What Do You Call A Hippie’s Wife?

Hippies are a group of individuals who were popular in the 60s. Their movements were against the normal way of American life. They rejected ideas that were mainstream and opted for their own set of rules that was outside traditional society.

Their appearance was very unique and it makes them easily identifiable. Hippies were driven people and passionate about the ideas they supported.

The movement was mainly opposed to the Vietnam war. Their belief did not involve political involvement. They simply lived within themselves and moved in troves. Hippies’ relationships are odd, they had ideas and beliefs that were out of the ordinary. 

In this article, we are going to list out joke names we can call a hippie’s wife. 

Joke words to call a hippie’s wife

What Do You Call A Hippie's Wife?

1. Moon Bat

A hippie’s wife can be called a moonbat. This name is a joke term that is synonymous with the word hippie. This is an unconventional person who stays away from the normal rules of society.

A moonbat has an eccentric and rebellious character, their behavior was amoral but they caused no visible harm to the government institution. This term was more common in the early French territories where gypsies were predominant. 

The ideas that they had made them liberals and progressive in their thinking back then. Because most of them refused to conform to society, they were referred to as moonbats.

2. Free spirit

What Do You Call A Hippie's Wife?

A joke name you can call a hippie’s wife is a free spirit. This term is very much suitable for any hippie wife you know. They consider themselves free from the clutches of society. Ultimately, free from the bondage of modern society.

By becoming independent, hippies gained the freedom to live inhibited, wild, and free. That era was when old ideas were being debated on. They rejected violence and lived on the independence of being free.

They did what they did for their pleasure and enjoyment. Having natural real friendliness and an accommodating spirit. A truly free person will remove the worry about the traditional structure of society. 

They don’t conform to the conventional dealing of everyday life. They have a gentle soul and simple reason and view about life.

Because they choose to stay off the mainstream community, other folks have made jokes and given them names over the years. Hippies are a strong-willed set, their movements still flourish in setting parts of the world today. 

3. bo – hippian

A joke name you can call a hippie’s wife is bo-hippian. The term is a joinery of bohemian and hippie. This word is often used when softer or less known words like gypsies and bohemian are not appropriate. 

It simply is used to describe persons who conform to the bohemian way of life and thinking. If you meet anyone with this vibe, they are certainly close to being a hippie. Hippies keep together and own little properties, they remove the need for living life in vanity.

They can also be called ambitious and go against traditional roles that we are forced to play. One major quality about them I admire is their ability to show compassion to others. They are always willing to serve others before putting themselves first. 

Early bohemian communities lived in a harmony-induced environment. The need for self was abandoned and how to themselves was replaced with it. You identify them by seeing how they follow their guts, living free from the chains of society. 

Once you can live shielded from the pressure of society, hippie is a good name for you. 

4. counter -culturist

My favorite joke name for a hippie’s wife is a counter-culturist. Simply put, a counter-culturist does not accept the way of life that is prevalent.

These idealists came to the scene in the 1960s, with a large army and followers. This era was well defined in their ability to hold their defiance against society with pride and honor.

What they wanted was to sensitize others who would join them to reject the dominant cultural values then. They expressed their disdain for the war and any form of social injustice that may be faced by the people. 

Human basic rights were a major theme that played out in their movement. They don’t coerce or use bullying tactics to get members. Rather, they moved from place to place taking settlements in communities that would have them. 

These beliefs don’t bring sentimental gain to them, rather they are invested in the arts and music of their choice. Popular leaders in their communities help to keep the movement alive. They wanted everyone to be enlightened so that society would achieve its fullest potential. 

Rallys, raves and other forms of events were organized across the country by them, setting a spark that has lasted through the decades.

5. Hippie flip

A wonderful joke name for a hippie’s wife is a hippie flip. This name describes major sets of hippies during the movement that were more concerned with pleasuring themselves with recreational psychedelics.

Some very chilled-out hippies enjoyed the freedom of the open road and fewer chains of society. They sought to use drugs and substances as a way to free the mind and have access to a different realm. 

Hippie flips are the absolute life of the party in the hippie community. They often took residence wherever they could and could spend months on the road exploring the freedom of life. 

It is common to see other people having a different view of such persons and their choices. And this is the very nature of their movement.

Total freedom, the hooks of society, let us behave in ways that may unsettle others. This is what the hippie movement did back then in the 60s. They broke the chains when people’s values were trampled upon. 

How You Can Tell If Someone Is A Hippie

What Do You Call A Hippie's Wife?

You can tell if someone is a hippie mainly through how they act. Their behavior gives them away, combined with their peculiar reasoning.

Modern days hippies might be harder to figure out or spot. Here we are going to see some signs to look for, which tell you if someone is a hippie.

1. Their Clothing

One of the first things to note from a hippie is their choice of clothing. They do not stick to the traditional way of dressing. They don’t pay attention to matching colors or staple wear. They abhor suits or any dressing that makes them appear formal.

If you see someone whose design is filled with long sleeves or free clothing, chances are they are hippies. Their hair is often kept to a considerable length. This outward appearance is the hallmark of identifying a hippie. 

2. Their Orientation

A hippie’s orientation is an interesting way you can tell who they are. Their cultural view of society differs from what you commonly know or understand. They love to go with their gut instinct and not be concerned with the thoughts of others.

They see mainstream society and its rules as binding. All their mission is to get out of the routine of the everyday world. With an outside view of society, hippies aren’t hard to spot because of the choices they make.

3. They Love The Open Road

Hippies are lovers of the open road. They will travel long distances and even stay on the road for months on end. Hippies love to move around their hot spots in packs, hitting the road and living off the kindness of strangers.

Any form of burden that will tie them down is discarded, they enjoy the silence and peace of being alone on the road. Whatever the road offe4rs is what they will take. That is the life of a real hippie.

4. They Wear Sandals

Hippies are often easy to spot because they like wearing sandals. They avoid wearing makeup and love to keep things with them natural. Razor is often no longer a part of their routine, so you find them with long facial hairs. 

They avoid modern deodorants but use essential oils to keep themselves smelling nice. Hippies have huge hearts. They will love hard and free and without discrimination of any sort. Their communities are free and they chase spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Another character trait about them is that they are nice to animals and abhor any form of animal cruelty.


If you know a hippie or a hippie’s wife, you should not joke negatively about their choices. They are people too and every one of them should be treated with mutual respect. 

Hippies’ views may differ from what is prevalent in today’s world but they never force their teachings on anyone. They have respect for what others think.

Though we have modern-day hippies, they are not as common and popular as way back in the 60s and 70s. Times have moved on but some are still around with their values and beliefs.

Their communities are spread out around the globe and they have a reliable network among themselves. 

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