What Colors of Scrunchies to Give My Boyfriend

Scrunchies are of different beautiful colors. And this accessory doesn’t stop at being a fashion staple, but also, it has become a sign of affection, particularly among adolescents and teens.

Usually, females give their male crush or boyfriend this hair tie to express their feelings. In addition, a girl can give a boy a scrunchie because he’s cute.

There are different colors of scrunchies to choose from and I understand that it can be difficult finding the right color for your boyfriend.

To help you, I’ll be listing the different colors of scrunchies you can give your boyfriend and also I’ll explain what the colors mean.

In the end, you’d know why guys wear their girlfriends’ scrunchies and what it means when a guy wears a scrunchie on his wrist.

5 Colors of Scrunchies to Give My Boyfriend

Choosing the right color of scrunchies to give to your boyfriend can be very difficult.

This item of affection is available in varieties of colors; from neutral colors to bright ones.

Nonetheless, you can start with what his favorite color is, as that should be the first factor to consider. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to that.

Since this is an object of affection, in this case, many guys would wear what their girlfriends offer. That being said, below I’ll be listing 5 colors you can choose from to give your boyfriend.

What Colors of Scrunchies to Give My Boyfriend


Black is one of the neutral colors. This is usually the first choice for men, even when purchasing this item for themselves.

Moreover, this is one of the colors associated with being more masculine than feminine. So a black scrunchie is one of the best choices to offer your guy.

If you feel your guy wouldn’t appreciate the brighter colors he might consider feminine, for instance, pink, then black is a good place to start.

In addition, black can easily match any outfit color, that’s why it’s categorized as a neutral color.

So, offering your boyfriend a black scrunchie means you’re making it easier for him to style it. This is something he can easily put on every day, without bothering about his outfit.


White is another neutral color to get for your man. This is another color that leans towards masculinity rather than femininity.

White color is a choice for everyone. This is a fashion staple that would be found in almost every wardrobe. So a white scrunchie will never be a mistake for your guy.

If your guy doesn’t like feminine colors and you think he wouldn’t like black, then white is the best option. Not only does it leave a warm meaning and feeling, but it’s also a color for every outfit too.


Another color you might want to consider when offering your boyfriend a scrunchie is orange. An orange color is a great option for those who don’t like the yellow color.

This color speaks well for a guy and an orange scrunchie for your boyfriend cannot go wrong.

Orange color can be associated with positive energy, and if you feel you want to push your guy towards positivism, you can try the orange scrunchie.

In addition, this is a warm color literally, besides it’s cool and will easily match many outfits if combined well.


A red scrunchie is another nice color to offer your boyfriend.

Red is a color with different meanings. If you want to offer your guy a color that speaks love and creates a romantic atmosphere, then red should be your color of choice.

So, you can offer your guy a red color scrunchie, especially if you’re the traditional kind of couple. You can offer it on valentine’s day or any other day of course.


Another beautiful color to consider when offering your boyfriend a scrunchie is blue. Blue is also one of the colors that is considered masculine.

One special quality about the color is the different shades in which it’s available. Blue is one color that is everywhere and for everyone. This color offers you plenty of options to choose from.

If you think your guy wouldn’t like sky blue, then navy blue is a good option. If it isn’t navy, then we have royal blue, and if it’s none of them, we have aqua, midnight, and it goes on and on.

In addition, a blue color will leave a warm feeling and is something your guy should appreciate.

What Do the Colors of Scrunchies Mean?

The colors of scrunchies mean as much as the colors of other fashion accessories. What a blue scarf would mean, means as much as what a blue scrunchie means.

However, some colors also have significant meaning that dates far back as the origin of this hair tie in 1987. For instance, the red color scrunchie stands for power and status.

Nonetheless, the colors of scrunchies are very much relevant, especially for ladies styling their everyday outfits.

Generally, a lady will choose a matching color of scrunchie for her clothes. So, choosing the right color of scrunchie is very important to style your outfit.

Below, I’ll explain what the colors of scrunchies mean:

Style and Preference

First, you wouldn’t talk about the colors of scrunchies without mentioning style. Style and comfort are usually the first choices of consideration when picking items of clothing.

However, when it comes to the color of these items, style and preference take the order. Style and preference go hand in hand; what is your style is your preference.

Therefore, generally, when you see a woman or man styling a particular color of the scrunchie, style is the first meaning to say about it.

While some may prefer the brighter colors, you’d see some liking a few bright colors, and some may lean towards the darker hue.

In addition, others would like to have all colors. Usually, women would like to have this hair tie in all colors for their everyday attire and to create a cool fashion statement.

So, a woman who doesn’t have a preference in colors would generally opt for the colors of scrunchies in different shades if they can afford them.

What Colors of Scrunchies to Give My Boyfriend

Gender Meaning

Gender meaning is another way to describe the colors of scrunchies people style. Some people may style this fashion item based on the colors they feel are for them.

Generally, a guy might prefer black, blue, orange, or white colors of scrunchies because they’re considered more masculine.

While a lady might prefer having or styling brighter colors, like pink, yellow and brighter shades of some colors.

What Colors of Scrunchies to Give My Boyfriend


Another meaning you might ascribe to the colors of scrunchies is status. Although less common these days, it was something that had a reasonable level of significance in older age.

The red scrunchie signifies power and status as represented in the first season of Heather’s movies. So, red and purple are the colors that express royalty, power, and status.

General Meaning

Generally, colors have their meaning, including western and non-western meanings. A lady might style a red scrunchie on a romantic date or offer her boyfriend one on Valentine’s day.

Also, red color means passion, warmth, energy, and many more, and this could be the reason why people might put on a particular color of the scrunchie.

In addition, yellow expresses comfort while green means liveliness or relaxation, and blue stands for peace.

While these colors also have their darker or negative meanings, more often than not, they’re chosen for their positive meaning. However, someone might style a black or white scrunchie while mourning.

Why Do Guys Wear Their Girlfriends’ Scrunchies?

The main reason why a guy will wear his girlfriend’s scrunchie is because of love. First, girls offer their boyfriends their scrunchies as a sign of affection.

So, when a guy wears his girlfriend’s scrunchie, it’s usually to respect the love they share and to show others that he’s taken.

In addition, guys love to have their girlfriend’s items with them,  including wearing a scrunchie to always remember them whenever they’re not together.

Below, I’ll explain what it means when a guy wears his girlfriend’s scrunchie.

As a Sign of Love

Love is the major reason people would receive gifts from their partners, even items they don’t like. So a guy would wear his girlfriend’s scrunchie because first, he loves her.

As a result, if a girl offers her boyfriend her scrunchie, the guy is bound by love to put it on even though he might not like it. So many guys put on their girlfriends’ scrunchies just because they love them.

To Show That They Are Taken

Another reason a guy would wear his girlfriend’s scrunchie is to show people that he’s taken.

This is a very common practice among boys in junior and high school who put this item on their wrists to let others know they’re now off the market.

So, anyone who sees a guy wearing a scrunchie, either on the wrist or anywhere, can conclude he’s either with someone or loves someone.

Although scrunchie has also become a fashion item for males too; many guys are styling this hair tie whether they’ve got a girlfriend or not.

To Have a Feeling of Her Close By

Having an item of the person you love close by usually leaves a warm feeling, and it helps to remind you of the beautiful person in your life.

So, one of the major reasons guys wear their girlfriend’s scrunchies is to have a feeling for her. This is usually their way of reminding themselves of her when she’s not with them.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Wears a Scrunchie on His Wrist?

Wearing a scrunchie on the wrist has become a popular fashion for guys and females alike. Guys wear their girlfriend or crush scrunchie mostly on the wrist as a sign of affection.

Also, to let others know he’s in a relationship, as well as to make other girls jealous, a guy wears this hair tie on the wrist. In addition, guys wear this hair tie as part of fashion too.

Below are what it means when a guy wears a scrunchie on his wrist.

To Express His Liking for a Girl

When a girl offers her crush her scrunchie, if he accepts it and wears it on the wrist, it’s a sign that he likes the girl and from there they can hit it off.

This is a common practice among teens in high school. So, wearing it on the wrist is to let the girl know he likes her and accepts her proposal.

To Show That He Is Taken

Another reason a guy will wear a scrunchie on his wrist is to show that he’s taken. When his girlfriend offers him, he wears it on the wrist to show others, especially females that he’s taken.

In addition, if he collects from a girl he isn’t dating, he could begin wearing it when they become official.

To Make Other Girls Jealous

Another reason a guy will wear a scrunchie on the wrist is to make other girls jealous. He probably could do this to get the attention of the girl he likes.

He could get the scrunchie himself or wear that of other girls he doesn’t care about just to ensure he gets any girl he likes to notice him.

As Fashion

I’ve established earlier that scrunchie isn’t only a fashion accessory for females. Males also have taken to this trend to either wear on the wrist or use to tie their hair.

So, it isn’t out of place to see a guy using this hair tie, although some people may consider it weird, especially guys who use it on their hair.


There are different colors of scrunchies you can give to your boyfriend or crush to express your feelings to them.

You could offer him his favorite color or lean toward the less bright colors, like black, orange, blue, or white. Red and many other colors you feel your boyfriend would like are also good options.

Moreover, it’s an object of affection, so your boyfriend is after the intention and not the color.

In addition, when a guy wears his girlfriend’s scrunchie on the wrist, he’s expressing his love and also letting others know he’s taken. Wearing a scrunchie on the wrist is also a fashion statement guys create.

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