What Do You Call Someone Who Makes False Promises?

If a person often makes false promises, you can simply call that person a liar.

Lying indicates deception. It is the act of propagating belief in things that are not true or not the whole truth.

A liar is one who agrees to do a thing or promises to do a thing but never does it.

Since a liar gives false promises, it means they don’t say the truth and therefore he/she is unreliable

People who often do this, have reasons backing up their actions. If they never had a plan which will be of profit to them, they won’t work themselves up to make you believe in their lies.

A liar is smart in his own eyes because of this ability to outwit a person without his real intent being known.

This is very dominant in relationships, especially love relationships. And it has become a major reason why many people have apathy for relationships.

How do you know if a person makes false promises?

If you find yourself bothered about the promise

If you find yourself asking this question then it is already a sign that your instinct has given you a warning about a person who has given you a false promise.

And it may be that you doubted the behavior of that person towards the promise he or she made.

A false promise is a declaration that a person will do something while the action does not follow through to accomplish that promise.

In a case where someone gives you their word and their action isn’t backing up the word, then they have given you a false promise.

They have used their words which come easily to bring you to a point of deception so that you can do what they want.

When you follow your instinct

Another way to detect a false promise is to stay calm after your instinct suggests that it is a false promise.

Make sure you are in a healthy and calm state of mind, as this will assist you to analyze the situation better, rather than feeling annoyed, paranoid, or emotional take time to consider the promise again.

If it is genuine, ask clarifying questions when you ask questions to clarify yourself it shouldn’t be a problem make sure you’re satisfied with the response so much so that nothing seems shady.

When you seek answers to your questions you know if it is not a false promise when the person’s response is positive and with confidence, not short of your expectation.

Also, you know that a person gave a false promise if he/she answers your questions with a dismissive response like “oh yeah! Definitely.” Followed by a change of subject then it is a false promise.

Even if they just made the promise earlier they may begin to give excuses as to why it may no longer be possible to follow through on the promise.

What do you call a person who can’t keep a promise?

Someone who cannot keep a promise is known to be disloyal or unfaithful.

Many times, we put our trust in promises that are made by a friend relative, or partner.

They end up betraying our trust by not keeping their promises, and they would want to justify their disloyal behavior with the fact that we are all humans but in actual light, they do it deliberately.

A common trait of a person who can’t keep a promise is an insincere emotion.

They always have a way to hide their real emotions about things and this compels you to believe what they say at that moment.

They make you gullible enough to easily fall for their promises because, at that point, you are overwhelmed by your emotions.

Dishonest or unfaithful people have no consideration as to the after-effects of their actions on people and are concerned about the benefits they will get.

What do you call a person who keeps a promise?

A person is one who goes the extra mile to meet a promise is a loyal person.

Loyal people are committed, faithful, and dependable.

The fact that a person is your family member, close friend, neighbor, or even your partner is not a guarantee that he/she will be loyal to you.

Saying something and keeping to your words goes beyond sentiment, loyal persons are true to their words because they do act out of selfish desires.

When a loyal person makes a promise, he/she has the person’s interest at heart ahead of his personal interest.

Even when it is tough rough and hard, a loyal person doesn’t give a false promise because he doesn’t see his words as something casual but as something he’s willing to fulfill.

Should I trust someone who makes false promises?

No. Someone who makes false promises is a liar, and liars should not be trusted.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship between friends partners or co-workers.

If the foundation of trust is weak, the relationships will come crashing down eventually.

It also takes a lot of time and effort to rebuild the trust that has been broken and sometimes you may not be able to recover the relationship as some people are experts in getting people to believe them and breaking people’s trust eventually.

Most times we do not see the harm until it is too late and blown up to the point of no return.

Once this happens we are yet mad at the other person but we are angry with ourselves for not knowing about this sooner.

You can avoid going on this path by learning how not to trust anyone who makes fake promises because these are dishonest persons.

These people change as often as the weather, their promises are not stable and reliable. They make promises and retract them or do not follow through with their actions.

They have a very consistent pattern of going back on their word and this makes it hard to build a stable relationship with them.

Just like some politicians aren’t trustworthy because they are fond of making promises and do not follow through.

People who make false promises are liars and deceivers and they make you continually doubt if you ought to be in that relationship.

If you constantly have yourself asking this question then you shouldn’t trust that person.

Should I date a person who makes false promises?

Dating a person who makes false promises is the same as dating a person who tells lies or is dishonest. So, do not date someone who makes false promises.

It is always best not to date people who are dishonest, no matter how much you desire to have that person or love them.

A person who loves you immensely will not be dishonest to you.

if your partner is dishonest, it means they can be dubious, deceptive, and at any point if they do not want to upset you or maybe try to avoid something they will give you a false promise.

Dating a dishonest person breaks trust and shows that your partner does not have respect for you.

Actually, some people go ahead to date someone even after knowing they are dishonest and some others stay in relationships even after knowing that their partners are dishonest people because of what they tend to get.

They make fake promises just to get money, sex, exposure, and even fame.

You hear them saying things like “we all lie”.

Dating someone who is dishonest is not healthy for you as a person because you may begin to think that everyone else is that way.

You tend to waste time when you date a dishonest person, so why spend your life living in a lie, left to wonder if your partner is actually saying the truth or not?


People who make false promises are people who are not trustworthy.

They do not get trusted wherever they go and are considered selfish because they do not have empathy for others.

If they do they will not give them a promise which they outrightly know is a lie.

Most of the time, people who make false promises will say “everyone lies”, when they get caught or would want to show so much sympathy like they are not aware the promise they made won’t get to accomplishment.

Here is one thing you should know: A person who gives a false promise does it intentionally.

They say a bunch of things so they can get your trust, money, or just anything in return.

If they were not after anything then they would not give you a false promise, yeah! There is will be no point in that.

So what do you do when you find out a person you trust or a person you are about to get intimate with constantly gives you false promises?

Refrain from them and stop trusting them because dishonest persons can do anything behind your back just to achieve their selfish desires.


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