What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad?

We often see those who enjoy being sad as abnormal or sick. However, you may want to ask, why would someone love to behave abnormally or sickly?

It is simply because they find it an alluring disposition to be over time. Oftentimes, it is as a result of their past life experiences or the feeling of not being able to fit into society’s standards.

They opt-in to being sad because, in sadness, they find solace and satisfaction. Everything around such people resonates with sadness.

They shut themselves off from cheerful gatherings because they do not see anything worth celebrating about life. This gloomy disposition of theirs transcends down to their choice of music, movies, and appearance.

Such people may also be affected by the trauma of losing a loved one, and because they are not able to get over it, they resolve to live in pain all their lives. In no time, they become absorbed in pain and continually enjoy the resonance of pain.

What do you call such people? In this article, we will be looking at 10 names you can call someone who enjoys pain.

10 Names To Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

It’s okay if you call someone who enjoys being “unhappy”. The question is, does the word unhappy match up with the reason they choose pain over happiness?

They are possibly depressed or melancholic. Below is a detailed list of 10 names you can call someone who enjoys pain.

  • Morose
  • Depressed
  • Miserable
  • Unhappy
  • Gloomy
  • Sedimental
  • M^sochist
  • Melancholic
  • Psychopath
  • Bitter


A morose is someone who believes that sadness is a natural state of existence because life is filled with hurt, distress, and conflicts, among other things.

As a result, when happy, they constantly worry about the next negative event that will dampen their mood; their constant seeking for it makes them anxious even when things are going okay.

One might contend that there are many positive aspects of life and numerous causes for joy. For a morose, suffering outlasts happiness because it overshadows everything that is positive.

They feel they have no right to be happy when there is so much suffering in the world. They ask questions like, “How can I be happy? To even attempt it? If we can’t all be happy, what’s the point of it all?”

With this, they obviously have no reason to be happy, and so they make sadness their solace. They enjoy being sad at all times.

When they are sad, they can’t be stabbed with a dose of good stuff, which makes sadness undervalued and safe.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad


A person who enjoys being sad can be called depressed. They essentially become consumed by the sadness in a literal sense.

By this, they lapse into depression, and the next thing that follows suit is that they are trapped inside their own minds.

According to studies, depressed people have an attraction to things that are darker or sadder because they are more capable of comprehending how sad people feel than other people.

They use sadness as a language or a visual cue, indicating that they find solace in that particular emotional box.

When some people become emotionally attached to those negative emotions, their brains are triggered to feel self-rewarding.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad


A miserable person dislikes happiness. They believe that happiness is something that appears for a split second before disappearing.

And people don’t actually enjoy happiness; instead, they enjoy the moment when it appears and then fade away in the same manner as when it first appeared.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

A miserable person’s school of thought is that “sadness does not go away; rather, it develops gradually, grows deeper, and then stays with you.”

They believe that happiness ebbs and flows. Sadness is a stable emotion, and once they start to love it, they keep developing a deeper love for it knowing that, aside from those fleeting moments of happiness, it will always be with them. It is compulsive.

It serves as a faithful companion that they can count on. Sadness is their safe place, and they recognize that while happiness requires work and effort, sadness can be enjoyed even when no effort is made.


An unhappy person is someone who enjoys being sad. This is often because of some hurtful experiences they’ve had in the past. It could be depression, divorce, or losing a loved one.

When they are unable to get over their hurtful feelings, they succumb to being sad all the time. Particularly in situations where they’ve lost someone close to them, they intentionally keep themselves sad in remembrance of those they’ve lost.

It is like a moment of reconnecting with memories they shared while they were alive.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

In no time, they are overwhelmed by that emotional state and conform to it. Unhappy people always have a gloomy appearance.

Their choices of movies and music all depict grief and sadness. Because this is the new satisfaction they have embraced, they are not interested in getting help.


A gloomy person is someone who has given themselves all out to be sad. These people enjoy every feeling that sadness comes with, and so they have reasons to see everything negatively.

They are not interested in changing to an optimistic way of living and do not mind what being sad all the time will cause them.


Sentimental people are those who enjoy being sad at all times. These are individuals who feel that just as “happiness” is an emotional state, “sadness” is also one, and it is harmless if one chooses to embrace it as their disposition.

Little by little, they begin to feel the need to remain in that state and get engrossed in it eventually. When going through any phase in life, sentimental people give more detail to the darker and sadder parts.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

Even when the situation doesn’t require a sad disposition, they always want to be sad. These people cry over every little thing and leave people wondering if that situation actually warrants such a level of worry or concern.

But since they feel that crying is a way to show that they are human, they enjoy it and live in that reality.


A m^sochist is someone who always chooses pain because feeling pain is preferable to feel nothing.

Nothingness is like an emptiness; it consumes them. Pain is still a feeling; it gives them a sense of being human. As a result, they desire to be in a sad state at all times.


Melancholics are a species of sad people who are open to the fact that life is inherently difficult and that suffering and disappointment are core parts of universal experience.

Society at large tends to emphasize bouncy and cheerfulness, but melancholics are all about admitting to the grief and pain surrounding them.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

They believe that the world is full of fools and greedy people, which makes it hard to find inner peace and it is hard to live comfortably with those they love.

They believe that it is unusual to have a job that is both rewarding and uplifting. Often, sadness, bitterness, and grief make a lot of sense to them.


A psychopath is a person who is constantly drawn to negative circumstances and negative thoughts reach a point where unhappiness has become extremely addictive. It negatively affects every aspect of who they are. They start to moan and groan constantly.

If you present such a person with a favorable circumstance, they will object and start seeing the downside as well. You’ll notice that when you show them something positive, they almost seem angry. They seem to hate positivity.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

There is a part inside of them that desires grief whenever they are in a positive frame of mind, whether they see it as enjoyable or think it will help them achieve their goals.

Who would want to cling to negative thoughts, bring misery on themselves and others, and cause illness within the body if not a psychopath?


A bitter person enjoys being in emotional pain. It is their primary defense mechanism. They kick people out when they try to help them.

Bitter people criticize what others see as progressive because they are more comfortable in a retrogressive state.

What Do You Call Someone Who Enjoys Being Sad

They find holding grudges pleasurable. This is because they are barely interested in the positive sides of people and are pickier.

The pain of constantly brooding over past hurt doesn’t resonate as a negative impact on their lives.


To bring this article to a wrap, you ought to embrace the fact that people who enjoy being sad do it for diverse reasons.

To conclude that one is a psychopath because they enjoy pain whereas they are melancholic gives you a wrong picture of them.

This leads to misunderstandings, and you may begin to give them undue treatment as a result of this. Take a close look at their behavior before you ascribe any name to one who enjoys pain.

With this, I believe you are now aware of the various names you can call people who enjoy experiencing pain.

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