What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot?

Do you love reading books? Or know someone who reads a lot?  Reading is of great benefit to us in many other ways than just being able to read and doing well in language arts.

It helps us learn how to spell more effectively and improve our writing skills. This heightens some people’s desire to read even more books.

Reading often attracts a lot of attention to a person. In a school setting, they are easily recognized by their peers and teachers.

Have any of your pals made the habit of always carrying a book with them? Do they prefer being in the library instead of going for lunch?

Or always stay in their room because they always have a book to finish up? What exactly do we call those who read a lot? In this article, we will be looking at 10 names that people who read a lot are called.

10 Words To Call Someone Who Reads A Lot

Have you called someone a “book lover” because they always have their nose stuck in books? In this article, you will get to know a more detailed way you can call people who love reading.

Here is a list of 10 names you can call someone who reads a lot.

  1. Bookworm
  2. Bibliophile
  3. Voracious reader
  4. Lectiophile
  5. Reading enthusiast
  6. Nerd
  7. Geek
  8. Well-read
  9. Avid reader
  10. Bookarazzi

Book worm

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot

A bookworm is someone who loves to read so much that they still can’t get enough of it. Like worms eating their way through an apple, bookworms devour books in the same way.

You might be surprised to find out where the nickname “bookworm” came from. Bookworms are very much a real thing, and in distant times, there were quite a lot of problems for bookkeepers.

In those years, libraries didn’t have a system of air conditioning as we have in modern times. As a result of this, worms became attracted to the book and were always found inside the book, eating it up.

With this, it felt appropriate to call people who spend more time with books “bookworms.” They always have their nose in a book because they love to read so much.

So, you can tell if someone is a bookworm if they think going to the library is a fantasy and they are always looking for new books to read. That’s fine too! They number millions worldwide.


What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot

A bibliophile is defined as a person who enjoys reading and collecting books. They are well-known in bookstores and libraries for their continuous patronage.

This is because they have been able to develop a vibrant obsession with books to the point of going completely over the top.

You can easily spot a bibliophile because they carry their reading trait everywhere they go.

If you see someone reading a book while working out at the gym, they sometimes hold a book in their hands, their eyes fixed on the book, while their legs are moving.

Or if you find someone who reads a few pages of their book as soon as they wake up and as soon as they get to bed, or who cuddles their book while they sleep, then you’re looking at a bibliophile.

Other signs that someone is a bibliophile include: they are drawn to a bookstore; they regularly brag about thier library; they are familiar with practically all books.

Reading a book is a requirement for them before continuing anything, and they choose to read books instead of hanging out with friends or going to the movies.

Voracious Reader

A voracious reader is someone who can’t get enough of reading. They just want to read whenever they can, whatever they can, and are really into it.

A voracious reader incorporates reading into their lifestyle. They consume a large volume of books and are able to read at least two or even more books simultaneously and do not struggle in between. This is because they have, over time, gained mastery of their reading skills.

A voracious reader can be spotted swiftly if you find the following traits :

They go about with books in case they have to wait for a few minutes. It could be to get their food delivered at the eatery or wait for the doctor to attend to them.

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot

If they didn’t bring their book with them or the location wasn’t conducive to reading, they would read every signpost, anything with an inscription they could understand or not.

Voracious readers are more concerned about running out of books than running out of food.

They forget to give replies to conversations because they are so engrossed in the book that they don’t even hear what is being said.


Lectiophile is a word used to refer to a person who has a deep love for reading. Because of their undying love for books, they invest so much in buying books.

They seclude themselves from others because of their addictive desire for books.

Apart from the traditional libraries, lectiophiles make use of e-libraries just so they can get one piece of information or the other. Their learning sources are never-ending.

Reading Enthusiast

A reading enthusiast is someone who loves reading because they have built their reading skills right from childhood.

They read books for certain reasons. It could be that they want to be authors or build a company around their area of interest. And so they have developed a deep longing for books.

Reading enthusiasts are majorly attracted to themselves. It feels awkward when they ask someone, “Have you read this book?” or “Have you read that book?” And the reply they get is a disappointing “no.”

They feel more comfortable in the midst of people who read like them. This is because most of their conversations are built around the books they have read; the authors, and the cost of books they have in their closets.

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot


A nerd is someone who is obsessed with reading, especially scientific or technological studies. “Nerd” is a slang term used to describe someone who behaves awkwardly.

Their style of reading is considered by others to be “too much” or “compulsive.” The drive of a nerd is situated around gaining so much knowledge in the area of techy or science-related stuff.

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot


A Geek is someone who is curious and enthusiastic about books. They have an elevated sense of excitement when they come across new books.

As a result of their compulsive desire to read books, geeks are viewed as awkward. However, they do not consider it an insult but rather wear the “geek label” with pride.

They believe that they have an edge over people because of their ability to consume a large volume of books. Geeks’ love for reading is fueled by their desire for success. This keeps them up and reading.


“Well-read” is a word that describes a person with an outstanding vocabulary because of their love for reading books. People who are well-read often have a stronger capacity to communicate verbally and in writing.

A well-read person has a wider base of knowledge because they read. They do not base their studies on only one genre, but rather they are more knowledgeable about one or more subjects, or in most cases, a wider range of them.

Naturally, this varies depending on the reader’s interests and capacity for reading time.

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot

Avid Reader

Avid traders are people who read a lot. They just want to read and read and read, not minding the subject.

They read books on science, technology, pictures, lifestyle history, and the list goes on and on.

They find lots of places convenient for reading. It could be under a tree, on their bed, in the mall, or just about anywhere.

Avid readers always have a stack of books ready to read because they just can’t stop reading.


A “Bookarazzi” is a person who avidly posts pictures of the books they’ve read online after reading a lot of them.

They take satisfaction in the number of books they read. In a bid to have a more rewarding feeling, they anticipate reading a greater number of books.

What Do You Call Someone Who Reads A Lot


There you have it, 10 names you can call a person who reads a lot. Before calling someone either of the names listed above, ensure that their reading patterns tally with the context of the name you care to call them.

By this, I mean that a bibliophile is different from a lectiophile. Although both of them love to read, their modes of reading differ.

The bibliophile reads a lot, usually by borrowing books from others, while the lectiophile loves to invest their money in buying the books they read.

In other cases, some people read a lot for the sole aim of documenting the number of books they’ve read. These people are called the “Bookarazzi.”

In a nutshell, ensure that a person’s reading pattern relates to the name you call them. I believe you are now more knowledgeable about the names you can give to someone who enjoys reading.

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