What Do You Call a Person That Is Good With Everything?

A person who is good and experienced with everything is referred to as a Polymath.

Someone who has diverse knowledge about so many things and can utilize this knowledge individually to achieve something is known as a polymath.

There are many other names out there that can be used to refer to people who are basically good at a lot of things, some of these names are Guru, jack of all trades, adept, and veteran, among others.

You just have to select one that best rhymes your sentence or the person you are referring to.

What do you call someone that is good at many things?

An Adept is a right word for someone who is very good at a lot of things.

The main definition of the word Adept goes like this: “For one to be very skilled and proficient at something.

It can be both or just one of the two regardless of that, the word Adept is used to address someone who is good at a lot of things.

It is a unisex word, which means it can be used to address both genders regardless.

What do you call someone with many talents?

Someone with many talents is referred to as a multi-talented person regardless of their gender.

There are other names that also fit in this reference and these are:


This refers to someone who has a lot of gifts in the sense that that person is multi-talented and is able to do a lot of things.


This also refers to someone who has a lot of skills that can also be said to be a multi-talented person regardless of the person’s gender.

What do you call a master of everything?

Someone who has attained the wisdom of the highest form is known as a Sage.

This word is interchangeable as it can be used to refer to many other things apart from a master of everything, and if you wonder how it is related to this particular question then think of it this way.

When someone is termed the master of everything it also means their wisdom has kept them in a position above everyone else, in context this is much more suitable to be used in the world where we attain power with wisdom and not force.

Another word that is suitable for referring to a master of everything is a savant:

A Savant

This is more of a scientific word that is used to address a scientist that is great, we can say a master of sciences.

Jack of All Trades

A lot of people are more familiar with this word than the ones I mentioned earlier.

A jack of all trades is considered a master to none but somehow better than a master of one.

In other words, this can be used to refer to a master of everything and that is of course if there is ever such a person who is a master of everything.

Please take note that the names used here are arguable and can be changed to fit one’s personal opinion.

Is being a Jack of all Trades good?

Yes, it is quite beneficial to be a jack of all trades.

Although, you will argue this with factual reasons that are concrete enough to make anyone say no, but I won’t and will still stand to the fact that being a jack of all trades is good.

I have my reasons which if you read further you will see just below this.

Being a single skilled person might not be good after all

The world is evolving, imagine being a single skill owner and not being able to adapt to other skills on time, you might be left behind.

Yes, being a jack of all trades mean one might not be able to concentrate and fully get the in and out of a particular trade and this is because they are busy and pre-occupied already.

But in a situation whereby this workplace is closed down, a jack of all trades has the upper hand at getting a new job in the next workplace, whether official employment or self-employment.

This is possible because they already have an idea about something else.

You can engage in professional work as a Jack of all trades

Another reason that is strongly arguable by anyone who thinks otherwise is that there are a lot of benefits that come with being a jack of all trades, especially as an entrepreneur.

You get numerous engagements from different angles and this will only mean more money.

Does a jack of all trades truly doesn’t master any?

No, a jack of all trades might not master much but the first trade he or she learns will be the one he or she masters.

Although this is arguable as it depends on the kind of person we are making reference to.

I know of people who have a lot of skills, they are in the Jack of all Trades category and are well known for one thing first.

It is when you are comfortable with them that you get to understand they have many other talents that you never knew they had.

I had a colleague where I worked as an accountant last year, for the duration of 8 months. I knew this man to be my colleague in the field of accounting.

After my contract has expired, I never bothered to renew it as it then because I was already developing an interest in writing.

I had just made up my mind to go fully into writing when my contract expires which it did, and I didn’t hesitate to take up writing from where I stopped.

My colleague who was also an accountant turned out to be a writer too, and he manages to do both.

He is a  writer and also an accountant, yet here I was already struggling to cope with accounting and writing, so I decided to quit one to concentrate on the other.

He is good at both and seemed to have found a way to maintain a professional display in both trades.

The fact however remains the same, a jack of all trades might not master all but the first trade he or she started with and this is factual.

Is it good to date someone who is good at everything?

Yes, it is quite cool to date a jack of all trades as they are mostly romantic.

The Jacks I’ve been with are cool and romantic, but this is of course if being jacks of all trades doesn’t involve them being good at lying as well.

This is a fun fact: research has it that people who lie a lot in a relationship are mostly people who are good with a lot of things.

In this sense, we can categorize a jack of all trades as someone who is good with many things.

Most times they lie not because they want to but because they are left with no other option.

The most interesting part is that their lies are mostly perfect. They make it feel and sound so real that you will have no reason to doubt them at all.

Another reason that stands against dating a jack of all trades is the fact that they are likely to be very busy for you.

When it is time to be romantic and fun, they are ppssibly unto something different entirely; maybe attending to a customer that they have kept waiting in the other world of their trade.

It is however only appropriate to note that they can be very romantic, and in rare cases, they are the jealous types.


The fact is, regardless of what the world says, it is very beneficial to be a master of so many things.

There is little to no disadvantage at all to being a jack of all trades.

I am not saying it is not a good thing to be a master of one, however, if you ever get the chance to learn something new, take that chance because it pays to be a jack of all trades.


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