What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Romance Movies?

Have you met a hopeless romantic? You might have noticed that they have a vast knowledge of romantic flicks and can spend all day watching a romantic movie.

They even go the extra length, by watching their favorite romantic movie many times over.

Anyone who is a lover of romantic movies is often a selfless lover themselves. The belief in the idea of love can make love very hard.

If you have a friend who loves romantic movies and can’t find a proper name for them. Stay on this post as I take you through some names that are suitable for a lover of romance movies.

6 Things You Can Call Someone Who Loves Romance Movies

What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Romance Movies?

  • Hopeless romantic
  • Movie nerd
  • Romantic cinephile
  • Romance movie buff
  • Romantic movie aficionado
  • Cinema bird 

1. Hopeless Romantic

A romantic is someone who loves romance movies. Romantics are persons who have a firm belief in love and are usually trying to express this love.

Romantics are like sweet cakes, there is nothing bitter about them. Once you meet them, they are always about love and care. While they are intentional lovers, they are also romantics and are very emotional and sensitive persons.

Romantics love romance movies, they will infect anyone and everyone who dares to sync with them. They have an almost trivial knowledge of romantic movies.

Every date night must feature a romance movie, if you are their friend, then get ready for many sleepovers watching romance movies.

I love hopeless romantics because they have pure hearts. Their fondness for romance movies shows how they view the world. They are optimistic and always ready to see the good in others. If you have one as a friend, keep one.

2. Movie Nerd

A friend who always loves to watch romance movies is a movie, Nerd. This nerd here depicts their vast knowledge of so many movies. These individuals have a desire to consume movies all the time.

They love to go to cinemas and watch all the latest releases. Movie nerds are also romantic because they have a natural display of passion for the art invested in making these romance movies.

I love romance movie nerds; they will educate you vividly on the best romance movies out there. Their romantic nature is infectious, keep them close and you will not regret it.

3. Romance Cinephile

What Do You Call A Person Who Loves Romance Movies?

These names can fit a number of interesting romantics you can meet. A cinephile is someone who loves cinema. They are always seen coming in and out of cinema halls.

Romance cinephiles love watching romance movies, they have an attraction to movies that rubs easily on others around them.

If you have one of them as a friend, you bet they will start you into their love for romance cinema.

I am a lover of romance cinema, their stories are captivating and the characters are close to real life. Many folks can love movies; it takes real passion to be dedicated to them.

4. Romantic Movie Buff

A movie buff is someone who loves movies so much and would let everyone know how much they love movies. These romantic movie buffs are old-fashioned romantics.

They love a perfect date night at a drive-through cinema. The feel of open air and the romance building up on the screens and within.

Their love for romance movies is so admirable, you will fall in love just seeing them talk about their favorite romance films. Romance movies have a way of drawing you in, suddenly you see yourself watching one repeatedly.

5. Romantic Movie Aficionado

Someone who loves romance movies is a romance aficionado. They love romance movies so much that they beam with pride watching them. They are fun to be around and can convert even the most non-romantic person to love movies.

They relate to movies on a level that is special and particular. The romance movie genre has lasted since the days of motion pictures and will last for centuries to come.

Romantic movie aficionados are attracted to the timeless nature of movies. Because they can immortalize a moment and watch the experience repeated.

6. Cinema Bird

A cinema bird is someone who loves watching romance movies so much that all the staff at their local cinema know them.

They frequent movie houses so much that you always find them lurking around. They have a connection to romance movies and never want to be away from a big screen.

This set of movie lovers can recite all the lines of their favorite romance movies by heart. They keep up the franchises and events organized by production studios.

What Do You Call Someone Who Is Addicted To Movies?

Someone who is addicted to movies is called a movie head. Such a person has so much knowledge of popular movies and all the blockbusters.

Movie Addicts are very passionate individuals; they get very animated when they talk about their favorite movies.

Do you have a favorite movie? Or you wear costumes on Halloween of our favorite movie character. If yes, then you are a movie addict.

There are some things to look out for before tagging someone as a movie addict. Stay with me as I list out some qualities that qualify anyone as a movie addict.

1. Spends Most Free Time Watching Movies

When someone watches movies all the time, then they are a movie addict. The dedication of free hours spent on movies or cinema houses tells a lot about a person’s interests.

Such a person hardly hangs out with friends and would rather watch movies than do some other activities.

They have logged several hours of online streaming movies. Outside of movies, they do not have a life. This kind of behavior screams movie addicts. If these descriptions suit you, then you are a movie addict.

2. Have so many catalogs or collections of movies

Movie addicts hold a very extensive movie collection. They have many physical tapes, VHS, DVDs, and large storage of downloaded movies. They are proud of their collections and often have a taste for collecting more movies.

Their favorite studios or franchisees are purchased in all their parts and kept away. They cherish keeping the movies in their physical storage more than streaming them online.

This kind of movie addict is also the owner of rare movie tapes containing classical movies.

3. Incredible Film Knowledge

A habit of movie addicts is that they have extensive knowledge of the film industry. There is nothing they don’t know about movies. From ear of releases to the names of popular actors, directors, and studio heads.

These people also know how movies work and have some knowledge of production themselves.

They can also be referred to as movie nerds because of the knowledge they possess. If you realize our friends come to you for questions concerning films and movies, chances are you are a movie addict.

Movie addicts like this are also seen often arguing points with other people about the information they possess.

4. Have Multiple Product Merchandise

 When you see a movie addict with this habit, they are hard to miss. You will see them having multiple shirts and clothing merchandise of their favorite movies franchise or none at all.

Their room walls are covered with various movie posters. Toys like Legos, mock tools, and even real-life props are gained by this movie airhead.

You will find them attending all the movie fest, movie premieres, shows, and events that are movie themed. This display of passion is how much they love movies. They are one of the best movie addicts to have around because they always have cool kinds of stuff.

5. Their Love Language Is The Cinema

People who are movie addicts have a love language that speaks film. If you want to get their attention, then start up a conversation about a movie. This topic is the only thing they find interesting to talk about. Movie addicts don’t really talk about general topics.

Their view of life is often centered on a movie. They use movie sequences and roles as comparisons to real-life situations. Movie addicts literally live and breathe movies. They love the artistry behind making movies and bringing a story to life.


The history of movies and the impact it has on the modern world is enormous. We have an industry that employs thousands of people while generating billions in income. Romance movies are the golden eggs of movie storytelling.

They are not big action flicks, but they tell an interesting story of the human condition called love.

Every romance movie, especially the great ones, has a way of resonating deep within our souls. We feel alive when we watch them, feeling every emotion like the actors on screen.

Since its inception, we have had people who have been fascinated by movies. Romantic movie lovers are a special kind.

Their love for cinema doesn’t stray far from romance movies. They feel drawn to them and are almost only seen watching romance flicks.

If you are a movie addict, it means that you spend an obscene amount of time watching movies. It is also cool because movie addicts are the authors of big movie productions.

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