What To Call Someone Who Likes Physical Contact

A person who likes physical contact might just be doing so because that is their love language. Humans exchange love through multiple means, such as being there for others, gifts, words of affection, and physical contact. 

Each love language differs from one other in action, they are all expressed in their own way. People whose languages give gifts, shower their partners with gifts.

Those who are expressive with words would be enticed by affectionate words from a lover. Others enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones. 

People whose love language is physical touch, have the desire to touch others affectionately. If you, family, or friends like physical contact with another person, then that is their love language. 

This article has discussed some names that you can call someone who likes physical touch. 

Check them out.

5 Names You Can Call Someone Who Likes Physical Touch

What To Call Someone Who Likes Physical Contact


  • Cuddles
  • Hugger
  • A Tactile person 
  • A Touchy person 
  • A Physically Affectionate person 


Someone who likes physical contact can be called cuddles. A person who enjoys cuddling will put themselves in physical contact with you to let you know they like you.

Cuddles are big fans of sleepovers, they wrap you in while enjoying the coziness of your body.

Dating a cuddler is delightful because they enjoy the intimacy physical contact brings. When you spend time with a cuddler, you will become infected by the compassion they can Muster.

The art of cuddling is very helpful as it relieves stress, and increases intimacy between two people. 

The sense of touch is very important for a cuddler, and so also is the sense of smell. If you come across a cuddler, keep them.


A person who likes physical contact with someone can also be called a hugger. Their love language involves them meeting everybody and hugging everybody at a party. You can never stay mad at a hugger.

If you have a hugger as a friend their capacity to love is overwhelming. They don’t discriminate against anyone, sharing love and making sure everyone feels close and involved. 

You notice huggers are fond of physical contact. They value the intimacy and warmth that hugging another person brings. Huggers know how to bring people together. You have friends together, a hugger in their midst and everything will go smoothly.

Keeping physical contact is important to a hugger, this is because they can get more closure with anyone they talk to. But physically wrapping your hands around you, you feel much lighter and freer.

If you have a hugger as a friend, make sure you let them know how much you care for them. 


What To Call Someone Who Likes Physical Contact

A tactile who likes physical touch. Such people are fond of touching other person’s in close proximity. They are drawn to people and bond quickly with strangers. This set of people sees the good in everyone and everywhere they go. 

They like physical contact with other people because they desire and have a pleasant feeling when they come in contact with others. They want to use their gestures to explain themselves more.

A tactile will do gestures like a hand on the shoulder while talking to you, a pat on the back, a soft hand on the knee and even a rubbing of your head.

This individual creates an emotional connection through Touch, it is the Love language that they understand. Your nature is warm and very lovable.

Tactiles know how to be very animated when they talk to people. This interest makes people find them friendly and easy to be around.


What To Call Someone Who Likes Physical Contact

A touchy person is somebody that likes physical contact with others. You discover they are fond of using their hands to touch different parts of your body.

During a conversation, a touchy person can remove lint from your clothes, take your Frayed hair apart, put their hands on your shoulders and give you foot rubs.

People who are touchy are great masseuses, they will knead your shoulders, back, and toes once they are in love with you.

Their love language is expressed through physical contact. People who are touchy make the best partners. They will bond with you emotionally and are very sensual. 

So, if you see someone who likes physical contact you can describe them as being touchy. 

If you understand that your love language is expressed similarly to a touchy person. Do well to allow others to have their personal space. Only relate with persons who will be touched. 

Physically Affectionate 

Someone who likes physical contact is known as a physically affectionate person. When a person has this trait, they show care and affection through physical contact. 

This physical contact is a way to get really intimate with another individual. 

They will hug, snuggle, cuddle, hold hands or massage their lover at any opportunity.

A physically affectionate person wants to be held close, they love spending ample time in their partner’s embrace. 

This makes them have hot personalities and you can’t help falling in love with them. 

Why Do People Like Physical Contact So Much?

Like I mentioned earlier in the introduction, physical touch is among the love languages. 

All of us display one or more of these love languages. 

People like physical contact so much, because it is through such means they have to display their affection.

This love language doesn’t translate to physical coupling alone, but other gestures that involve physical contact.

Such a person would squeeze your hands gently, pat your back when you burp, embrace you, snuggle you to sleep, massage your feet and give you back rubs.

They derive pleasure from being in physical contact with you. Those who demand physical affection too, encourage their partners to be cuddlers. 

Physical contact is the means through which the bond in a relationship can become stronger. It fosters trust, loyalty, and longing between people. 

Scientifically, research has proven that physical, affectionate contact between two persons can have positive health benefits.

The release of feel-good hormones has to be stated in such findings.

Reasons why people like physical contact so much include; 

  • It’s their love language.
  • They enjoy it.
  • It creates deep bonds.
  • It’s a good stress reliever.

If you have partners, ensure you discover what their love language is and do good to speak it.

If you have. Physically affectionate, you can learn to 

  • Cuddle more.
  • Hold hands often.
  • Give back rubs.
  • Regular hugs and feet rubs

Doing any of this would show them how much you really care.

What Do You Call A Person Who Touches Everything?

A person who touches everything is called a haphemania. They always want to touch anything they set their mind to. This behavior is more common than you may know. 

This person will obsessively touch objects, in a pattern or way. Their desire to do this must be fulfilled if not they may become anxious.

Many folks who share this kind of compulsion, do so to reduce anxiety. It’s often a spontaneous action and can look strange to other people. 

People who behave this way need to practice these rituals to perform normally. You have to bear with them and remain patient always.

You can help them by keeping being understanding, helping them secure professional help, be kind, encouraging, and patient in their healing process.

What Is It Called When Someone Makes Them Touch You?

When someone makes you touch them unsolicited, it is called abuse. 

Personal space is important in life and everything we do. No one should make you touch them when you don’t want to. 

If you want to physically touch someone, ask for permission first. Hand placement, body rubs, and petting are intimate moments that should be shared with close friends, lovers, and not strangers. 

Report anyone who breaks this rule and makes you touch them. If you tell them to stop and they don’t desist, ensure you have them reported to someone in authority. 

In situations where you have witnessed abuse taking place, it’s important you report it. It is your duty as a human being to stop a crime from happening. 


Do you love physical contact? Is your love language comprising physical touches? If so, know that you are one among so many in the world.

People who like physical contacts can be called so many things, but many of these names are terms of endearment. Every name has grown over the years, this is because many versions have existed. These are the most popular. 

Physical contact is commonly expressed by many persons as a way of showing love and care.. This contact will involve pats on the back, hugs, shoulder squeeze, foot rubs, cuddling and piggy backing. Sometimes they just want to spend time in your presence and be close enough to feel you.

There are many benefits of physical contact in a relationship. It boosts the immune system, deepens emotional bonds, and fosters a long lasting relationship. Friends who are close with each other, also benefit from hugs, foot rubs and reassuring shoulder squeeze.  


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