What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants More?

Have you met a real live Oliver twist? Always asking for more? You may have wondered what you will call such a person who always wants more. As human beings, we have needs and these needs are accompanied by a desire to fulfill them.

People will always want as long as they have a life. Others have a habit where they are never satisfied and would want more. These sets of individuals are often concerned about their immediate needs. They will always put themselves first.

Check out the names you can call someone who wants more

10 Things You Can Call Someone Who Always Wants More?

What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants More?

  • A Greedy person 
  • An Insatiable person 
  • An Avaricious person 
  • A Covetous person 
  • An Acquisitive person 
  • A Needy person 
  • A Grabby person 
  • Hoarder
  • A Gluttonous person 
  • A Parasitic person 

1. Greedy

What Do You Call Someone Who Always Wants More?

Someone who always wants more can be called a greedy person. This kind of person always wants to eat and drink excessively even though they have their fill. A greedy person has their eyes on another person’s plates at all times. They can be your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even family.

When a person is never content with what they have and still wants what is theirs, such a person has a greedy appetite. Their motto is every man for themselves. They do not know to share, always wanting more than they have been given.

Greedy people are never loyal friends so, If I were you I would stay clear of them.

2. Insatiable  

If you see someone who is always wanting more, a good term for describing them is insatiable. This means that they always want more and are never satisfied. Such a person never feels satisfied and would keep wanting more like a well that can never be filled.

People who can’t be satisfied are also hard to please. Nothing that is done for them ever is enough. They make for horrible bosses, friends, family, and coworkers. They have a need that no amount of effort can meet. I recommend it is best to withdraw your resources and friendship from such a person.

Insatiable people behave like squirrels, always hoarding nuts even when they have more than enough.

3. Avaricious

Anyone who is always in need of more is called an avaricious person. This person is only concerned with growing personal wealth greedily. Their character trait involves them wanting material things, usually unpleasant.

They have no regard for morality or shame. Their concern is how their cravings and desires would be met. They are actually bogus individuals with a larger-than-life appearance and nothing of worth or value to you.

When you meet such an individual, you can spot them by their eagerness to possess material things. They are always willing to do anything they can for money. Such a person cannot be trusted.

4. Covetous

Covetous people will always want more than they have, especially those things that belong to other people. If you have something and they are close to you, jealousy will rise in them. This desire to have what another person does makes them seem irrational.

A person who covets his neighbor’s goods is never far from doing a bad thing. Hardly do you find covetousness associated with good emotion.

Stay wary of people who always want to replicate what you have. These feelings may be jealousy and aren’t always healthy for you to experience. Note that even if they have what you want, it is never enough once they go down that road.

If you crave your friend’s property, then you understand what being covetous means. Such feelings aren’t good for a friendship, so it’s important you do not let them fester. Nip it before it grows into a monster.

5. Acquisitive

You can call someone who always wants a more acquisitive person. This kind of person has an abnormal likeness for acquiring material things. This is seen with these people who are obsessive shoppers. They go on a shopping spree and buy items of things they do not need or already have.

They get very consumed in themselves by trying to get themselves all the riches they think they have. The only thing their brain thinks about is how to gain more material things. Often, such behavior drives them to do things out of character.

If you know anyone with such behavior, candid advice about the ruin they would bring upon themselves should be given. If you are suffering from this, know that you can only overcome it with discipline. You have to cultivate a rigid habit that you won’t break. You will only get and gain what you need.

6. Needy

A needy person will always want more of everything that comes their way. From material things to love and attention. This person believes that what is being given to them is not enough. They want more and more of anything they desire.

They don’t mind going to any length for what they want, resorting to emotional blackmail amongst others. This individual desire is to crave more desires. They derive immense pleasure when they become the center of attention, and will do anything to keep it that way.

Needy people can be exhausting to deal with, they lie and fake situations simply because they need to. If you have a needy friend, don’t work yourself much on them. Understand that no matter how much you give or help them, it will never be enough for them.

7. Grabby

Grabby people always want more than their hands can carry. You see them always struggling to carry things that are obviously too much for them. Observe such persons at parties or free events they will grab everything their hand can get. This happens even though they do not have anywhere else to place them.

They are often indecisive and can’t make a choice to save their life. Also, they are prone to having sticky fingers, so watch your possessions around this kind of person. Taking your possession means nothing to them and they will do it so long they decide to.

It is good to monitor them because they have no self-control, and cannot be satisfied.

8. Hoarder

Someone who is always wanting can be called a hoarder. This person has a kind of sickness that urges them to keep gaining stuff until they have no place to keep them. They habitually collect new items while still keeping old and worthless ones around.

Oftentimes their living conditions are a mess because of so much hoarding of properties. They have an unnatural affinity to their possession.

They do not want to let go of old and redundant possessions, while they still add new ones to their collection. Sometimes you see them having multiple items that are similar or the same.

9. Gluttonous

The term gluttonous benefits anyone who always wants more, especially those who want to eat and drink without a limit. This person has an insatiable need for food and drinks especially. They will eat at very unsafe and unhealthy levels.

Others also have gluttony for life. They lead a life where they only chase the thrill of everyday life. Parties, fun, and hanging out are the only activities they enjoy, and they do them excessively.

Gluttons are hard to miss. Their unhealthy attitude can be spotted a mile away and in any crowd.

When you give a glutton something of yours, they will keep coming back for more and are never satisfied.

10. Parasitic

Someone who always wants more is called a parasite. They act exactly like real-life parasites, sucking the lifeblood from friends and family until there is nothing left. We all know the side effects of parasitic organisms on plants and animals. Human parasites also exist.

They leech unto a person and don’t let go easily, they will dote on you for everything from care to feeding. All this taking and no form of addition, instead they will leave you poorer than they met you.

Parasitic people are one of the worst kinds of people to meet. They have no sympathy and every relationship they build always ends in pain for the host party.


Someone who always wants more can seem irritating and impulsive. The habit is not an attractive one for any decent human to have.

Needs and wants are a constant in life and should be met accordingly. However, when we have an unhealthy attitude toward the things we want, there lies a problem.

Nobody wants to deal with someone who is very self-centered and only puts themselves before anyone else. It is important to have contentment with what you have, if you want more it shouldn’t be to the detriment of others.

All these names mentioned in this article apply to persons who always want more. If you have such a habit, do well to discipline yourself and get rid of such a habit. It will make you unpopular amongst family and friends alike.

Be free and willing to share because it is truly better to give than to always receive.


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