What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Themselves Too Much?

We’ve all met them, yes, that perky as a well pesky person who only talks. about themselves.

Their popular mantra always stands out as “me, myself and I”, little wonder why we sometimes dread them.

While it is no crime to once in a while shower yourself with love and pamper just yourself, it is often treated with disdain when that self-care a person has for themselves begins to encroach into the lives of others.

They all go by different names depending on the degree to which their attention-seeking gravitates, to some it is just for fun that they tend to act snobbish and unconcern about others.

On the flip side, there are those with a chronic distorted image of putting themselves first despite the result that their action affects others.

This article is aimed at providing distinct names to refer to anyone who loves themselves either to the detriment of others or just for fun.

11 Names to Call Someone Who Loves Themselves Too Much?

Below are the different names used in addressing anyone who tends to love themselves more than another person:

  1. Narcissistic
  2. Egocentric
  3. Self-absorbed
  4. Self-centered
  5. Self-loving
  6. Self-obsessed
  7. Stuck-up
  8. Conceited
  9. Pompous
  10. Selfish
  11. Individualistic

The reason for these many names as stated in the opening paragraph is due to the degree of self-care of such individual exhibits.

An individual could love themselves yet be able to meet the needs of others but not absolutely, another individual could love themselves to an extent that nobody else has a feeling of being loved by them.

Appropriately addressing someone who loves themselves is the first step to helping them out of it, here is a detailed explanation for the points enumerated above.


What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Themselves

Coined from the word narcissist which means a person who places premium importance on themselves over any other person.

This group of people is not only engrossed in their self-beauty, strength, or whatever specialty they have but flaunts it in the most haughty way to others who feel offended by it.

Generally, narcissistic person cares and loves completely only themselves.


A bit like the narcissistic person, an egocentric person has a high level of pride and may or may not care about another’s opinion of him.

This set of people only regards and probably becomes benevolent only to those who are sycophants for them, they feel a special entitlement and as a result, become egocentric.

An egocentric person sees themselves as all in all and would resist any attempt to have someone take their place or advice them on their attitude.


A classic description of a self-absorb person is in the movie roots, where the main character had only his escape plan taking the front seat in his brain and not giving credence to whatever love anyone had for him.

For the self-absorbed the way they tend to love themselves is in how buried they are in the task they have occupied their mind, they so cherish their activities that anything to derail them from it is meant with stiff resistance.


Unlike the self-absorbed who puts before anything else their preoccupation, a self-centered person not only puts his primary interest first but even looks for ways to be the first in any activity when teamwork is required.

Say an objective or an activity requires cooperation to achieve a set goal, a self-centered person is likely to be engaged only if the benefit accrued would be theirs for the getting before any other.

A self-centered person is likely to care little about another’s feelings.


A self-loving person has high confidence in their ability and can with or without another person substantially meets their needs.

The downside however to these people is that the level of self-love they have for themselves can make them jettison any brilliant idea or even discard anyone who fails to live up to their ideal without taking cognizance of these people’s weaknesses.

Self-loving people only share their love or care whenever they like and could as well do without showing anyone any form of love.


Another way to define this person is Narcissus, everything about them is treated with utmost care and the love this set of people has for themselves is beyond normal.

They are braggarts usually convincing themselves that they are the best the world has ever had and could go on tooting their horns,  regardless of who they irk in the process.

Not only do these people love themselves, but they also show no love to nobody.


Think of that time you try to talk that friend of yours into letting down their guard and being a little caring of others and how vehemently they opposed your suggestion, then you would have a stuck-up person.

Most people who are stuck up with themselves have at one time tried being loving and caring of others, but one way or the other when their love meets no reciprocity their become stuck and only care for themselves.

It usually takes a lot to get the most st of the person who was uncaring to be stuck up, but the moment they do it is tough to get them off from loving themselves in excess.


How conceited people show their love for themselves is how much they have been able to accomplish by themselves without any support.

Not only do these people put it to your face that they are capable, but they make it obvious that you are not needed in the grand scheme of their life like an ostrich that has buried its neck in the ground, but they also would not budge an inch in helping anyone.

The real definition of me, myself and I are seen in a conceited person.


A pompous person is a classic description of pride and being alone. These people have few friends and somewhat are glad to be loners as they used that to water down anyone who tries to tell them what to do.

Devoid of any compassion, they see themselves first and rarely come around as friendly to anyone they meet, their bravado is immediately known as soon as they step into a room or any gathering.

If by chance you still wondering what to call that person who’s constantly boasting about their achievement and at the same time care less about anyone, Pompous is the one-stop word to use.


Selfish people possess the trait of denying anyone access to anything they have and can sometimes be greedy in their quest for loving themselves.

For you to call a person selfish, the following criteria must have been evident in their behavior:

Place a high value on their possession

A typical selfish person sees his possession as theirs and none of others. Lending for them is not in their vocabulary and don’t try to take it without their consent.

Wants stuff done for them

it’s natural to seek privileges, but when at every beck and call a person seeks attention and wants stuff done for them, then such a person is one step toward being selfish.

People who love themselves are called selfish because they want everything done for them, stuff that naturally they could stretch a hand themselves to get has to be done for them.

Tend towards greediness

Selfish people aren’t only lovers of self, they are also greedy(want what others have), they not only want what others have but would do anything to get it.

Should you sport that fancy dress that got others talking, the selfish individual wants it and would go to any length to see that the dress becomes theirs.

The love these individuals show themselves transcends anything they would show to another if they have someone to show love to.


These self-minded people are the last set of people you would think would stop loving themselves.

They could delay any gratification that involves them being or sharing with a second party. The individualistic thinks in terms of what they can achieve on their own.

Though this independent mindset can be beneficial to a degree as it spurs them to see uphold going solo when everyone is backing off, the con here is in the fact that they would step on the toes of many just to see that their pleasure is pleased.

As per if they ever get to show love to anyone, the probability of them doing so is quite low.


Being able to tell accurately what someone who loves themselves is called plays a huge role in knowing how to deal with their behavior and probably offer respite.

One giveaway to this article is that most people who tend to show love for themselves may be doing so out of a pathological disorder, an unchecked character that escalated into their growing life, an undue privilege, or just out of defense for themselves.

Naturally, humans are all born to share and express care and love

From a self-centered person to a selfish person and the list goes on, one undeniable fact about these names is that they all represent and define anyone who loves themselves.

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