What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Deeply?

Hello everyone. We will be looking at names again, and today I am answering just one question: what do you call someone who loves deeply.

Unlike the others, there are many names for someone who loves deeply. Let’s look at them.

6 names to call someone who loves deeply?


Surprised? Well according to the definition you have ways known, love is also included.

A worshiper is not just used for someone who worships a deity, it is used to describe people who have deep love, respect, and adoration for someone.

That means you can worship God and still worship someone you love. It sounds weird, and it is.

To worship someone is not to pray to them, it is to love them so much that you have them like gods in your heart and you do just about anything for them no matter how absurd.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want someone fawning over me like that.


Something we all know of and believe in. A romantic is not just someone who loves romance. A romantic is someone who believes deeply in love and loves to show it.

You know someone is a romantic by the things they do, whether big or small because that is how they show their love.

They will bring flowers, cook your meals, and make sure you are fit and fed. They will do anything they can to show you their love over and over again.

They will go to high lengths to prove it to you and to themselves and it is lovely to have them around.


You must know the story of Romeo and Juliet and why people are called Romeo.

It is a really interesting story and the name is an allusion to a character in a fictional story who loved a princess named Juliet so much that he killed himself when she thought he was dead.

Usually, it is used humorously for guys who are really in love with a woman. If you are called a Romeo, it doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself to prove your love.

It just means you are very much in love with a lady and will do things the value of what Romeo did for her.


When you hear the word lover, you think of a couple, not really the definition of someone who is deeply in love.

The word lover doesn’t just mean a love partner or someone who just has sexual relations with someone else. It also refers to someone who is deeply in love with someone else.

Usually, this starts off with a nice friendship. Before you disagree, a lover can also be an affectionate friend, someone who cares for you very much and guesses their way to help you with whatever you need.

A friendship like that blooms until you can call that person your lover.

Your lover can also be your boyfriend or someone you have a secret affair with but when you hear the word lover, someone who is deeply in love with another should come to mind.

Lovers spend a lot of time together, have sexual relations, get married and enjoy happy married life.


It’s okay, I was also worried about pronouncing it wrong. It is pronounced the way you would pronounce lemon except the “man” part of the word is pronounced “min”.

It’s complicated because it is really old English and the meaning is quite confusing. Lema referred to a lover and a sweetheart.

Now you may think they are the same but the word lover like we looked at above Mena’s someone who is deeply in love with another while sweetheart means someone who is loved. It is really used but it is a nice word.

Leman in the 18th and 19th centuries referred to a mistress. If someone called you a leman those days, you might hide your face in shame but over the years the meaning had changed.

Now may have two different meanings but you can use it to describe someone who is head over heels for his sweetheart.


I decided to throw in some French since it is considered the most romantic language in the world. That’s a fun fact if you didn’t know and the reason is the pronunciation that makes it sound musical, and like a melody.

Well, back to the word, l’amant is French for lover. You can also say amante and it’s a great way to refer to someone who loves you. Very romantic

Why do people love deeply?

They believe strongly in the notion of love

Like a romantic. They believe in love and all the signs of it. They are obsessed with proving their love to whomever they are in love with.

You will find them writing letters, sending chocolate, calling very often, doing small acts of kindness, using special terms of endearment, and kissing their partners goodbye.

They would also read books and watch romantic movies because they really believe in love and the fact that love can fix things.

They don’t give up easily whenever the love is not reciprocated. They try to fix whatever is going on and make sure it all ends happily ever after.

They want to be loved too

Everyone wants to be loved. Can you imagine not having anyone in the world who has even the least amount of care for you? Not one! It is lonely.

Not being loved is something no one should experience. Those who have not experienced it, want to be loved so much that they start to give that love to others.

They believe that by giving that love, or by loving, they can be loved in return. You’ll find them doing endless activities, going out of their way, to impress whoever they love.

These types of people are not just casual lovers. They stick around to love, support, and care for you. The stems of that love might be unhealthy but they love you all the same.

They appreciate you for who you are

This may seem like an invalid reason because you can appreciate people for what they do and still not love them deeply, for example, your co-worker or neighbor.

But that’s the thing, you love them deeply because of who they are, not what they do. You appreciate them thoroughly, quirks and perks, flaws and superpowers, just everything that makes them human.

You like what they do and don’t do. Even when they stop doing it, you still appreciate them and love them because it is them you love and not what they do.

When someone loves you for this type of reason, you know you are on the right track. It is healthy, honest, and probably for the best.

It is their source of happiness

A lot of people have different things that get them happy. For me it’s my writing, for some it’s sports, showing off their talents, getting praises and awards, and so on.

For some people, it’s an entire human being. They delight in their own happiness, they think of them all the time, and they do whatever makes those people happy because it gives them fulfillment.

In fact, their whole world revolves around that one person. It seems creepy but it is true. And just like other people, they would like to preserve that source of happiness, they would love that person so deeply because without them there would be no joy in their life and their life would lose color.

What to do when you realize you love someone deeply

Here are a few things you can do when you realize you love someone deeply:

Assess your feelings

So you have finally fallen in love, that’s nice. It is nothing to be ashamed of whether you play hard to get or you are the most macho guy in your clique.

First, try to assess your feelings. How much do you love this person and why? Then you will know how to progress.

The reason you should not just head-on with your feelings as your only guide is, that you don’t want to get confused and lost along the way. It will lead to a lot of regrets and you don’t want that, do you?

Tell them how you feel

It doesn’t hurt to voice your feelings. Sure you might get rejected and lose them if they are your friends but it is better than dying in silence.

Also, by taking that chance of feeling how you feel, especially if you can’t seem to show them, you would get to know how they feel too. You don’t want to deny yourself the truth, do you?

Show them how you feel

Not good with words? Show them how you feel. Try to help them, try to show small endearing acts of kindness that they would come to love and even look forward to.

Don’t try too hard, you can buy them their favorite cup of coffee, or just wish them a great day.

Ask them how they are feeling, or tell a joke to make them small. Anything smaller and appropriate is just fine.

And that’s all on our love topic. I am sure we all learn something new. I did too. If you have questions, or comments (I know you will), drop them in the comment box below and I will help to reply to them.

Thanks for reading.


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