What Do You Call Someone Who Loves America?

America is the 3rd largest country in the world and one of the many countries people from all over the world are migrating to. The reasons are not far-fetched.

Apart from people’s personal reasons, America is one of the most beautiful countries, comprising many states with amazing sceneries and cultures.

It is an obligation to love one’s country and many love American simply because they are Americans. That’s not to say that non-Americans don’t love America. They do.

Showing love and support to one’s country is termed “patriotism” and people who do so are called “Patriots.”

People who love America are called “Americanophiles.” They are also called “American Patriots.” Non-Americans who love Americans are called “Yankophiles.”

What Do You Call Someone Who Loves American Culture?

Someone who loves American culture is called “Americanophiles.”

This term is also applied to non-Americans. These people are so much in love with everything about America; the people, food, music, and lifestyle.

They often do anything to convince people to see the good in America. They believe everything about America is perfect.

The way of life of the American people is lovable, but the Americanophiles go the extra mile to show it.

They seize every opportunity to talk about America and her culture. They show their love and support in any way they can within or outside the country.

Why Do People Love America?

There are many reasons to love America. Both Americans and non-Americans love the United States. The reasons are endless.

People love the country for the name it has made, the vast land, the people, and many other reasons best known to them.

The following are some of the many reasons people love America:

The Popular Culture

American culture; the music, dance, movies, and all forms of arts are loved by so many, including foreigners.

The reason Americans’ way of life is loved will vary with different individuals. People come from far and wide to admire and consume this popular lifestyle.

The Celebrations

Another reason people love America is the celebrations. The Americans celebrate a lot; from national holidays, Halloween, and Christmas to their independence day. There is no end to the celebrations.

The celebrations involve a lot of gatherings. Families celebrate in their homes and everyone is involved. It’s usually fun and lively.

The Landscape

Another reason to love America is the scenery. The United State of America is the 3rd largest country made up of 50 states.

The country is made up of beautiful and mind-blowing landscapes. Each state has its own gift from mother nature, diverse and stunning views.

Everything from rich valleys, lovely prairies, exciting waterfalls, stunning lakes, breathtaking mountains, pleasant parks, and many more.

People take vacations to popular places like Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and New York to view these beautiful places. 

Quality products

America is one of the countries people import goods from. America is loved for the quality they place on production.

They produce high-quality goods and products that attract people from far and wide. Brands like Apple, Tesla, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft are selling in America and other countries.

The Opportunities

America is the dream country of many for the many opportunities available there. Americans and foreigners enjoy the country because of the many opportunities they get to maximize their skills and talents.

The American dream makes available solid platforms for people to make it and make it big. An ordinary guy can become president in America.

There is equality for everyone. Everyone loves the idea of the American dream.

Quality Education

Another thing to love about America is the high quality they place on education. America is one of the countries that offer the best education at all levels. In fact, they are ranked first in education worldwide.

People come from near and wide to study in America. American Universities are one of the sought-after tertiary institutions by indigenes and non-indigenes.


America is one of the countries that offer support to other countries. They are quick to lend their aid to countries in need of help.

They offer financial aid and other forms of help. People love America for this generosity and kindness.

The Idea Of Freedom

People love America for the freedom they can get there. People’s freedom is very much respected in the country.

People get the freedom to speak, to engage in any religious activities, financial freedom, freedom to choose their partners, and political freedom.

The United States of America accommodates people from different races and backgrounds.


There are people who love America for its food. They cook rich delicacies that keep people visiting the country to have a taste.

The country-fried steaks, pizzas, lobster rolls, cheeseburgers, cornbread, and many more are some of the American foods people love.


Sport in America is given full support. It is one of the things people love about the country. It is the home to professional sports.

The National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Hockey League (NHL) are the four major professional sports in America.

Americans enjoy supporting their teams. You will see parents who come to their children’s football matches, cheering and encouraging them.


America produces one of the best world movies. They produce everything from science and technology, crime to political movies, and many more.

Hollywood is one of the most successful and most talked about in the movie industry. Their movies are top-rated and enjoyed by almost everyone. It is one of the reasons people love America.


America has good and friendly people that embrace all, irrespective of race or background. People love America for this. People live freely and happily and foreigners enjoy the hospitality they get.


America is a lovable country. Although they have their flaws, and their share in human and natural disasters, people still love and support them. Who wouldn’t?

The beautiful places, foods, culture, and many more are breathtaking. The American people are loving too.

Why not plan your next vacation to America and have a glimpse of all I have been saying. Then come back and thank me.


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