.

It happens to everybody most of the time and there is nothing to worry about. It is just a bitter pill to swallow whenever you experience it.

Most people start stuttering once the person they mistakenly called answers, which usually sounds disgusting to the ear.

Unintentional calls occur at a time of emergency, feeling sleepy while pressing your phone, allowing your phone to be handled by a child, inside a bag or pocket, when the phone is faulty, or any other things. This is not a cause for alarm as it can be handled carefully and with ease.

In this article, I have carefully distilled down the 20 easiest things to say when you call someone mistakenly, number 4 will shock you the most. Read attentively.

“Hey, dude! I’m sorry for the call, my child mistakenly dialed your number unknowingly”

Ways to Say Sorry When You Call Someone by Mistake

The easiest way to make a crying child stop crying is by giving him or her your phone. Once he gets the phone, he might unknowingly call a friend, do not bother about this, simply, tell the person that you didn’t plan to call, and that you are truly sorry for the call, it was all your child’s fault.

“Ahh! My bad! please pardon me, it was not intentional, I was sleeping”

Sometimes, after having a hectic day, and feeling exhausted, you might decide to rest on the couch for a while. Then, have the impression of glancing through your phone to check the latest news popping up on Operanews, Twitter, or any other social media platforms.

Boom! You slept off without keeping your phone very well. Accidentally, you might call someone, and even if the person answered, there will be no response from you.

This action might make the person call back. When your phone rings, it will now dawn on you that your phone is still in your hands. Answering the call:

  • You:  “Hello! This one you are calling me by this time of the night?
  • Caller: Mbok, you called me first.
  • You: I didn’t intend to call by this time, I’m so sorry, I was about to hit the sack when I dialed your number unknowingly. Please we will talk tomorrow morning. Good night.

Answering someone politely makes them feel comfortable with you.

“Oh! Forgive me, that’s the wrong number”

It’s possible to omit a number while dialing a friend’s number. This leads to you calling someone else that you do not know.

In that condition, kindly tell the person that you made a mistake while trying to call a friend. Please,  forgive me, it’s the wrong number and there is no need of calling back again.

“Pardon me, you look like a friend”

“The other day, I saw someone that looked just like my friend, Caro. She possessed the same body shape as Caro. I was convinced that she was the one. I shouted her name, Caro, the person turned and that was the time it dawned on me that it was not Caro I saw.

To clear up the embarrassment, I went ahead to say, ” pardon me, you look like a friend of mine that’s why I called you.

To my utmost surprise, she walked away without saying anything. I was deeply humiliated”.

Most people have common physical features. Someone can look like your friend, but by getting close to the person, you will find out that you rarely know the person.

Sometimes, while walking on the road, someone that looks familiar to you might pass you, and you will be forced to call the person, who might turn to answer you.

Standing in front of you, you will realize that the person is not known by you. You don’t need to be shy, apologize to the person, and continue your journey.

“Oh my goodness, I didn’t plan to call, my phone is faulty”

Human beings most times fall sick, and this transpires in mobile devices. Your phone might develop technical problems whereby it doesn’t work under your control again.

The problem might be calling most of the contacts on your phone. If you experience this, just explain everything to the person involved. Tell him how sorry you are for the inconvenience this must have caused and it was not done willingly.

“What the hell! I didn’t know the time I called you, Please forgive me”.

There are times when you will have someone to call in your mind but end up calling another person, don’t worry much, explain how you planned to call someone but end up calling him, and it was done by mistake.

If you are not in the mood or convenient place to continue with the conversation, tell the person you will call him or her later.

“Oops! Don’t be mad at me, it was unintentional”

Calling someone else by mistake, especially when you are in a haste to call someone for an emergency or an appointment can be annoying and frustrating.

To solve this problem, the victim might be so angry about the disturbances, just apologize reasonably and the case will be closed.

For instance, Oops! Please don’t be mad at me, I didn’t plan to call you now, it was all a mistake. Let’s talk later.

“I honestly apologize for ringing you by this time of the day, it was actually unawares”

Most people don’t entertain night calls so calling someone who doesn’t like that is so annoying. To eliminate the problem that might evolve from that, talk to the person gently.

Example; Hello dearie! I sincerely apologize for calling you by this hour of the night. I wanted to save a number for my phone, but then it happened that I called your line. Please, it was done unconsciously.

Periodically, you can accidentally call your business partners,  there is no need to get frightened over that. These should be your responses:

“I beg your pardon, Sir, I didn’t mean to call you now”

Trying to fix the problems your company is having with its website, and it happened that you mistakenly called your boss at work, this shouldn’t disturb you. Nobody is above mistakes.

Everybody, both the boss and his workers are liable to make mistakes and should be handled carefully and patiently whenever it happens. You don’t need to stutter, briefly tell him what happened and ask for his forgiveness.

“My fault, I was about to call someone when I unknowingly clicked on your number”

Having someone in mind that you need to speak with at the moment, and you end up calling another person exasperated a lot.

The person may call back once he or she missed your call, but that would not derail you from explaining to him or her what happened. You should end the call by indicating your busyness and promising to call the person later.

“That’s my mistake, Ma. I called you unaware, and planned to call one of my clients”

Sometimes, making the mistake of calling any of your business associates without having any relevant thing(s) to tell him or she can be so horrible and embarrassing. Go ahead to give the person full details of what happened and how sorry you are for doing that.

For example, “that’s my mistake, Ma. I called you unaware and planned to call a client of mine, not you.

However, if the person you called by mistake did not answer you at the moment, then do this;

“It will be fine if you do not call me back”

Ways to Say Sorry When You Call Someone by Mistake

Seeing a missed call, the person would be curious to call back, especially if he is a relative, sibling, friend, parent, or colleague. To clear up his anxiety, he might call back.

Send an SMS message to the person indicating that your call was not intentional and that there will be no need of calling back. I’m so sorry for disturbing you.

“Wow! Ignore the calls, I’m extremely okay here”.

A friend you called by coincidence, and didn’t answer your calls then might decide to call back. The person would be anxious to know why you called. To avoid this, drop him a text message.

“Have mercy, the call was accidental, don’t bother calling back”

Most times,  a friend who missed your call might be thinking about what happened to you as you have never called him or her before.

They would be eager to call back to know how you are fairing, to clear up these kinds of worries, and send a message to them once you hang up indicating that you are hale and hearty. The call was unintentional.

“I called? Please forgive me, I wanted to send a message to you”

It might happen that you planned to send a message to someone but end up calling the person. People do experience it occasionally, you don’t need to be bothered. Explain to the person that it was done by mistake,  you only planned to send a message to him.

“The call was made in an error, I’m sorry”

Today, I remembered you in my office but planned to call you once I get home. I’m so grateful you answered me, but the call was not intentional, please pardon me.

I was trying to send an email to my CEO when I dialed your number.

“Didn’t notice when I called, but I’ll surely talk to you later

Have you been in a situation where you have someone important to call in mind but end up calling another person? It’s always unpleasant and bothersome.

If the person picks up, tell him or her that it wasn’t intentional, but since you have already called, ask the person about how he’s managing and other vital things. Then, tell him or her that you will call him back once you get home.


Calling a friend who is always busy during the daytime makes them feel bad. If you accidentally call one, once he answers, don’t hesitate to beg for his pardon.

This will help to clear the anger that might arise since you do not have any significant thing to tell the person.

“Sorry, darling! I know you must be at work by now, didn’t plan to call you now, it was a mistake, I will call later”

There are some people In your contact list that would always tell you not to call them during the daytime because of their working schedule.

If you mistakenly called them by that time, they eventually answered.  To show that you still respect their principles, kindly apologize immediately and explain briefly that what happened was a mistake.

Before you end the call, tell him or her that you will call again at her convenient time.

“My phone is so bad that it dialed your number on its own. I apologize for that, it wasn’t intentional”

Sometimes, our mobile devices can misbehave, which can result in them calling someone we didn’t intend to call.

At that moment, ask the person to forgive you, that it was done unintended. If you have any crucial things to tell the person, invite him or her to your house, especially during the weekends.


Calling someone by mistake is something that cannot be avoided but can be rectified gently in an appropriate manner.

When you explain your mistakes to the person involved, he will understand and that’s all. Sometimes, you only need to apologize before saying your reasons or without making any excuse.

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