What Do You Call A Person Who Can’t Handle The Truth?

A common saying refers to the truth as being bitter. Often time people deal with the reality of life, some can’t face the truth so they use other means to cope. Someone who can’t handle the truth is dangerous to themselves and those around them.

Life is real and stuff happens that we must deal with. When the truth hits you it’s usually because you have been caught up in a web of lies or your own distractions. If you have such persons around you, there are many names to which you can refer.

Check out some names you can call them.

Names For People Who Can’t Handle The Truth

What Do You Call A Person Who Can’t Handle The Truth?

  • An Immature person 
  • A Stubborn person 
  • A Narrow person 
  • An Intolerant person 
  • an opinionated person 

1. Immature

Anyone who can’t handle the truth can be called immature. This name is befitting for them because such behavior is often found in kids or inexperienced persons. As young children growing up, one may not really handle the truth well. We cried when we discovered Santa wasn’t real.

But guess what? We outgrew every single one of those beliefs simply because we became mature. This goes in alignment that anyone who doesn’t know how to handle the truth can be said to be immature. Such a person who exhibits this character’s trait needs to be given time to mature, this can be done by external influence or self-awareness.

2. Stubborn

What Do You Call A Person Who Can’t Handle The Truth?

Individuals who are stubborn, have an aversion to change in their ideas and cannot be changed by any arguments or facts. These kinds of people cannot handle the truth of a situation, even if they are given a solid argument.

This person for whatever reason of their own construction had a set of the belief system they stand by. When presented with logical facts or truths they remain adamant and stick to their own version of events.

Some reasons why they will act this way may vary from personal to environmental factors. Whatever it is, stubbornness is a trait that can be used positively. Any negative results from any person are of their own volition.

Stubborn people are usually hard to break, usually, a bit of advice is the best option for you. Spend little energy over much trying to change them.

3. Narrow

When you meet a narrow-minded person, you discover that they have a limited perspective on reality and a reluctance to accept other people’s ideas. Anyone who is narrow cannot handle the truth. This name describes their behavior wholly, they often bring their own ideals (usually false or archaic) and set them as standard.

Not being willing to accept the truth is another of poorly handling the truth. You realize such persons will stick to ideas that are long, redundant, false, or unrealistic. Essentially, they become a threat to their own very existence because they reject what is obvious.

Narrow-minded people can be very hard to deal with in everyday life. To cohabit, let them understand that your ideals and choice would be accepted too. And you also have a right to believe what you want.

4. Intolerant

Someone who can’t handle the truth can also be called an intolerant person. The character trait encompasses an unwillingness to accept any ideas, beliefs,s or behavior that is separate from your own. These kinds of people are offended when they see people who don’t conform to the things they believe.

This kind of action is often chided and frowned upon in modern-day society. Acceptance of other people’s ideas or beliefs is the first step in a respectable society. When an intolerant person doesn’t get what they want, they resort to orthodox means to get this.

Always learn to speak up if you face a person like this. Clearly put out your beliefs and let them know it. If you are not being listened to, removing yourself from such an environment would do good for your mental space.

5. Opinionated

A person who can’t handle the truth can be said to be an opinionated person. This kind of person has strong opinions that they would never change. This opinion is not affected even when they are presented with a shred of clear evidence.

Anyone who acts in such a manner has refused to see the world through the lens of reality. They will only value ideas, customs, culture, and behavior that relates to or is in line with their opinion. They do not follow practically and are hardly team players.

Trying to deal with such an individual can be hard. What you can do is take time to patiently present your opinion, but don’t force it.

What Do You Call A Person Who Cannot Accept The Truth?

A person who cannot accept the truth is said to suffer from the human psychological behavior, denialism. This set of individuals has taken a choice to deny any form of reality presented to them.

One major reason such persons act this way is that they intend to hide a painful truth. Often they are ashamed of a situation so they make up false claims and beliefs as a coping mechanism.

In practical terms denialism is practiced by someone who cannot accept the truth, even when presented with empirical data and facts. Recently significant concerns have been seen in its use in spreading false information for political gain.

Many motivations exist for why a person would practice denialism, some include religion, self-interest, financial, and cognitive problems, and as a defense mechanism.

What Do You Call Someone Who Is Always In Denial?

 A person who is always in denial can be called a liar. Lies are the foundation on which being in denial is built. lies help to keep the illusion of stability and false perspective that they cling to. A liar would keenly know the truth but always resort to telling lies. This is exactly how such a person operates.

It can be as manipulation, outright fabrication, false pretexts, and half-truths. A liar would employ all these tactics because they don’t want to deal with the truth. They’re always pressing and trying to shape reality to their own perception.

Someone who is always in denial would always use some defense tactics in their behaviors, this includes;

  • Avoidance- first they will avoid getting in contact with any truthful information. By avoiding something, they don’t have to go through the trouble of lying.
  • Falsehood claims- the second form of attack is to delegitimize any truthful information or mediums. The spreading of false info is widely used today by such persons.
  • Limitation: when lies and avoidance tactics don’t work, they resort to strangulation of the truth. This effectively reduces the flow of legitimate info.

Why Do People Find It Hard To Handle The Truth?

The truth is a fickle and relative concept, so it’s common to discover that some people find it hard to handle it. As humans, we can make things come true by doing it.

Also, we can wish things into existence. Sometimes these wishes don’t go exactly as planned, and other times it doesn’t happen at all.

Handling the truth now becomes a burden, deal with the reality of life and how it differs from what you want. Without proper guidance and self-awareness, many people are under this same umbrella of thought.

Reasons, why people find it hard to handle the truth, include

Psychological problems

Some people suffer from mental health issues. This prevents them from observing the world the way most of us do. In cases like this special health care is administered.

Failed expectations

As humans, we have high mental ability and can build up expectations for an event. When this is not gotten, handling the real truth of failure becomes impossible for some. The truth becomes a harsh glare to shield themselves from.


The death of a loved one or property can lead to poor handling of the truth by some persons. Grief and loss are dealt with differently. This loss often causes a person to choose to believe something that simply isn’t there.

They can’t cope with the loss, so they choose to believe differently.


The truth is easy to handle. It often is just plain and staring out into the open. It also has a way of finding its way to the light even if there are attempts to squash them.

As you go through life, you will meet some folks who have a hard time accepting or handling the truth. Some are harmless and only cause harm to themselves by being in denial. Other times this truth is handled poorly for personal gain and misinformation.

When faced with a situation where the truth is needed, it is essential to speak your truth and go. Accept the reality of life that you see and corroborated logical facts. Having hope is one thing, but refusing to see what is in front of you can be a red flag.

In addition, poor handling of the truth can emotionally cause distance between you and society.


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