What Do You Call a Duck That Steals?

A Duck that steals can be referred to as a robber duck. Come to think of it. In reality, can a duck steal? Obviously, a duck cannot steal. Ducks are naturally calm and innocent animals, so where did this misconception come from that ducks can steal? 

This misconception resulted from ducks being caught severely stealing their fellow duck’s food.

Since then, there have been jokes associated with ducks, simply because of this habit of snatching their fellow duck’s food. Take note that these are only jokes and it is not to be taken too seriously. 

When you say someone is a robber duck, you mean that the person is also fond of stealing other people’s keys, bills, math sheets, etc.

If you find someone who always wants to steal your food, math sheet, and others, then you can jokingly refer to such a person as a robber duck. Note that there are five other funny names similar to the robber duck. 

Take a look at these names:

Five different funny names Similar to Robber duck

  • Robber Duck
  • Naughty Duck
  • Naughty Duck
  • Nasty Duck
  • Duddle Duck

Robber Duck

What Do You Call a Duck That Steals?

When you call someone a robber duck you are simply saying in a joking way that the person is fond of stealing small items.

For example, if a person steals your math sheet, your keys, etc. have you ever seen someone who takes your keys all the time even without you knowing about it?

This can be annoying, however, the person may not have the intention to steal it and take it away from you, the person must have taken it because he wants to use it for a while, but the person did not tell you. 

When someone takes your keys without telling you, you can refer to such a person as a robber duck, even though you are just joking about it. 

Naughty Duck

What Do You Call a Duck That Steals?

In the real world, ducks are innocent, but they are also noisy creatures. If you have someone or you know someone who is always noisy and finds it difficult to keep quiet when you both are in a place, and the person is also fond of taking your stuff without letting you know, you can refer to that person as a naughty duck, 

Since ducks are known to take food from other ducks, when you have someone who does this exact thing, you can call such a person a naughty duck.

Thief Duck

Have you ever been in a situation when you are looking for something you value so much only for you to see that it is taken by someone you know?

This is a naughty act, is it not? If you have someone that does this, you can call the person a naughty duck, because that is a naughty thing to do. 

Remember you are not directly calling the person a thief, you are only joking about it. Do not try to take it too seriously so that it does not sound insulting. 

Nasty Duck

For someone who takes what is not his without informing the person he took it from is a nasty thing to do. Even in class when someone is seen taking your answer sheet without letting you know, that is a nasty and annoying thing to do. You can refer to the person as a Nasty duck. 

This is not in the form of an insult, but a form of saying that whatever the person has done makes no sense, and one way to jokingly talk about it is to say the person is a Nasty duck. 

Duddle Duck

Have you ever been in math class and had to take an excuse from your math teachers because someone in your class took your math and took your worksheet? This is what ducks do, even though ducks are known to be innocent, they still have this habit of taking another duck’s food. 

If someone takes your worksheet in class and the person does not respect you enough to let you know, you can simply say that person is a Doodle duck. This is another way to say that someone is a robber duck. 

Where does this joke originate from?

This joke originated from the reality of ducks. Because of the habit of ducks snatching food from other ducks, that was how this joke came about.  In reality, ducks are known to be innocent and they can also be noisy creatures.

Despite the fact that ducks can be so innocent, they are still fond of taking the food of other ducks even when the other ducks do not want it. 

Because ducks are known to snatch food from other ducks, this joke has been associated with ducks. Do not take this too seriously as it is only a joke, it is not in any way meant to annoy or disrespect anyone. 

If you are using this joke on anyone, ensure you let the person know that you are only telling a joke so that the person does not take it personally.

This joke became popular when a lot of people started to use it to make comments about people who take things without letting you know they did. 

When someone consistently takes your stuff and does not let you know, if you want to talk about it to someone without being so direct, you can say the person is a ‘’robber duck’’. You just used a joke to express yourself to someone without everyone around knowing what you said. 


How would you feel when someone blames you for doing what you know you did not do? That is exactly how a duck will feel when you accuse the duck of stealing. Ducks are such an innocent animal, why blame them?

When you see a duck stealing, do not be so quick to call the duck a robber duck, consider how the duck will feel. If you want to use the name dobber duck, ensure you make it clear that it is a joke. 


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