What Do You Call Someone Who Wants To Stay Single? 

There are different names you can call someone who chooses to stay single. 

A person who wants to stay single is called a singleton.

5 Names/Words To Describe Someone Who Wants To Stay Single

What Do You Call Someone Who Wants To Stay Single? 

  1. Bachelor
  2. Spinster
  3. Singleton
  4. Misogynist
  5. Unattached

1. Bachelor 

A bachelor is a man who is single or wants to stay single even though he is not a virgin. This is a decision made by a person who wants to stay single due to their own choice and is happy with their decision.

Bachelors are single men who are not yet married or yet to marry. Naturally, they may not be interested in keeping a relationship or have not been in any relationship due to their own choice. This is a decision that makes them happy and not one to be sad about.

They are single, happy and contempt of the choice to stay single. People often confuse this decision of being a bachelor for a sad situation but in reality, it is the other way around. Being a bachelor is not a decision made because of a lack of sexual desire.

2. Spinster 

A spinster is a woman who is single and not betrothed to anyone. She is not interested in a stable relationship that binds her to one person. I mean why should a man have his freedom and a woman wouldn’t, by the way, they are all human in nature so equality is a right.

A spinster is a woman who chooses to stay single and is not a virgin. She knows intimacy but chooses to only indulge when she pleases or seems it fits without any attachment to whom she lies with.

The choice to stay single is a priority as she has no plans to get married soon. This is a decision she embarks on and this makes her happy as they are her choices and not anyone’s. She is not forced to confine to the expectations of society:

3. Singleton

What Do You Call Someone Who Wants To Stay Single? 

Singletons are persons who make the decision to stay single and are fulfilled living this way. Singleton describes single persons who are emotionally balanced and fulfilled to stay alone or stay single.

A singleton can be a male or a female as this expression is unisex in context. Marriage is not in the category for these types of people. This is because they value their alone time and hardly find themselves top-notch productive with other people.

The term singleton is not derogatory, instead, it is a polite way of sensing a person or people who want to individually remain single. Finding a love partner does not go well for this type of person.

Singletons spend more time on themselves or on things or activities that they enjoy or love. Their time is personal for them which is why they find it very hard to share or cohabit with another.

4. Misogamist

Misogamist is a person who hates marriage. They see marriage as a recipient of distraction and mismanagement of funds. This is their view on marriage. Misos in Greek means hatred while Gamos is marriage.

Persons who are misogamists do not advocate for life or marriage, but if it happens to their friend, good and fine. You may find it weird that misogamists are not fans of wedding or engagement ceremonies.

They see marriage as a union that takes up a lot of sacrifices. Misogamists see marriage as something that has a diminishing effect on the quality of life and net worth. This is because married couples tend to spend more.

Often than not, misogamists choose to stay away from marriage unions and may not acknowledge your wedding invite. Bear no grudge as they do not believe in the marriage institution. Always remember that the apple mr alike is not the same apple mr b likes.

5. Unattached

What Do You Call Someone Who Wants To Stay Single? 

There are some other sects of single unattached people. They remain uninterested in pairing with the opposite gender based on cohabitation. Always prefer to stay away or remain distant or out of reach.

Dating an unattached person can be very hard or frustrating. This is because of their inability to keep in reach or touch. They have a thing for disappearing on someone.

Getting to stay with them in person and connect is hard and this is because they are unattached.

Unattached people make you feel left alone in a relationship, making you feel less of yourself for the love you deserve. They do not know how to reciprocate back when it comes to lovely gestures.

The attitude an unattached person exhibits should not be taken to heart. This is because their attitude is not a reality of the love you think they have for you. It is just in their nature to be unattached or withdrawn from people. They lack the right expression to convey attitudinally or physically.

Why Do Some People Choose To Stay Single? 

1. You get solitude to think

Solitude allows you to know who you are and build a more intentional character. You get a more clear picture of who, what and why. These are the most important questions one can ask themselves to discover oneself.

People who enjoy their solitude know how to build happier and healthier relationships. Knowing yourself helps you to know your influence on your partner. This is an important aspect you should know before you embark on one.

2. Single people have more healthy habits

People who stay single pay more focus on their bodies to stay healthy. This is because as a single person you are expected to look good as you do not have anyone who is draining your finances, time or emotion.

Studies have shown that single persons make fitness a priority to stay healthy. Single people keep more to their workout regime than married people. Married people. This is because single people are responsible for just themselves. 

Unlike a married person who has a handful of things to do or errands to run. All these chores and dates to remember can impair one’s success rate and focus on fitness.

3. You have a good money record

Singles find out that they are better off with their monetary account. Married couples always spend time to time and have a lot of miscellaneous expenses here and there. Couples who have no children also have a raised level of security threat when it comes to spending.

5. Being Single Makes One More Efficient At Work And Encounters Less Stress

Single people give more time and attention to their work, this is because they do not have other activities that can cause them to have a biased decision to leave work. This is the reason most establishments would prefer a single person to a married worker.

Single people keep to time and appear to be less stressed out. They lose no time to sustain a relationship thereby putting all their focus on work. They have a time mapped out for their travel and recreation, so when it is work mode it is work mode.

7. Singles are self-sufficient

Singles are often more self-sufficient than couples or married couples with kids. This is because being alone makes you take care of yourself properly knowing that you are all you have got. Being single does not mean that you are lonely.

In life, we need to be self-sufficient as this is a rule or survival hack everyone needs to know about. You have to be alone or single to learn how to do this. Single people have more balanced emotions than couples.

They experience more peace of mind as they do not have many things to worry about themselves. Couples have less stable emotions than single people. This is a result of family members and relations keeping in touch.

Keeping in touch with children, relatives and other extended families can be exhausting sometimes. Single people have a warmer aura and pleasant emotions. While married people have their emotions here and there as they have so many expectations and worries.

Is it okay to stay single forever? 

Yes, it is okay to stay single forever.

The term single does not mean that one is in a bad state or lacks anything or company. Often than not, people confuse being alone with being sad or dejected. But in reality, the decision to stay alone is a serious and well-thought act to enact.

You can stay single forever if you deem it fit. People don’t do well with other people naturally. Or it may be that you find out that you are more productive and sane alone. Some find out that they do better with memory decisions and have their emotions balanced and healthy.

The list of qualities goes on and on if we may continue. If you find out that you do exceedingly well alone, maybe remaining single is your thing, only if you deem fit.


The most popular ones here are Singleton, Bachelor and Spinster respectively. 

Even though there are other types of singles, they are known for being non-conformists to society’s rule of cohabitation in any way. 

These are the misogamists and the unattached ones. The idea that singles are sad or lack a good level of friendship is wrong. They make this decision because it favors them in their way. 

Studies have shown that single people have a better quality of life when it comes to emotional balance, stress, finance and workflow.


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