What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Use Social Media? 

Social media is used by a large percentage of the world population. With this high number, one might easily get confused or surprised to see someone who does not use social media. You might wonder what you might call someone who doesn’t use social media.

This set of persons are either off social media by choice or they lack knowledge of how it works. 

There are many names you can call such a person. In this article, I will discuss some names that you can call someone who doesn’t use social media. 

Check out these names you call them.

5 Names you can call someone who uses social media

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Use Social Media? 

  • Social Ghost
  • Anonymous anonymous
  • Stonehenge
  • Internet Hermit
  • visiobibliophobia

1. Social Ghost 

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Use Social Media? 

One name for someone who doesn’t use social media is a social ghost. This person doesn’t have any presence on all the social platforms. If you have their name searched, you discover they don’t appear on any search online.

Social ghosts are intentional about being invisible on the internet. They do not want to be seen; they keep their footprint very light. I have had friends that have no online presence. 

People value their privacy, so to be anonymous, they leave no trail of themselves on any social media. If you have a friend who lives like this, then they have their reasons. Though it may be weird to find someone who doesn’t have social media accounts, it certainly isn’t wrong.

If you are meeting someone new, and you haven’t seen them on any social media platforms, you might feel like they have no identity. This feeling is common and understandable, ask them why and wait for their response. 

2. Anonymous anonymous

What Do You Call Someone Who Doesn't Use Social Media? 

Someone who doesn’t use social media can be called anonymous anonymous. We can testify to the way social media is used to view one’s life by the amount of information on there. Personal get names, names and addresses can be easily gotten from social media posts.

To hide their identity, some folks do not use social media. They want to remain anonymous so none of the personal info is on the web. It is pretty hard to accomplish this today, with so many online platforms used for registering everything today.

Such a person wants to keep their distance from the prying eyes of the public. Social accounts have access to the vast amount of users in the world, and they have access to you.

Anonymous anonymous persons have fewer to none of their profiles online. Their photos are not uploaded to prevent AI from recognizing them. In modern times the debate for privacy and what is meant to be out there has been on the increase. 

If they don’t want to be found on social media, then they may do so. This is the argument of most people who fall into this group. 

3. Stonehenge

Someone who doesn’t use social media can be called a Stonehenge, this individual does not relate to the social media frenzy.

Popular memes, viral trends, topics and debates that have become prevalent on almost all social media platforms are not known to such a person. 

Their ignorance is because of their lack of mostly any form of communication or media devices. These persons live off the social grid away from population centers and urban life. Stone hedges are notoriously known for not being available on any social media platforms.

The call of the wild is the only one that they answer. A peculiar trait is that they have almost no knowledge of how the modern user interface of phones, computers and the internet work. 

For them ignorance is bliss. What they don’t know can’t affect them, and seeing that one can survive without social media they have a point. 

An opinion that they all share is their distaste for the way social media can distract from real life.

They see how people are always on their phones and can’t relate to the way people choose to spend precious time. Most of these Stonehenge types are older folks, who lived before the rise of the internet.

4. Internet Hermit

An internet hermit is someone who uses social media. They like to keep to themselves at all times and have some fears about putting their information scattered all over the internet.

Such people are always plagued with the idea that social media is bad for them. Whenever they think about putting up a post of themselves on the internet, they become frightened and never get to do it.

This person may have a profile on a social platform, but the accounts are usually inactive. They hardly ever have any profile picture or major identifying descriptions of their house addresses or associations.

When you are an internet hermit, the net scares you. The only thing they imagine is horrible scenarios on the internet happening to them.

Majority of these fears come from the inability to conform or understand how social media works. They also don’t have reliable information on what they can use it for.

These inadequacies have left them struggling with the internet and social media, making it difficult for them to fit in.

The rise of many new social media interfaces that are engaging and different may convert such a person if patience is allowed.

5. visiobibliophobia 

This refers to someone who has a fear or feels very anxious about using social media. This condition was described by Justin Moretto in the early days of social media. This condition causes them to freeze up when they want to post on the social media platform.

Anxiety and other phobia-related fears cause them to panic about what others will think about their posts. They have a deep fear of being judged so much that they don’t even go near any form of social media platform. 

The way social media can amplify life and events can become too much for a person to handle. So much pressure can come from the use of social media, especially if you are new, and you keep wondering if you are doing it right. 

This uncertainty leads to fear which leads to a total and visible rejection of social media. 

Is it weird if someone doesn’t have social media?

Yes, it is weird in the modern day if someone doesn’t have a social media account. This is because many people in the world now use social media to communicate. These platforms are now primarily used to reach out to friend’s family and even work colleagues.

Many technological advancements have seen almost everyone using this to fit into modern society. All this makes anyone who doesn’t have social media. There are so many questions to ask such a person, but mostly, their reason is personal and often about privacy.

Social media has bridged the gap between what is private and what isn’t, you get everyone’s attention by putting what you do out there. Work opportunities are now advertised there, plus nowadays you use them to gain new knowledge. 

If you find it weird that someone doesn’t use social media, your feelings are very valid. However, it is not so uncommon for you to meet someone like that. Older generation folks have a harder time having a presence on social media. 

How do you find someone who doesn’t use social media?

By searching for them

If you are looking for someone you know who doesn’t use social media, you can search for them on various search engines like google and bing. There is a high chance that such a person has entered their information on one of these platforms and a search will bring them out. 

Use popular social media platforms

Many of the recent social media platforms have many users. Searching for the person there might yield a positive result in getting their information. You can also get similar relations close to them which will give you an idea of how to reach them.


Phone book directories have large amounts of information too. You can use them to search for anyone and will get a matching result if their number is registered.

This is a good way to find someone who isn’t on the common social media lineup. It’s an old but efficient way of looking up to someone. 


Social media stays, in this age of cyber networking and social media giants. There is hardly a future where these platforms will become obsolete. New ways of communication have been derived over the years from the use of social media. This has also been strengthening and changing in so many ways. 

 Some people do not use social media, they do not want to risk their safety by being on there. Because of how much information is often required to register, people who care about their private information do not use any social media platform. 

Your family home address, phone number, work location, family vacation home, cars and much other information can be gotten by someone viewing your profile. This makes many people choose against using them.


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