What Do You Call a Person Who Doesn’t Eat Fish but Eats Other Meat?

The right word to use for someone who eats any other meat apart from fish or seafood to be precise is Carnitarian.

This is also a diet that is a good alternative for someone who is focused on trying to help his or herself and their environment inclusive, just like a vegetarian and a vegan.

The Carnitarian diet involves the consumption of other meats but abstaining from seafood for both personal reasons and health reasons.

A lot of people do not know that it is actually healthy to be a Carnitarian.

What do you call a person that eats only seafood?

The term pescetarian is used to address a person who eats only fish.

They avoid red meat and games but can consume milk and even canned foods but red meat is a no-go area.

The word Pescetarian was formed in the 1990s, I used the word formed because the word “Pescetarian” is the combination of two words; One which is an Italian word “Pesce” which is “Fish” in English, and the other which is an English word “Vegetarian”.

Sometimes it can be spelt as “Pescatarian”, but no worries, they both mean the same thing.

How does eating Fish help you?

Fish and other sea foods serve as credible sources of essential nutrients.

Sea foods are known to be low in saturated fats, they are also very high in protein and are packed with very important nutrients that are very vital and important to the human body.

When you eat sea foods, you stand living a healthy life as sea foods enhance your eyesight, boost your immune system, and improve your brain too.

What do you call someone who eats only seafood and chicken?

A Pesce-Pollotarian is a set of people that don’t eat anything apart from poultry meat.

This type of diet is known as the “Pollotarian Diet”. It is when someone like this decides to include seafood in his or her diet that then makes him or her a “Pesce-Pollotarian” since “Pesce” is the Italian word for fish or seafood in general.

It should interest you to know that some choose this diet for many reasons and this can be considered a step towards becoming a vegetarian.

What is a vegetarian that eats chicken called?

A Pollo-Vegetarian is a vegetarian that consumes only chicken but stays away from other meats, especially red meat.

A lot of people might see this as a regular diet even though there are numerous reasons for one to decide to practice this type of diet.

To some, it is more of an adventure. They see this as a step towards becoming a vegetarian and if you are one already then it means you are one for the sake of the environment since you know the dangers of red meat to your Health.

What are you, if you only eat Chicken?

If you consume only chicken then you can be called a Pollotarian.

The name is formed because chickens are poultry animals and you consuming a poultry animal means you are a Pollotarian.

This type of diet is not medically advised as something anyone should practice for long.

This is because the chicken diet can be healthy, but you stand health complications if you make this diet a “Thing”.

It is advisable to engage in this diet only for a short period of time.

Is it normal not to like seafood?

Yes, it is absolutely normal and “Can” even be healthy for one to not love seafood.

This is because sometimes, seafood is unhealthy and stands a chance to make you suffer from malnutrition.

If you dislike this food because of how they taste then I want you to know you are not alone.

In fact, it is the result of disliking some of these things that makes a lot of people want to practice being a carnitarian.

Also, many people don’t know that there are actual benefits to being a carnitarian.

Based on research, it is proven that being a Carnitarian is not just a good option but a great one.

Who is a pescetarian?

A pescetarian is someone who does not eat red meat.

For a more defining definition, a Pescetarian can be considered a vegetarian as the diet involve the consumption of pure plants like whole grains, legumes, and so on.

This diet is not classified under the vegetarian diet and is classified as a pescetarian diet because of the addition of seafood.

People who practice the Pescatarian diet also consume fish and other seafood that goes with the likes of shrimps, crabs, and even salmons.

This is done with the aim of balancing the intake of vitamins.

With being just a vegetarian, you are capable of missing out on some important nutrients that should have built your body and you end up practicing mal-nutrition.

A vegetarian diet is also a good diet. The only difference between a vegetarian and a Pescetarian is the addition of seafood.

The vegetarians exclude all animals whether land or aquatic. They do not consume meat in any form while the Pescetarian excludes only red meat and tolerates the intake of seafood.

Who is a flexitarian?

A Flexitarian is someone who is a semi-vegetarian. It is like you are a vegetarian but not committed because you occasionally eat meat and sometimes dairy.

These kinds of people follow a vegetarian diet more but take in meat sometime along their timeline.

It means they are not completely against meat as vegetarians are, and I think this is why they are called “Flexitarians” and not Vegetarians or Carnitarians.

Flexitarians consume more proteins and non-starchy vegetables and in some cases, they consume starchy vegetables.

This set of people are more focused on enjoying the benefits of life.

They don’t want to stick completely to vegetables as they are well aware of the risk so they decide to be flexible with it and have a bite at every other thing once in a while.

I think it is only appropriate to classify Pescatarians and Carnitarians under Flexitarians as both dieters consume a little of the other one way or the other.


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