What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Hugs?

Is there someone who loves hugs and you are looking for a word to call such a person? Well, there are not many neutral word choices.

The popular word many people use for this is adjectives like “clingy” but, depending on the situation, the word may not sound applicable and it even sounds ambiguous.

The word you use to call someone who loves hugs also depends on the type of hug they enjoy giving or receiving such as one that symbolizes romantic intimacy, security, emotional support, friendship, or love.

If you need a word that just describes someone who is very comfortable with and enjoys regular hugging, then words like Hugger, Cuddlebear, Tactile, Haptic, Cuddly, or Hugaholic are ideal words to use.

What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Hugs

Some of these words will best apply in certain situations while others may not be ideal when trying to convey some particular insinuations. So, read on to find out how they could be applied when describing someone who loves hugs.

6 Names to Call Someone Who Loves Hugs

As we delve into the best words to use for someone who loves hugs, it is important to note that popular words used by people such as “touchy”, can easily be interpreted in a negative context, as in forcing themselves on others.

If you are struggling with how to describe someone who likes the non-intimate physical contact, especially hugging, or does this kind of action regularly, then any of these six options would apply well.

1. Hugger

One of the words you can use to call someone who loves hugs is Hugger. You may want to say anyone can be a hugger since we can all do such.

But by literal definitions, a hugger is someone who would prefer to hug anyone and everyone instead of shaking hands. This is not something everyone will feel comfortable doing.

So people who love hugs and seize every opportunity to do so can be called a Hugger. Meanwhile, this is best applied when the person in question could hug total strangers for an uncomfortably extended period of time.

Hugger is an easily pronounced and remembered word when describing people who love to hug. However, there are a few more definitions of the word.

So, if you are going to use Hugger, you want to be sure that the context is limited to the concept of body language.

2. Cuddle bear

Cuddle bear is another term that is popularly used to describe someone who loves to be hugged, loved, held, or given affection.

Going by the dictionary definition of this word, one would notice that the term is not limited to the usage of hugs alone.

If the person you are trying to describe loves to receive affection, generally, but particularly through hugs, then it is ideal to call the person Cuddlebear.

It is coined from the concept of having a teddy bear that people use for cuddling when they need to. So using this would not be misinterpreted because it more or less drives home the point that the person loves to hug.

However, it is best applied when the context is within the confines of romantic relationships and a better, appropriate substitute for the term ‘Clingy’

3. Tactile

The literal meaning of tactile refers to anyone who tends to touch people more when communicating with them.

What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Hugs

Hugging is a part of the physical touch people engages in before or after communication. So invariably, you won’t be contextually wrong to call someone Tactile if the person loves hugs.

Meanwhile, the term leans more toward the adjectival description than a noun. In other words, it is best used after considering the construction of your sentence while calling the person who loves hugs.

The problem with using this word is that it also shares meanings with other insinuations. For example, if you want to describe something that has an attractive surface that compels people to touch, you can say that thing is tactile.

Even though the aforementioned explanation is, in a way, in line with body language and physical touching, you have to be specific about the context in which you are using this word.

Generally, you’d want to use this word when people, particularly, find the person attractive to hug rather than other narratives.

4. Affectionate person

If you want to keep things in the best simplistic form, then you could call someone who loves hugs an affectionate person.

Using this term is ideal when you want to denote a positive implication of the person’s attribute. Giving or receiving hugs, no matter the type or intention behind it is a show of sharing affection.

So, when you call someone who loves hugs an affectionate person, it means the person loves to express positive and platonic feelings with anyone they come across, particularly through hugging.

If the denotation behind describing the person is in a negative light such as being clingy or touchy, then this word would not apply best.

5. Haptic

Haptic leans more toward the physiological language (jargon) of describing people’s perception of touches and body language.

It is a more modern word for the tactile option that we discussed earlier.

Haptic means people who have reception perception toward expression carried out through touch rather than sight.

So, in cases where others would deem it fit to wave to say HI, Haptic people would prefer to throw their arms around the person to say the same HI.

It is a good word to use when you want to sound a little sophisticated and flaunt your bowl of vocabulary.

6. Hugaholic

Hugaholic simply means anyone who loves giving or receiving hugs. It is best used when you want to sound humorous while describing the person.

Although, if you decide to use this word to call someone who loves hugs, it is only appropriate in an informal setting.

When you use Hugaholic, it is less ambiguous; it does not share meaning with any other insinuation or concepts.

It is also a good choice if you are looking for the word that will not make you sway away from the keyword ‘hug’

Even though the person you are speaking to can not reconcile with the meaning of the word, the pronunciation of hug in the world can help drive home the meaning – just like we see in similar words like workaholics, alcoholic, etc.

How to Know Someone Who Loves To Hug?

People who love to hug can be identified by this affectionate attribute by the way they greet people, especially when meeting them for the first time.

Someone who loves hugs will also express how they feel about you through the way they hug you.

If you are close to someone who seems to love hugs, this is a good thing because you will be able to get some indications about how they feel about you.

People who love embracing others usually do that to indicate that they like the person and are comfortable around them.

What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Hugs

Generally, hugging is one way we all express our affection to people around us. So there is no straight jacket way to know that this person is a hugger.

If the person does it more frequently than normal, then it is an indication that the person is tactile.

Types of a hug from people who love to hug can indeed indicate the type of relationship they have (or want to have) with you.

For example, when a Cuddlebear embraces you tightly, pressing their body up against you, and stays that way longer than most, it is an indication that they most likely have developed an intimate attraction toward you.

Although, the aforementioned is not always accurate because some huggers choose to hug you for so long simply because they are glad to see you, or they haven’t seen you in a while.

Bottom line is that some people are much more hugaholic than others and you can identify them very easily when they greet acquaintances. Most people who love hugs tend to be extroverted and physically expressive.


There is no doubt that hugs are an essential form of physical touch for us all as humans. But some people are more into hugging than others. Depending on the type of hug, it can be a sign of friendship or intimacy.

Be that as it may, when trying to describe someone who loves hugs, there are not so many words to use that are less ambiguous and specific.

However, the ones we have touched on in the above article are great for usage and easier to understand by any demographic with any level of English literacy.

Your choice of the type of words you would use to call the person who loves hugs will now depend on your relationship with the person, the type of hug the person is fond of giving or craving, the person’s intention for wanting or giving hugs, and the environment or context in which you are trying to describe the person.

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