What Do You Call Someone Who Is Good With Technology?

A Techie is a noun that is used to refer to or address someone who is very good with Technology and also knows how to operate technological devices.

When someone is called a Techie, this shows that they are very passionate about Technology, they know in and out, that there is nothing you can ask them about Technology that they won’t tell or make an attempt at the least.

There are other names that are used to address such kinds of people, some of these names are idioms while some are Official-English-words.

What other names can you call a techie?

A techie is someone who is a guru in the world of Technology. The word Guru means someone who is an expert in something.

It is not completely a term used in the world of Technology, it is however relatively connected to the topic being discussed as the word techie can also be replaced with a “Compute Guru”.

The word guru is simply a neural word that can be used anywhere with a suffix of the topic being discussed or a prefix wherever suitable.

Anyone can be a techie; it takes determination to be one which is one of the factors that limits the number of techies we have in the world today.

Most people are not patient enough to learn about tech, some are not just cut out for it as I believe that anyone can be what or who they want to be, it all depends on how much commitment you are willing to put into that thing.

It takes one to be excited about Technology to be considered a techie, you do not necessarily have to be a programmer, a coder, or even a developer before you are considered a techie, having theoretical knowledge of Technology alone can earn you the name “Techie”.

What is a person who loves Technology called?

A technophile: This is someone who is in love with Technology. Techies find everything about Technology interesting and amazing. To them, this is the foundation of human ethics.

The more they know about Technology the more they find their true purpose on earth.

Techies show intense feelings or emotions towards Technology, they can be very enthusiastic about anything that concerns Technology and they are not ashamed of this at all.

When someone is excited about Technology and tend to do their best to be skillful with it, they are referred to as Techies.

What do we call someone with great knowledge of Tech?

There are numerous names that these people go with. Some of these names are Technologists: which refers to someone who has a special understanding of technological things.

This can be defined simply as someone who specializes in technological things, both the theoretical and the practical aspects.

Another name that goes with this Technological literate: this is also used to refer to someone who is good with Technology, these are basically experts when it comes to the discussion of Technology.

I am sure there are other names that can be used for people like this that are in form of idioms.

What is a person who avoids Technology called?

A Luddite: this is a class of people who do not find Technology fun at all. they do not want anything to do with Technology instead they in some cases find it life-threatening.

The fun fact about this question is that it has a lot of answers.

We can call people who avoid Technology;

  • Technophobe
  • Computer illiterate
  • Neo-Luddism
  • Cyber-phobia

There are many other names that I am sure you can get on the internet, but these are just a few.

The sad fact is that some of these people never get to understand the positive impact that Technology does on the human race.

What is a person who invents technological solutions called?

  • An Inventor
  • An innovator
  • A developer

An inventor

He is someone who discovers and creates new things. This definition is however not based on technological things; it covers all aspects of new inventions regardless of their classification.

An innovator

This is a person who always makes something new, this set of people are known to always push past the limit to find solutions that can change the world, it is applicable to Technology.

A developer

These are people who build on what was already existing, most applicable to the world of Technology as programmers or coders.

Who is a tech-savvy person?

Basically, anyone who can operate the modern computer or rather, the modern technological devices regardless of which kind or what type, can be considered a tech-savvy person.

The ability to operate your mobile devices, laptop, a desktop makes you a savvy person.

Are you one who can manipulate modern Technology to get answers, and find out something new? If you are pretty good with your TV remote, LOL, then this makes you a tech-savvy person.

You don’t need to be a computer guru to be considered a tech-savvy person, based on my own understanding. I believe even the fact that you used your device to search for this article and read it.

I don’t know what you are using to read this, maybe a mobile device, perhaps a laptop or desktop, the fact is you reading this makes you a tech-savvy person.

And this is because you have used modern technology to your own advantage, you just manipulated the internet to provide you with answers to your questions.

Believe it or not, there are people who can’t operate a TV remote to talk more on a mobile device.

Is it good to date a tech-savvy person?

Well, this is a tricky question that I believe deserves sincere answers.

Regardless of what my answer will be, it doesn’t mean the same should be for you. This is more like an opinionated question where you get to make a decision yourself.

I believe it is kind of cool to date a tech-savvy person and this is because the world is evolving and a tech-savvy person is in the right place to help you evolve.

If you are into tech then there is no better merging than being with one who is in the same field as you, one who is interested in the same things as you are.

I’d like to emphasize more on the aspect of a tech-savvy person dating a tech-savvy person, I think we can call this tech-savvy squared. Haha.

As fun as this might sound there are some setbacks that might ruin your relationship when both of you are into tech and one of these is “TIME”.

When both of you are into the same hobby, having time for each other might be a challenge.

With consideration to this, a tech-savvy person and a tech-savvy person might not be a good combination.

However, every problem has a solution besides I don’t even consider this a problem, love always finds a way. We always make time for our loved ones ain’t that right?

Based on my research I see that most people find it hard to date a tech-savvy person simply because they are into computers they say, and some say tech-savvy people act like freaks or nerds which is absolutely not true!!

The love for Technology does not mean we don’t love. I know because I am a tech-savvy person myself and I am having the fun I can.

My girlfriend is a pharmacist, and she has no problem with me being a tech-savvy person. In fact, I make sure I make time for her whenever she is around.

We have the best relationship and from my experience, there is nothing wrong with dating a tech-savvy person whether you are into tech or not.

I also feel a potential best combination is a tech-savvy person dating a tech-savvy person.

Is it true that people good with Technology are always unorganized?

No, people good with Technology are the calmest, most observant, and most critically-minded people you can come across.

Of course, this is arguable as everyone and anyone is entitled to their opinions.

Being good with Technology does not mean you are disorganized all the time. If anything, then it is just like an average human who can be disorganized and organized naturally.

The line of work you are in does not mean you remain disorganized all the time.

Tech-savvy people are not disorganized. I know because I am one and I believe from reviews made by most of my clients I am fun to work with.

Nevertheless, the facts here are arguable as everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

I would like to draw your attention to the process it takes one to be good at Technology, it takes good understanding and calculations to be able to understand and exhibit appropriately what you have understood.


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